Short Layered Haircuts

| February 13, 2015

For those you who have been wearing short hair a long time now, it’s now time to get yourself a new look to make you different, gorgeous and most of all keep you really trendy. for those of you who did not know you can actually detail your short adding some layering will be a really easy but very amazing way, layers give your haircut more volume and texture and as you know these two are very essential secrets to making any style stand out from all the rest.

Short Layered HaircutsSome people actually think you can only do a layered hairstyle if you have long but here I have provided some of the


short haircuts that will make you fall in love with layered haircuts. Whether you like it messy, funky, shaggy or punk here you will find all the best layered short haircuts that you can choose from.

Short Layered Haircuts

Short Layered Haircuts


Messy short layered haircuts

messy short layered haircuts

A completely modern haircut with lots of hair flying away towards the face is not only stylish but also perfect for all face shapes. This layered messy haircut is made for all you pretty girls that are mad about crazy and wild style, I know it is very hard to believe how these messy styles have actually become part of what’s trending but that still does not change the fact they have become extremely popular. This messy haircut has lots of layers spread out unevenly to all directions from the crown, hair is falling all over her forehead and cheeks and it is just amazing how these messy layers create the beautiful frame for her face shape. However to control to give some more control to the style the lower back of her style is smooth and slicked downwards and cut precisely to stop only at the nape. There is a lot of texture at the top of the style and everything about this is crazy but beautiful as well.

Follow these steps to create the style;

  • Add styling product to your hair and spray it with a heat protecting product to keep your hair nicely protected from damage of the blow dryer.
  • Blow dry hair with your fingers, just keep pushing your hair in different directions because the style actually has no particular shape.
  • You will need to remove any tangles and twists in your hair because as messy as the style you can notice that the layers are straight. Therefore you should smooth the layers with a flat iron.
  • Spray hair and let it spread to which ever direction it goes for this messy look to come out nicely.

How to care for your hair;

  • When de-tangling hair make sure that you use a wide toothed comb or just your fingers to prevent your hair from becoming frizzy and also helps to keep its natural texture.
  • Brush hair only once a day this will stimulate your hair from the roots allowing your hair to grow but brushing more than once causes friction which in the end brings about split ends.


Short layered haircuts for thick hair

short layered haircuts for thick hair

When you have thick short hair all styles seem really easy for to pull off and this is why is I think all thick haired girls should always be proud of their hair because they have greater chances of pulling off very many different styles. One of those really sophisticated cuts for you to try is this thick and layered shirt haircut with layers brushed all over her face.

She could have worn this layered haircut in so many different ways but this one with smooth, edgy layers and full bangs is completely unique and overly modern, it is one of those styles that you walk down the street with and leave heads turning you will be the only one rocking this look. Shorter layers that create a side swept fringe comes from the crown passes through her forehead and stops above eyes while the longer layers all down on to her cheeks.

The style could look great on any face shape but the longer and square face shapes will look best since they have the ability to stand out of those over falling bangs.

Below are the steps you should follow to create this look;

  • Add texturizing product to your hair when it is still wet, from the shower just go into your hair directly with the product then you can comb through.
  • Get a large round brush and start to blow hair dry, start from the crown and dry while brushing hair forward to the forehead. Again go back to the crown and start brushing hair to down to the sides making it fall on to your cheeks. Brush the rest of your hair down, after arranging all the hair into shape just keep blow drying until hair gets completely dry.
  • Spray hair with a small amount of shine spray and use your finger to break through the hair and add more texture.

How to care for your hair;

  • It is more recommended that you style your hair naturally that means that if your natural hair is straight you should leave it straight, it is curly then you should leave it curly without fighting to make it straight. This kind of styling will not cause damage if done once in a while but over styling will absolutely damage your hair.
  • Do not hold your hair too tight with rubber bands, the material of these bands snags your hair causing it to break so leave your hair down free sometimes.


Short choppy layered haircuts

short choppy layered haircuts

The length of this choppy short haircut makes more than perfect for oval faces and heart shaped faces. The shaggy bangs are very flattering, flirty and also frame the face really well, the style is detailed with a lot of texture, she looks really gorgeous with the haircut. She has her hair brushed from the crown towards her face shape to create a bang that covers the entire forehead with some strands brushed down her cheeks forming very beautiful and face framing side burns.

