Short Bob Hairstyles – 25 Marvelous & Chic Short Bob Hairstyles

| May 21, 2015

If you have been looking for that one hairstyle that never goes out of fashion, it is the bob and in specific short bob hairstyles, this hairstyle is just too timeless. You do not have to be afraid of trying the style because lately a lot of modern details have been added to the style to make sure anyone can feel free to try out the style. Whether you love to keep it curly or classy or maybe keeping it trendy is your number one priority this hairstyle has got you served on whatever your hair needs are.

short bob hairstylesShort bob hairstyles keep you looking elegant and can be worn to all kinds of occasions but most importantly they


are very easy to style and maintain. All you need is just a few minutes of your time you will be able to make to get a really sophisticated look. We now know what the short bob is all about, so I guess it is time to take a look at some of the stylish and most popular short bob hairstyles that you can choose from.

short bob hairstyles

short bob hairstyles


Classy short bob hairstyles

classic short bob hairstyles

Besides making your super elegant this classy short bob hairstyle will also give a really sophisticated look. the hairstyle has a lot of features that will make you want to it a try, the really beautiful slight center part, it is cut somehow shorter in the back and left longer at the front to give her face shape the perfect frame. For those of you that hate colored hairstyles, this bob is left black in color to suit any skin tone which means anyone can try out the style. wear the bob hairstyle with dark red lipstick and be rest assured to leave heads turning.

Try out the sleek style as shown below;

  • Apply styling product to your hair while it is still wet, take up a comb to separate hair then comb through with a wide toothed comb to detangle. Make sure to detangle after applying styling product and use as little pressure as possible to avoid tagging and pulling.
  • With a large round brush blow dry your hair while beveling the ends towards your face but not too much. Blow dry hair in small section to be able to remove all moisture and smooth the strands more perfectly.
  • This is a very sleek and straight hairstyle so you must go back with a flat iron to straighten those strands more and make it look as sleek as it appears on the image.
  • Put some shine serum on your hands rub then together and smear it on your hair to give your hair that shiny appearance.

How to care for your hair;

  • If you use too much styling product then wash your hair daily; after a whole day of being up and down the products in your hair will have melted and adding more products without washing will just cause build up and a very itchy scalp. Therefore it is better to wash your hair every day to remove all the dirt but if you apply less products it is not that necessary to wash your hair every day.
  • Be very careful with the flat irons you use; one of the most important tools you should own when you have straight hair is a flat iron but not any flat iron on the market is good enough. ceramic flat irons are the best to go in for because they do not over heat which means they cause less damage to your hair.


Graduated short bob hairstyles

graduated short bob hairstyles

This graduated short bob hairstyle is left with the right length as the bangs hang down to her jaws and behind layers cut much shorter than those at the front. The graduated is one of the extremely new details that have been to the bob hairstyle therefore before you go in for it you must know that you are going for a really modern hairstyle. To add more fun to her bob hairstyle volume is concentrated on the middle section of the style as the ends are thinned out completely. There is no way you will go wrong with that side parted bang so feel free to give this hairstyle a try.

With these steps you can do the style on your own;

  • Add a light formula styling product to wet hair, this is a lightweight style that will easily weigh down if you apply too much of styling or a heavy weight styling product so be very careful with the styling product you choose to use on the style.
  • Smoothly comb through the hair to distribute the product more and create a side part the way you desire.
  • Bend your head forward and blow dry with a round brush, pull a lot of hair towards the face to create that side sweeping bang and give your hair more volume and body.
  • Move into the rest of the style and continue blow drying keeping most of the volume in the middle and thin out the style on the ends.
  • Spray the hair with a flexible hold hair spray to finish.

How to care for your hair;

  • Apply gel before drying the hair and comb through; angled bob usually have a lot of volume in the middle of the style and adding gel will help you achieve the volume you need to create the style how you want it. Comb through so that the gel does not only concentrate in some places leaving others without the product at all.
  • Always set your blow dryer to medium heat; at medium heat you can dry the hair without causing frizz and fly away hairs, setting the dryer at very high heat on the other hand will damage your hair.


Short bob hairstyles with bangs

short bob hairstyles with bangs

I absolutely love everything about this short bob hairstyle, especially that side sweeping bang that rolls off her face right above her eyes to make her look super sexy and stylish. A few strands from the sides are left to hang through and tap her jaws while the rest of the layers are kept shorter with enough body. On the right side of her face, hair is brushed and stuck up behind her ear and that beautiful make up makes such a gorgeous addition to her hairstyle.

