Short Haircuts For Round Faces – 29 Creative Short Haircuts For Round Faces

| February 3, 2015

Choosing the right short haircut for a round face shape may not be that simple as most of you might think but that shouldn’t limit you or deter you from wearing a cute and pretty short haircut which will compliment and flatter your round face shape. Personally, I have seen many ladies with round face shapes not just pulling off short hair because it’s stylish but because it looks completely amazing on them.

short haircuts for round facesRound face shapes are usually wider in the sides which means you should go in for a short haircut that makes your


face appear narrower and longer and there are plenty of such hairstyles. Take for example the graduated bob, asymmetrical pixie and most of those short haircuts with bangs. Such haircuts really frame a round face shape making it appear longer.

There is a belief that women with round faces don’t look good with short haircuts but after taking a look at these short haircuts trust me you will not be afraid to try short hair despite your round face shape. You will have every reason to get your inspiration from these glamorous looking ladies with round face shape who went an extra mile and rocked these short haircuts.

Short Haircuts For Round Faces

Short Haircuts For Round Faces



short haircuts for round faces with bangs

Now for those of you who thought round faces cannot look great with bangs I guess you are now convinced that some bangs do not just look great on round face shapes but look extremely splendid. The short haircut featured on the first image is cut short at the back with hair stopping right at the nape of her neck and when you get to the crown a lot of volume is creates as hair is brushed towards the face. The shorter layers off her bang cover up her entire forehead and the eye brows as the longer layers run down to her cheek and stop exactly at the jawline.

When you look at her right now you actually think she has an oval face shape simply because the asymmetry of her bang makes the face appear longer and the amount of volume on the rest of the style make her round face shape appear narrower. Apart from the bang framing her face shape it also draws more attention to those smoky and nicely made up eyes, she absolutely looks fantastic on this one.

Checkout the other ladies in the following pictures for more ways you can wear a short haircut with bangs on your round face shape. What I like most is getting a few tips from some people so that I will be able to create an outstanding and super cute hairstyle than the person I got the ideas from. Make yourself standout in a crown of many ladies with round faces with the above stylish short haircut for round faces.

With these steps you can pull off the look;

  • Wash your hair thoroughly with clean cold water then rinse to remove the products and dirt. After towel drying your hair, spray it with a medium texturizing styling lotion to prepare your hair for styling. Do not move to any step of styling without applying styling lotion first.
  • Blow dry hair with a large round brush, smooth the sides and the back of the head by brushing hair down flat. Start from the bottom moving upwards in small sections to ensure that all the hair gets completely dry.
  • Continue blow drying at the crown of your head then create a deep side part from the crown and push all hair towards the face. Blow dry while keeping in mind that hair should not lie flat so don’t use a lot of pressure on the hair brush as you style.
  • Tease a bit at the crown to create more volume and texture on the crown area then you can use a flat iron to make hair smooth.
  • Keep the style into place with a strong hold hairspray, as it keeps the hairstyle firm in place all day long as well as helping to give your hair a little more shine.

How to care for your hair;

  • Make sure that the shampoo you use to wash your hair is sulfate free, shampoo that contains sulfates is dangerous for your hair and your scalp as well. Therefore when you go to buy shampoo don’t just go for any shampoo you find but look carefully and make sure the shampoo is sulfate free.



pixie short haircuts for round faces

Not all pixie haircuts will look good on a round face shape but these ones with lots of short edgy layers all through will absolutely come out perfect on your round face. You do not have to miss out on what is trending any more just because you think pixies are not meant for you, you just have to choose the right one and you will surely see how much more you will fall in love with that round face of yours.

The above pixie haircuts for round faces have short layers running from the crown and spreading out to other parts of the head and as you can notice that some even reach down to the forehead and slightly go below the eyes making other people notice those gorgeous eyes you have.

The rest of the layers fall towards the ears and create short side burns that are really face framing. But there is a simple hidden trick about these pixie that makes them suit round face shape perfectly and it is the fact that most of the volume is concentrated around the crown and the layers move down the volume reducing on the width of the round face which in turn makes the face turn out to look much longer than its wide.

Style the pixie short haircuts for round faces with this simple procedure;

  • Add medium hold styling product to the hair while it is still wet, concentrate most of the product on the roots to boost them up.
  • Grab your blow dryer and styling brush then start blow-drying your hair. Start from the back and dry while brushing your hair down flat. Move to the sides and do the same till when you finish up with the front and push hair towards the forehead.
  • Using a wire brush, continue blow drying hair from side to side as this will help to add more texture to the hairstyle.
  • If you find it necessary use a flat iron to smooth hair more and flip those ends for a shaggier look.
  • Add definition and hold by applying small amounts of hairspray and you will be done and good to go.

