Shoulder Length Haircuts – 25 Trendy Shoulder Length Haircuts

| February 12, 2015

Do not let anyone lie to you about cutting your hair short with the claim that short hair is the most versatile hair type or let the long haired girls lie about how gorgeous their long hair is because the truth is you will never find a hair length that is as versatile as shoulder length hair. These shoulder length haircuts are not short and neither are they too long, they fall at the most right area which is to your shoulders.

Shoulder Length HaircutsWhether you have curly hair, wavy hair or just straight there is always that shoulder length haircut that will turn you


into the most flawless woman we have ever seen. Now for those of you that are already dying to try out a shoulder length haircut, there is no doubt you are in the right place because in this post I have delivered a list of the most glamorous shoulder length haircuts that will only take you a few minutes to create but will surely make you turn thousands of heads.

Shoulder Length Haircuts

Shoulder Length Haircuts


Side swept shoulder length haircuts

side swept shoulder length hair cuts

You do not have to always wear a very detailed haircut to be the most outstanding woman of them all, there are those times when just a simple haircut makes you look extremely elegant and gorgeous at the same time. Lately the side swept style has gone to another level of popularity that is why many of the fashion stars are overly rocking the red carpet with this style so there is no way you will go wrong with this style.

In the picture, we spot a lady flaunting a straight shoulder length haircut with a side swept bang cutting through her forehead leaving the shorter layers falling above her eye as the rest of the hair is left to drop down to her shoulders to frame her face shape to perfection. Much as the style is simple it is detailed with edgy ends that make the haircut even more interesting.

Following these steps you will see how easy it to have this look;

  • Remove that dripping water from your hair with a towel but do not rig your hair in the towel simply pat the hair, this is what many call towel drying and apply styling lotion to your hair.
  • Start blow drying with a paddle brush to get out most of the moisture from your hair, the style is flat and smooth so blow drying with a paddle will help you make your further styling steps much easier as it makes hair very smooth.
  • When you hair is almost dry, go into the style with a round brush, the paddle will make hair smooth but not very smooth like the round brush does. Therefore you are advised to get medium sections of your hair starting with the back and blow dry until the entire head in dry and super smooth.
  • At the crown and the rest of the top of the hair, you should pull hair but not too much to create more volume on the style without interrupting the style’s smooth texture.
  • Brush through you hair ensuring to push the bangs towards the front the face framing look appearance that will make the style look perfect on you.
  • There is a more sleek appearance on the hair that will be easy to achieve with a flat iron, iron while dropping hair down to your shoulders and finish the style by applying light weight shine hair spray.

How to care for your hair;

  • Use conditioner whenever you wash your hair with shampoo, reason being shampoo washes out all oils leaving your hair with a rough texture but conditioner revives that soft, smooth and silky appearance.


Wavy shoulder length haircuts

wavy shoulder length haircuts

A shoulder length with thick soft waves is completely seductive and for those of you who do not like cutting your hair into different length layers there is no doubt this wavy shoulder length haircut will fail to work for you. This style shows how easy it is to pull off a face framing haircut with necessarily adding bangs and fringes to your hair.

The haircut features a part created slightly away from the center to beautifully balance hair out to both sides of her face, one thing I love about the slight center part is the fact it is gives you a very unique look, it is very stylish and also very easy to style. The style will work perfectly for ladies with thick shoulder length hair, the soft waves will prevent your style from looking plain yet at the same time not too exaggerated. I cannot forget to mention, the contrast of dull color on her hair is totally amazing.

You can try out the style on your own with this procedure;

  • First add styling product to your hair, brush through gently to detangle and blow dry with a paddle brush until your hair is completely free from moisture.
  • Create a slight side part and start making the loose waves using a curling wand. Beginning with the top hair, grab medium strands of hair wrap the around the curling wand and gently curl. On one side curl hair towards the face while on the other side, you should curl it up and away from the face.
  • Apply a light hold hair spray and loosen up the waves more by applying a small amount of hair oil onto your fingers and pass them through the hair.

How to care for your hair;

  • If you are going to apply two finishing products on your hair, ensure that you use a very small amount of each so that you do not mess up your hair instead of making it look better. In fact using two products at the same time is not even advisable so do it very rarely.


Volumised shoulder length haircuts

volumised shoulder length haircuts

With your hair looking this healthy you have absolutely every reason to show it off in a simple shoulder haircut, this kind of hair will however look boring that is why you must come up with details that will make your style stand out. With your cut to single length i really do not think there is a better way to make it stand out than adding lots and lots of volume.

