Short Haircuts For Thick Hair – 25 Adorable Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

| February 12, 2015

I know how thick hair can be really troubling to deal with but then again there is a solution that will make you fall in love with your thick hair even more. The solution I am talking about here is cutting your hair short, this will make it much easier to manage at the same time giving you a chance to enjoy the versatility that comes with having short hair.

Pretty Short Haircuts For Thick HairThick hair need time to style and takes up too much products as compared to thin or fine hair which means that you


will spend much more bucks on hair than what you had actually planned for. For ladies with long thick hair who are tired or want to try out the new looks which are trending , I would encourage you to trim off your hair to a short haircut which best suits your face shape and one which will compliment your facial features.

For busy ladies who have less, or no much time to spend on your thick hair, and also want to reduce on the bucks you spend on your hair, the short haircut will be the best alternative or choice to opt for. Thick short looks very outstanding and this is why we are always here to put an end to your hair troubles. Below are some of the most fabulous short haircuts to try out on your thick for extreme gorgeousness.

Cute Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

Short Haircuts For Thick Hair



pixie short haircuts for thick hair

It is now time to revamp your pixie haircut with this new variation full of edgy but really smooth layers. The haircut has lots of thick layers running from the crown forward to the face and spreading out beautifully from the forehead to the side burns to frame with the round corners of your face.

The sides and back of the style are left smooth and brushed down to nape of your neck so that all the attention is paid to the features highlighted by the bangs such as the extremely gorgeous big eyes in one of the pictures above. Try wearing dark shades that will perfect match with the tone of your skin. The edgy bang that are perfectly cut and trimmed on the sides makes this haircut to perfectly match or blend with any face shape teamed with it. With the pixie haircut getting overly popular you sure cannot miss out on this opportunity to look stylish and leaves thousands of heads turning whenever you walk down the street.

The steps below will help your achieve this look;

  • Blow dry hair with a small paddle brush endeavoring to push hair towards the face to create that full face bang. Keep the sides and back slicked down.
  • Smooth hair more using a flat iron. As you iron create some smooth waves at the crown area and make the ends edgy just like the way they look in the images of the ladies above.
  • With some texturizing cream, use your finger tips to break up the hair strands then organize up your hair more into a shape you want it to look like on your head when styling is finished.
  • Add a small amount of shine serum which will help to give your hair that shiny and attractive glow.

How to care for your hair;

  • If you use shine serum there will be no need for you to spray your hair, instead of making your hair shine it will make it fall down flat, form build up and make your hair greasy.


Wavy short haircuts for thick hair

wavy short haircuts for thick hair

Big and loose waves surely know how best to add the right amount of volume to any look and make you stand in the most beautiful way possible. Instead of wearing your hair into a boring, straight and plain cut it is much better to detail it with these simple waves that will not take you even minutes to style but will sure make you stand out of the crowd. The beauty here rocked a slight side part created just a few inches away from the center and left the hair to fall down free to her neck. The ends of her hair are cut bluntly which not only makes the style look neat but keeps those bangs away from her shoulders to create an interesting and more modern bouncy effect. Most of the volume on this style in cut down from the top and concentrated from the middle to the ends of the cut to balance out the hair perfectly and make the style suit her face shape. With this style you can get out of office and walk straight to an evening party without having to change even a slight thing on it.

Make the style with these steps;

  • Part your hair to both sides and apply styling product while it is still slightly wet. Rub the product onto your hand then evenly apply it to each and every part of your hair until it all dissolves.
  • Dry hair with a round brush and blow dryer, thick hair does not dry easily so you have to separate your hair into sections the dry section by section until all your hair is totally dried up.
  • Now you can start curling hair with a curling wand, wrap a small section of hair around the curling and gently roll it out, do this until all your hair has gained those loose waves.
  • To add definition and texture to the style, spray hair with a medium shine spray.

How to care for your hair;

  • Wear a hair net before going to sleep, it will help to keep your hair in shape and keep its natural oil within because those satin pillow cases are not good for your hair.


Curly short haircuts for thick hair

Curly short haircuts for thick hair

Now this is the time when I tell thick haired girls that they have everyone envying them even when they have not done too much to their hair because thick hair easily becomes bold, big and of course beautiful. For the trendy group that loves to turn heads with their mad and unique looks this curly haircut surely has everything you are looking out for. When your hair is naturally thick and you make it curly, that is like the shortest route to creating a really huge volume amount for your style. Her royal sexiness in this image is flaunting a short curly haircut with wispy and rugged layers brushed towards her forehead to create the stylish side sweeping fringe with the rest of her hair kept away from the face and made to fall to her neck. The style has a lot of texture and the way those layers are flipped on the ends give the cut a very crazy yet very interesting appearance. In case you didn’t now is the time for you know that messy looks are the in thing.