How to care for your hair;

  • Do not use conditioner to wash your scalp, it is meant to work on the smoothness and softness of your hair and not meant for your scalp. When you use conditioner on the scalp it turns out to become very slippery and in the long run your hair will start becoming greasy as a result of your scalp being too oily.



thick short hairstyles for round faces

Now at this point I get to say that ladies with round face shapes and thick hair have an added advantage which I am really sure because thick hair when styled in accordance to your round face shape will make you look super-hot and cute. Look at how super cute the ladies in the images above are? You too can look super cute and hotter than them with your round face shape and thick hair.

This cute short haircut features hair which isn’t tucked in or secured leaving it to hang freely across your face and the chin which in turn covers up the round corners of your face making it look longer than its wide. It also features side swept fringes which will add style to your look making you look stunning and super attractive.

The fringe sweeps through right in the middle of the forehead and roll away above the eye but the rest of the bangs continue down and stop at her jawlines. These face hugging bangs reduce the width of the round face and make it look longer, and when put together with a beautiful contrast of brown shades; that entire style gives you a really sophisticated appearance.

Look elegant by using these steps to recreate & style this short haircut for your round face;

  • Brush through the hair with a wide toothed comb to remove any tangles before you get hair wet. Remember after wetting your hair, it will be too fragile and will break easily if you comb through roughly.
  • Smear styling product to your hair after washing it with a quality shampoo and conditioner.
  • Blow dry hair with a medium round brush. Start from the crown and brush hair downwards to the sides then to the back and finish at the front. When you get to the bang, blow dry while brushing it to the side for the side swept look.
  • Continue smoothing the hair with a flat iron ensuring that you curve the ends inwards to make the hairstyle look just like the ladies in the above picture.
  • Make your hairstyle stay into place by spraying with a flexible hold hairspray which will also give your hair that amazing well finished appearance.

How to care for your style;

  • Spare your hair the heat by reducing on the number of times you style it using heat tools such as flat iron or straightening iron. Heat styling will make your hair look good which will only last for a short but in the long run it will just cause damage to your hair such as breakage, burning, mention it. You are therefore recommended to heat style only once in a while when it is really necessary.



curly short haircuts for round faces

Try a trendy curly short haircut that will keep all your hair at the same length all through and it leaves no hair falling into your face. Now with this kind of short haircut your round face shape has all the freedom to stand out and remain well exposed which will in turn makes the haircut perfect for round faces.

Creating the same amount of volume all through the style gives a great balance to your face shape from all angles that is why sometimes this hairstyle will look greater than many other angled and different layered haircuts. To make the haircut more chic and modern, create a slight part to the side near to the hairline and with the right makeup and jewelry trust me this short haircut will take you to place even the long haired girls can’t go.

How to recreate and style curly short haircuts for round faces:

  • Add your favorite styling product to your hair when it is still wet. Gently brush through the hair to evenly distribute the product throughout all your hair.
  • Roll small strands of hair around hot rollers and leave them in till when your hair cools. After some minutes unwind the rollers from your hair but be very careful not to alter the shape of the curls.
  • Apply some hair oil to your fingers then create a slight side part to your hair on your desired side. Leave your hair to set for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Spray hair with a light hold hairspray to finish the look and keep your hairstyle in place all day long.

How to care for your hair;

  • Do not wash your hair daily because it will wash out your natural oils from the scalp which are essential to the growth and health of your hair. It is therefore advised that you wash your hair twice or thrice a week.



bob short haircuts for round faces

bob short haircuts for round faces

bob short haircuts for round faces

And who says a round face cannot rock a bob haircut? Because from the images above, these beautiful ladies have just proved how amazing a bob haircut can look on your round face shape. These bob’s completely smooth and straight haircut with a slight asymmetry are super easy to style but will make you look really sophisticated and elegant.

The haircut is trimmed slightly shorter in the back and the front bangs left longer falling below the chin creating a longer appearance and masking the round face from appearing wider. The cut has the right amount of volume all over, not too much and not too little giving a really beautiful profile and attitude.

Why don’t you try it out on your face shape to see how great you will look with this trendy and stylish bob short haircut for ladies with round faces shapes? Below are a detailed step by step directions on how you can recreate, style and achieve this style in less than 10 minutes.

These steps will help you create the bob haircuts;

  • Right from the shower you should prepare your hair by applying styling product. This can be a spray or lotion that you must rub into your fingers then add it to your hair. Ensure that it has completely dissolved thoroughly throughout the hair shaft.
  • With the help of a large round brush start blow drying your hair. Start from the part where your hair separates and brush hair downwards. To make hair really smooth make the blow dryer follow right after the brush.
  • Go in with a flat iron to create a sleeker and smoother appearance. Flat iron hair while creating a curvy appearance and bump the ends under. Do this till when all your hair is super sleek.
  • Add a lightweight hairspray to give your hair more texture and added control to the style. If you want a shinier look you can use shine serum.

How to care for your hair;

  • Avoid wearing your hair under wigs for a long period of time because this won’t leave any space for your hair to breath but instead blocks your hair from breathing hence reducing on the moisture in your hair.
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