Try on the style with these simple steps;

  • Detangle hair in the shower after adding conditioner and thoroughly rinse out all the conditioner.
  • Towel dry, add styling product to damp hair and brush hair to the side to create the side styled fringe.
  • Start blow drying from the front using a small round brush pulling hair down to your face.
  • Go backwards to the crown and blow dry the rest of your hair with your fingers. As you blow dry use your fingers to tease up hair from the crown downwards to the back this will help to add body and volume.
  • Grab a flat iron, take small hair strands and smooth hair more. This will not only straighten out the strands but also give hair added shine.
  • Spray hair with some light weight shine spray to set the style.

How to care for your hair;

  • Use natural oil to keep your hair moisturized; natural oil is made with the ability to stick up into the hair making it remain healthy and shiny for a long period of time unlike artificially made hair oils.
  • Try to limit the amount of product you use on your hair; too much of any product is dangerous for your hair be it hair sprays, styling product, oil or even pomade. Applying too much of any of these products will cause build, makes your hair dirty very easily and will make your hair greasy.


Short bob hairstyles for long faces

short bob hairstyles for long faces

People with long face shapes are usually afraid to try out short hairstyles especially these short bob hairstyles but there is absolutely no reason as to why you should be afraid. The right short bob hairstyles will make look absolutely stunning and from the image it is evident that the bob hairstyle did her great justice. Her bob hairstyle is super straight with a slight side sweep making the bangs falling down to her neck. The bangs are curved to make her long face shape appear wider and kind of shorter.

This is how you can create the style;

  • From the shower, add your best styling product and create a slight part away from the center with a comb and use the wide toothed comb to detangle the rest of your hair.
  • Smooth the hair and remove all the moisture with a round and blow dryer. Bevel the ends and make sure to really roll the brush to create the curvy shape that the bangs have.
  • Take a paddle brush and blow dry the top layers with a paddle so that the style is really smooth and all moisture is gone.
  • Section up hair and with the help of a flat iron, straighten and slick the strands. Take a small hair strand and really turn it under. Repeat the process with all the strands until all your hair is straight and smooth.
  • Finish up your style with a shine spray to keep the style held in place and make the hair have that shiny appearance.

How to care for your hair;

  • Use dry shampoo when on the move; you don’t have to move around with dirty hair when you are traveling when you can use dry shampoo. This will not only make your hair feel fresh but also give your hair enough volume.
  • Make sure your hair dry before you go to bed; unless you are sleeping with conditioner in, you should never sleep with wet hair. With all the twisting and turning that goes on in the night your hair will break and get a really funny texture. On that note always ensure to remove all moisture in your hair before going to bed.


Blonde short bob hairstyles

blonde short bob hairstyles

The super sleek blonde bob hairstyle has bluntly cut bangs falling down to her jawline to tightly hug her oval face shape and frame it really nicely. It also features a short fringe stopping at the middle of her forehead and if there is anything we know about this style is that it is extremely stylish and classy at the same time. It is further highlighted with different tones of color with green standing out the most. The most eye catching thing about this hairstyle is the way it is made extremely smooth and straight, this alone is enough to grab you a lot of attention.

Create the style with the instructions shown below;

  • Pull hair forward into bangs with a comb and just pass the comb through the rest of your hair to smooth and remove any tangles.
  • Take a round brush and blow dry the bangs to make it all fall flat without any bumps. When hair is almost dry you can grab a flat brush to flatten the style much more and make it as sleek as it looks in the image.
  • After making your hair completely dry, use a flat iron to make small pieces of hair super straight, smooth and sleek. Use the flat iron on small sections and keep very taking small strands of hair bumping the ends under towards your face.

How to care for your hair;

  • Use some straightening balm on such straight styles; sometimes just blow drying with a hair brush is not enough to make your hair as smooth and straight as you want it so you have to apply a straightening product in case you want to make your come out very sleek.
  • It is good to spend some money on quality tools; this involves blow dryers, flat irons, curling iron and whatever other tools you use to style your hair. You may want to save by buying cheap products but this will cost way too much when they spoil your hair so it is better on spend money on expensive staff that will keep your hair in perfect shape.
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