This lady is rocking a volumised hair cut with a beautiful parting that allows her gorgeous hair smoothly falling to her shoulders, on the ends hair is cut bluntly for a classier and more fashionable appearance. With neutral make up you will surely be able to pull this look off for any kind of occasion whether it is formal or casual.

Let us a take at how you can create the style;

  • Detangle hair with a wide toothed comb, wash with a good quality shampoo plus conditioner then with thoroughly clean hair you can add volumising mousse.
  • Blow dry hair with a comb not hair brush because the brush will make your hair fall flat completely. As you blow dry, ensure to raise it upwards and keep it all away from the face.
  • Smooth the bangs with a flat iron, do not start ironing straight from the roots. Leave a few inches from the roots then stretch out hair down wards but do not push it to the back because that you will create a slicked back look, iron hair dropping it to the sides.
  • Raise up hair more with a wire comb to give your hair more volume and prevent it from falling down entirely. Use your fingers to keep the style well controlled so that you don’t leave fly away hairs instead of maintaining the neat look.

How to take care of your hair;

  • Avoiding combing getting your hair wet before you detangle, this will make it very hard for you to style the hair or force you to comb through while hair is already wet which causes it to break. You always detangle the hair before getting it wet.


Layered shoulder length haircuts

layered shoulder length haircuts

This is the kind of look that will blow everyone away, she looks exceedingly remarkable with the huge bunch of layers on her shoulder length hair cut. Such volumous layers look great on any face shape so if you have thick hair you should not even be thinking twice about trying the style out.

The flawless beauty queen in the image has styles her shiny blonde hair with lots of wavy layers and great teasing at the crown to create a wild but also very sexy and classy appearance. She is also has side sweeping bangs that fall nicely towards her face shape enabling the style to frame her beautifully. The medium layers effortlessly create volume and the flipped ends forming more of a shaggy appearance that is extremely daring and flattering. Look at how uniquely she combined her hair colors with the entire top being bright and a few strands from the bottom being dark, I sure lover everything about this haircut.

Get yourself the stunning look with these steps;

  • Part hair to your preferred side as soon as you step out of the shower, add the styling product before your hair dries out and blow dry. For a more smooth texture blow dry hair with a paddle brush and make sure to push hair towards your face.
  • Create the soft waves with a flat iron, if you use a curling iron you may end up creating tighter curls. As you curl your hair, make sure that you flip the ends out to bring out that shaggy appearance like you see in the image.
  • Apply a flexible hold hair spray, the style has a lot of movement that is why you should apply a flexible hold spray. Use your fingers to tease hair from the crown and the rest of the hair to increase the volume of the style.

How to care for your hair;

  • Apply anti-frizz serum to your hair, each time you comb your hair you will realized that it will have become frizzy and the more you fight to comb through it the more it will become frizzy so applying anti-frizz serum will help to tame the frizz.


Straight shoulder length haircuts

straight shoulder length haircuts

Now this is exactly why I have always preferred shoulder length hair to long hair because even with your straight hair you still have a way of making it look absolutely adorable. This beauty in the image chose to wear her shoulder length haircut with completely sleek, straight and shiny layers falling down to frame her face. The spiky ends make the haircut look really stylish and the side part helps to nicely balance out hair to both sides. Remember that with straight hair layers and color are always a good way to make you style stand out, we see the lady detailing her hair with glamorous shades of brown. The color contrast matches nicely with her skin tone, you will need a good hair stylist to help you cut your hair this nicely therefore tell your stylist to choose that shoulder length haircut that will beautifully match with your face shape.

These are the steps you should follow for this style;

  • Add the right amount of styling product and part hair to the side leaving the bangs falling down to your face.
  • Get a paddle brush and blow dry your hair, dry hair in small bits to ensure that you remove all the moisture in your hair. Be very patient with your hair so that you can get the best results, your hair will only look good if it is completely dry.
  • To achieve this sleek and smooth look, you must be really good at your ironing skills. Grab your flat iron and straighten out medium sized strands until you are able to make the entire head as smooth as it looks in the picture.
  • Put a small amount of shine serum on your hands, rub them together and neatly apply it on to your hair to create that shiny and attractive glow.

How to care for your hair;

  • Straight hair is prone to split ends !@#$%^&* result of hair breaking, these split ends make your hair look really untidy therefore always trim the ends. Trimming is number one remedy to getting rid of split ends.


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