Short Hair Cuts – Hottest & Trendy Short Hair Cuts For Women

| March 31, 2015

There is absolutely nothing that can beat the confidence of a woman rocking a short haircut, it not only exposes to the public how amazing you look with all your facial features shown off but also shows your self-esteem. Without even having to style u can still walk out of your house looking extremely gorgeous and that is what makes short hair completely different from any other kind of hair.

Short Hair CutsThe years where everyone thought having long hair was reason enough to be proud are long gone because lately


women who go ahead and cut their hair short are given more attention as compared to those with long hair. Having short hair will definitely save you the trouble of styling daily and spending too much on hair products but you also need to visit the saloon much more often to keep those short strands in perfect shape.

Short haircuts are very trendy and chic so if you were having thoughts of trying it out then you should definitely go ahead as it will not leave you regretting on your choice. Here are some short haircuts for you to try out.

Best Short Hair Cuts

Short Hair Cuts


Pretty short haircuts

pretty short haircuts

This pretty short haircut is brushed down on the sides and back and completely divided up from the top. The roots are kept darker and the ends lighter with a light shade of blonde. I just love how the short hair keeps her gorgeous oval face shape standing out.

Simply try out this haircut with these steps;

  • Without waiting for your hair to dry, apply your favorite styling product and comb through for more even distribution of the product into your hair. Only add a reasonable amount of the product or else your hair will become too oily making it very hard to style.
  • Take up a comb and blow dry. Use the comb to completely separate the top from the sides and comb hair on the sides downwards. For more texture you should continue blow drying hair on the sides with your finger so that it is entirely separated from hair on top.
  • Blow dry the top hair with a comb, use the comb to brush hair up to the top. After all your hair has dried, you can give it a few minutes to cool from the blow drying heat.
  • Polish hair more with a flat, when you are ironing do not pay too much attention to straightening the hair just use the flat iron to arrange the style into shape. The way it appears on the image.
  • Rub in some texturizing product using your finger tips to give hair added shine and keep the style in place all through the day.

How to care for your hair;

  • Maintain a good shampoo and conditioner; it is always advisable to stick to a particular brand of products when you realize it works well with your hair. Do not use a good shampoo this month and change to something else the following month you will end up losing all your hair.
  • Treat scalp infections as first as possible; sometimes when the scalp becomes too itchy it is because there is an infection that you may not be aware about but that is not the problem. It will become a problem if you notice something wrong and ignore it. On that not always ensure to treat scalp infections the very minute you notice them.


Short haircuts for women above 50

short haircuts for women above 50

One thing that I love about this haircut is that much as it made the lady look all modern and classy she still looks very respectable, it is not so funky but it makes her look very sophisticated. At the back her hair strands are all smooth and kept all together while on the rest of the hair, the layers are separated. A few strands at the hair line are brushed towards her forehead to create a light fringe and draw more attention to her smoky eyes. The color contrast on her hair beautifully matches her skin tone, so if you are above 50 there is no need to give up on your looks just as yet.

Style this look with these steps;

  • Wash hair thoroughly well with a good shampoo and conditioner then rub in a styling product when hair is still wet.
  • Blow dry hair with your fingers, for this particular style it is better to leave the brushes alone as because they will make hair fall down flat and as you can see this is not what you need for the style.
  • Arrange hair into desired shape with a large round brush. When your hair is completely dry, grab a large round brush to put the hair in shape, brush some hair from the hair line down to the forehead to create that light fringe then go to the back and brush hair down to the nape.
  • Grab a flat iron to smooth and polish the strands more, as you smooth make sure you separate small size hair strands especially on the top part.
  • Continue separating the strands and adding more texture to the style with your fingers.
  • Mist hair with a strong hold hair spray, this will give your hair that added shine and hold those strands firmly.

How to care for your hair;

  • Have those ends trimmed frequently, the moment you choose to go cut your hair short you also must be more than ready to make more frequent visits to the saloon. Cutting the ends not only helps you get rid of split ends but also keeps your short hair in shape and looking really good.
  • Only apply one product at a time, product overload is very disastrous to short hair as it can easily make your hair too oily and in the long run greasy. Too much of each product on your short hair will also weigh down your hair making it hard to style.