I totally love the way her black hair matches with those dark eye brows of hers as the rest of her is brushed flat behind to the nape. This haircut will give the right attitude so if you are ready to leave thousands of heads turning everywhere you will go then you should try out this choppy haircut.

Create the style with this procedure;

  • Begin by washing your hair with a really mild shampoo, this will help to remove all the dirt that your hair contains and any unnecessary that may make your hair look funny after styling.
  • Rinse out all the shampoo with clean water and add conditioner to your, comb through the hair before washing out the conditioner to make your hair soft and smooth, then rinse out all the conditioner.
  • Add a medium hold texturizing product with your finger and rub it into your hair until you are sure it has all infused and spread out to each part of your hair.
  • Arrange your hair into shape using a comb but do not use a hair brush because this will make your hair lie down flat and this is not what you.
  • Leave your hair to air dry, sometimes it is good to ditch the heat from blow drying so it is better to let your hair dry naturally.

How to care for your hair;

  • Do not keep your hair tied up in braids for long, if you have chosen to braid do not make your braids too tight and only leave them in your hair for a few weeks.


Short layered bob haircuts

short layered bob hairstyles

What can possibly beat the style of this fantastic short bob haircut? I surely do not think there is anything because for ages the bob haircuts have always been looked at as the most stylish and elegant haircuts done only by the sophisticated women and this belief till today still holds. In the image is a really pretty lady rocking a short haircut with a very side swept volumous bang that is very face flattering and trendy.

The rest of her hair is beautifully smoothed back, this bob is cut really short with hair stopping just around her ears and cheek bones. This kind of hairstyle will look very flattering on long face shapes because it will make the face appear shorter however the unfortunate news is that for round face shapes this short bob will not work as it will make the face appear more round. The style has a really cute natural texture and gorgeous color contrast that combines greatly with her skin tone to make her very outstanding.

These details will help you in creating this style;

  • Blow dry hair with a round brush to smooth hair and add volume to the style. Beforeyou blow dry ensure that your hair is thoroughly clean, smear hair with your best styling product then you can go ahead and blow dry.
  • Before your hair dries entirely, create a deep side part and brush most of your hair towards the face but keep teasing your hair so that you can amp up volume on the bang. Push the rest of your hair to the back.
  • If your hair is not yet smooth enough you can go over the layers with a flat iron but if it is already smooth then you may skip out on this step.
  • Add some texturizing product to the hair and comb through to separate the layers and give your hair that added texture.
  • Set the style with a light weight hair spray to give your hair some shine and keep it in place.

How to care for your hair;

  • Spare your hair from chemical products such as hair dye and relaxers, such products contain ingredients that are too strong for your hair they block your hair from breathing and gradually reduce the strength of your hair.
  • The only way you can have healthy is if your entire body is in perfect health so take good care of your body by eating healthy food so as your hair can grow healthy as well.


Smooth short layered haircuts

smooth short layered haircuts

There are very many types of layers and there is a style that looks amazing on your face shape take for example these smooth, sleek and short layers. This haircut has lots of curved layers that hug the face all through the style for a very flattering frame to your face shape and a very unique and long middle part coming from the crown to her hairline. The center part leaves hair falling to the cheek bones on both sides on both sides of her face making the style a perfect match for her oval face shape.

The shorter layers from the crown create a lot of volume on top of the style and the texture makes the cut look really modern. Of course I cannot forget to mention the great contrast between her dark brown hair and her that smooth skin tone of hers.

For this gorgeous look, these steps will help you create the style;

  • Detangle your hair with a wide toothed comb until your remove all the tangles in your hair but be extremely gentle so that your do not cause any damage to the hair as your comb through.
  • Wash your hair with a quality shampoo concentrating your effort on the scalp so that your hair becomes completely clean. Continue washing but with conditioner on the hair strands to get that smooth and silky texture.
  • Apply your favorite styling product and separate your hair from the middle around the crown drawing a line towards the hairlines then brush hair downwards with a small round brush.
  • Smooth over the layers with a flat iron curving the ends under, keep flipping the ends under from the top layers and through the style until all your hair is totally smooth.
  • Spray the hair with some shine spray but do not apply too much or else your will make your short hair greasy.

How to care for your hair;

  • Take time to know your hair type and texture to be able to get the right products for your hair. organic products in most cases are the best products you should be using on your hair.
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