Get yourself the gorgeous look with these steps;

  • Towel dry your hair leaving it slightly damp then spray it with a heat setting spray. Do not apply the heat setting spray while your hair is still dripping wet.
  • Take medium sized strands of hair and roll them around large hot rollers, leave the hot rollers in for some minutes and leave the hair to air dry.
  • Remove the hot rollers gently and wait for hair to cool. Apply some hair oil on the scalp then comb through the curls to make them loose. If you don’t comb through the curls will be very tight creating a different style from this one.
  • Comb some hair forward and make it fall onto your forehead, tousle up hair with fingers to add more volume.
  • Apply a flexible hold hairspray to finish and give your hair more movement and a well finished appearance.

How to care for your hair;

  • Always oil the scalp, curly hair easily runs dry simply because natural oil from the scalp is not enough to keep it well moisturized which is why you have to oil so that your hair does not become dry.


Asymmetrical short haircuts for thick hair

Asymmetrical short haircuts for thick hair

Thick hair creates a lot of texture giving you the chance to have try out a variety of very unique shot haircuts just like this extremely asymmetrical and edgy style. leaving alone the fact that this style is very funky and fun, it is also very modern and will surely make you the most outstanding out of all those friends of your with short hair. I first of all love the fact that there is less volume at the back of the style, all the hair is simply slicked back to the nape with some texture. But when you get to the crown to the rest of the top part everything turns out to be the opposite, there is a lot of volume created especially at the crown and a big bunch of flicked layers. These layers are made to come all the way down to her cheek bone to cover her one eye under, if you have been looking for the real meaning of chic it cannot get any better than this.

Follow this procedure to create this style;

  • Start by blow drying hair using a paddle brush, for this style you will start drying hair from the back brushing hair downwards and when you are sure that hair is completely dry then you can move to the top and dry pushing all the hair towards your face. As you can see most of the volume starts from the crown.
  • Spray hair with a thermal protectant to keep it well protected as the style may require too much ironing.
  • Smooth hair more with a flat iron putting great attention to the ends of the hair you pushed forward.
  • Starting at the crown, take small sections of hair and iron them while flicking the ends outwards, do not allow hair to fall flat then take another small section towards the front and do the same. Do this until all the front hair is nicely flipped and pushed to your forehead.
  • Tease hair with finger for create more volume and texture then you can finish up your style by apply a small amount of light hold spray.

How to care for your hair;

  • A style that needs a lot of heat styling with a flat iron may be dangerous for your hair but you can prevent this damage by applying a thermal protectant before styling.


Brown short haircuts for thick hair

brown short haircuts for thick hair

There is absolutely nothing that beats the beauty of a short haircut with lots of shine and some curls, these curls are not just for fun but give your cut a more romantic appearance. If you want to cut your hair short and you are not a big fun of those over falling bangs then this brown curly short haircut is definitely the way to go.

It is very simple, easy to style but will add an extra detail to a style that would have been just ordinary. You will never go wrong with the side sweep reason being it frames any face shape perfectly and at the same time makes your haircut look very trendy.

We can now look at the simple procedure on how to create the style;

  • Add styling product to wet hair and evenly distribute it to all parts of the hair with your fingers. Get a wide toothed comb to gently remove any tangles that may have remained in your hair.
  • Using a flat paddle brush, blow dry your hair. Create a side part to your desired side and begin blow drying pushing hair towards your face on one side while slicking it back behind the ear on the other side. Keep blow drying until you do not feel any more moisture in your hair.
  • Take small sections of hair and curl then with a large barrel curling iron. Leave the roots smooth and curl out the rest of the strand to the ends.
  • Use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to break through the curls and give more shape to your style.
  • Finish the style with a light hold shine hair spray, as you can see in the image the style is all glowing with shine. So the shine spray will help to add shine to the hair while keeping it lightly held in place all through the day.

How to care for your hair;

  • Allow conditioner to stay in your hair all night and wash it out the next morning, this is a very nice treat to make your hair super smooth, soft and silky. You can do this only once in a month, it shouldn’t be a daily thing.
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