Short Haircuts For Men – 25 Fancy Short Haircuts For Men

| February 12, 2015

Many of the men actually think that it is only women that should be giving time to their hair and spending money on styling products for their hair but one thing they forget is that all the ladies want a man who is well groomed and having a good haircut and good looking hair is one of the most important thing about male grooming.

Short Haircuts For MenAny man who wants to have that stunning and attractive look should be looking out for some of the best


short haircuts that I have provided in this post. With all these trendy things coming up, men who do not take good care of their hair are actually looked as old fashioned because it has also become part of men to look really good with the perfect short haircut. Now if you don’t know which short haircut looks best with your face shape or maybe you are just looking out for one of the trendiest short haircut to try, all you have to do is scroll down through this article.

Short Haircuts For Men

Short Haircuts For Men


Mohawk short hair cuts for men

mohawk short hair cuts for men

The Mohawk is one of the trendiest and most popular hairstyles these which is why many of the man are actually going in for the style. It looks very good and daring for most face shapes and can be styled in many different ways it all depends on your personality and the impression you want to give to those that look at you. On this particular image the guy has his hair cut down really short from the sides and the back but when you look at the top hair is left much longer and brushed upwards. His sides burns are also precisely and nicely cut giving him a really gorgeous appearance.

Create the style with these steps;

  • From the shower, remove all that dripping water with a dry towel but don’t wait for your hair to dry completely.
  • Get your blow dryer and start drying your hair with your fingers pushing your hair upwards at the top.
  • Apply a small expanse of hair product on your hands and then gently put it on your hair.
  • Comb through the top hair spiking it upwards and use a small hair brush to keep the hair on the sides and back lying down flat.


Spiky short haircuts for men

spiky short haircuts for men

You don’t have to always grow your hair very long at the top because even with some spiky detail you will be able to add more interest to your look. Those really short side burns look make you look more handsome if you have all you beard shaved off just like in the image. This style is cut down in three layers where the extreme bottom nearest his ears cut short then hair is left longer as you upwards and the top has much longer hair that is spiky. This style looks great on men with round and wider face shapes while the longer face shapes may not really good with this shape. Any hair type will work well for the style.

This is how you can create the style;

  • Just add styling product to your after it has dried completely. For this style there is no need for you to blow your hair dry, just leave it to dry naturally then you can add the product.
  • Use your fingers to arrange your hair into the shape you want it to, push hair on the sides downwards but leave the middle hair standing upwards.
  • You can add a small amount of hair gel to create more of that spiky appearance on top.


Thick short haircuts for men

thick short haircuts for men

When you thick hair and you are guy you sure have more fun that all the rest because you hair type will look great absolutely all haircuts and this will make it even easier to manage your hair. The side swept style always comes out great if you have shiny and smooth hair just like in this image, here we spot the guy rocking his smooth hair into a side sweeping style with hair on the sides brushed down and that at the top brushed forward towards the face. And with a little more texture the style will look even better, if you have a square face shape you should be rushing to try this haircut out because it looks really gorgeous on that type of face shape.

Create the style with these details;

  • Add texture to your hair by apply a medium hold styling lotion, it will give your hair that natural and outstanding texture.
  • Use a narrow toothed comb to separate your hair into those sections, comb the sides downwards while brushing the top up and towards the face.
  • Spray your hair with a small amount of shine spray to make it shinier and more glowing.


Fine short haircuts for men

fine short haircuts for men

This fine and smoothly styled haircut looks really masculine and outstanding at the same time, the spiked texture on the part where the top hair separates from the sides brings out a really stylish appearance. The real top is however kept smooth, slick and kept all away from her face. Now for those of you who have longer face shapes and thought we had left you out you definitely got that wrong because here is a short haircut that will look perfect on long or square face shape. Fine simply means your hair is not too thick and too thin either so if you have that kind of hair type, well this will surely work out for you.

Here is how you can have this style;

  • Wait for your hair to dry then go into the style with a reasonable amount of styling product.
  • Use a hair brush to smooth hair on the upper top nearest to your face but ensure that you keep hair away from your face. Leave the sides flat using your fingers and tease more around the crown for the spiky texture.
  • You can go ahead and finish up your style by applying a strong hold hair spray and you will be good to head for a day full of awesome looks.