Layered short haircuts

layered short haircuts

Layers beautifully add volume and make a short haircut look really beautiful, the layered haircut featured in the image has the sides completely separated from the top and brushed downwards to hang just above her ear. The top is then all made spiky and brushed up to create a really outstanding and chic look, with this style in creamy blonde there is no way you will fail to grab all the attention you want to have. Longer face shapes are not advised to go in for this kind of haircut because it will make your face appear longer.

Try out the funky look with these simple steps;

  • Start with wet hair then go ahead and apply styling product, rub in the product with your fingers until it has all completely dissolved up. This way you will achieve the best results unlike what you would have achieved when you apply the product to already dried hair.
  • Smooth hair by blow drying with a styling brush. As you blow dry ensure to arrange hair into that desired shape keeping hair on the sides totally separated from the top.
  • Add a small amount of heat protection spray to your hair, this will keep your hair well protected from the high risks that heat styling is likely to cause to your hair.
  • Take a flat iron to smooth and straighten hair more, smooth the sides downwards and when you get to the top spike the strands upwards.
  • Use your finger tips to apply a small amount of hair gel, it will keep the style firmly held for a longer period of time and add some shine.

How to care for your hair;

  • Avoid applying too much styling product, it is funny how some people think applying too much product is what makes their hair look good. However this is the complete opposite too much of anything is always therefore the more the amount of product you apply on to your hair the more build up. That is why sometimes you find your hair feeling dirty even when you washed it thoroughly well.


Short haircuts for girls

short haircuts for girls

We all know how much girls to go in for the funkier haircuts and in the picture above is a very trendy haircut that any girl will be want to try out. The haircut is styled with very many short and layers all through giving it a really interesting appearance. I love how the sides are dramatically separated from the top and the way strands at the top are pushed upwards. Those spiky strands and edgy side burns are just too flattering for her oval face shape.

Create the style as shown below;

  • Rub some styling product into towel dried hair, from the shower you should use a clean dry towel to remove that excess and dripping water then you can go ahead and apply your best styling product.
  • To smooth hair you should blow dry with your fingers, I advise blow drying with fingers because it adds more texture and prevents hair from falling down completely.
  • Grab a styling brush to arrange hair into shape, brush hair down on the sides, when you get to the top brush hair towards the front keeping some strands spiked upwards. Tease more around the crown and the top.
  • Apply hair gel, spiky hairstyles need some hair gel because it has enough strength to keep those spiky strands standing up firmly.
  • Keep using your fingers to shape the hair and arrange hair more into that desired style you actually want to achieve.

How to care for your hair;

  • Allow your hair to dry naturally sometimes, since you have short hair you should not worry about how long it will take for your hair to dry when you choose to air dry. Short hair dries very easily even when you do not use blow dryers. On the other hand blow dryers produce too much heat that is not so good for the strength of your hair.


Celebrity inspired short haircuts

celebrity inspired short haircuts

For many of the women if not all of them, celebrities are a great inspiration for the hairstyles they do. For the lovers of short hair, Miley Cyrus is one of the biggest inspirations because of the great way she always pulls off those short haircuts ever since she decided to cut her hair short. On this particular she is yet again making a fantastic appearance wearing a very stylish and modern haircut with hair slicked flat back behind on the sides. The top is also slicked back but raised up more to make her round face shape appear longer than it actually is, so if you love the singer and actress, you have a round face shape and are looking for a short haircut to try then look no further than this one.

This procedure will help you create the style;

  • Like always advised add styling product to wet hair, it is always best to add styling product to wet hair because this way it easily dissolves into the hair making it look really beautiful.
  • Organize hair into shape with a wide toothed comb, be very gentle on your wet hair. Brush thee sides back and away from the face and do the same to the top hair but do not allow hair to fall too flat down.
  • Smear a small amount of texture product to the hair and leave it to air dry.
  • Brush through the hair with a wide toothed to separate the strands and push up hair a bit at the top to create more of a fake bump. You can the set the style with some shine and flexible hold spray.

How to care for your hair;

  • Avoid wearing wigs for too long; on certain occasions your short may not give you the freedom to go in for some styles that you actually want which makes go in go for a wig. This is very okay but how long do you keep your hair covered up under that wig? Keeping your hair covered up under that wig for long hours blocks the scalp from breathing which is very dangerous for your hair. Only wear wigs for a few minutes and never sleep with the wig on.
  • Do not rub when towel drying just pat; wet hair is very fragile and rubbing it in that hard towel fabric will expose it to great damage such as breakage and split ends. Be extremely gentle when towel drying to avoid causing your hair any damage.
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