Black short haircuts for men

black short haircuts for men

Black hair that is not cut too short will make you look great and very presentable for any occasion which is why it is not much of a good idea for men to color their hair. This style will look great every face shape reason being much as the top hair is left longer than on the sides, there is no big difference on the hair length. The top hair is really thick, combed upwards and detailed with shiny appearance for a more attractive look. Instead of cutting your side hair too short, just brush it downwards and it will appear shorter than the top hair.

This is how you can create the style;

  • Add styling product to your hair when it is dry, this will make hair a bit stiff making it easier for you to create that spiky texture.
  • Comb the top hair upwards and organize it better with your fingers. This will also add more texture to the style.
  • Use your finger to flatten hair on the sides and the back then you will surely be through with the style.


Brown short haircuts for men

brown short haircuts for men

It is always great to try out something different that will keep you looking great at the same time and I do not see a better way other than this brown haircut. This style has lots of thick layers cut short all through brushed down on the sides with the top left messy and brushed towards the face. Since he looked that great with the haircut on his oval face shape, we can tell that oval, heart shaped and round face shapes will look very perfect with this haircut. The style will come out great on thick to fine hair so if you have thin hair this may not really work out for you. This will take you just a few minutes to style.

Follow these steps to create the look;

  • Smear your hair with a small amount of styling product and comb through your hair to remove any twists and tangles. Pay more attention on the top and brush hair towards the face like you see in the image.
  • Texturize your hair with finger and to create the messy kind of appearance that makes the haircut more stylish and modern


Short haircuts for men with oval faces

short haircuts for men with oval faces

When you have an oval face shape you should do a haircut that makes your face appear shorter and not one that will make it look much longer than it already is. Such face shapes always look great with a haircut that is cut short all through, I would not advise you to go in for a style that is left much longer at the top. The hair is really shiny and smooth with very short waves that are almost un-noticeable, the style is very modern and will make you look very respectable especially if you are the type of man who spends a lot of time at work and formal events. Despite your hair type this haircut will be a perfect try.

Try out the classy look like below;

  • Use a small hair brush to push hair forward towards the face.
  • Apply a small amount of hair product to make your hair shine more and add definition to those short waves.


Messy short haircuts for men

messy short haircuts for men

Spiking out hair all through the style and keeping the messy appearance has become overly stylish and very trendy these days. This style looks extremely great on oval face shapes and thick hair.

These steps will help your create the style;

  • Distribute styling product to each and every part of your hair.
  • Spike out hair all through the style because the entire style is messy and spiky using your fingers.
  • Add hair gel to your hair to keep the short layers nicely spiked all through the day.


Short haircuts for men with square faces

short haircuts for men with square faces

If you have a square face shape, a haircut with most of the hair falling towards your face will make the face appear shorter and draw more attention to the jaws. This picture simply proves it all, hair is brushed from the crown and brushed to all sides of the face. This style is very modern and will look really great on any face shape and for all hair types so do not be afraid to try it out.

How can you create the style;

  • Immediately from the shower, smear styling product on your hair because the product works better when your hair is still wet.
  • Blow dry hair with a hair brush endeavoring to brush most of the hair down towards the face to make fall onto your forehead.
  • Break through the hair with your fingers to create more texture and create a messier look that is also very modern.
  • Spray your hair for a more shiny appearance.


Smooth short haircuts for men

smooth short haircuts for men

If you are the type that loves the attention and you are sure you will stand the attention that will come along with having your hair looking this smooth then you can try this haircut. Hair is cut to single length all through and we notice the sides slicked downwards towards the face shape hence the haircut really suitable for the square face. There is a slight side part done on the top hair and detailed with a wavy texture to make the style more interesting. For guy to have their hair looking this fabulous it is just so impressive. All face shapes and hair types will look absolutely gorgeous in this hair type.

Have the stunning look with these steps;

  • Get your styling product and apply it on your hair as soon as you step out of the shower, this will help to make the product dissolve easily into each strand of your hair.
  • Create a side part with a comb, but make it very small so that the style comes out exactly as it looks in the image.
  • The style is very smooth so you have to use a hair brush to create the amount of smoothness, slick all the hair on the sides and the back downs until you see no hair flying away. Keep the top hair raised a bit but with a smooth texture as well.
  • Allow your hair to air dry and when it is completely dry apply some shine serum to make your hair have that glow.
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