Medium Length Haircuts – 25 Cute Medium Length Haircuts for Trendy Women

| February 12, 2015

When you want to grow your hair longer it will be much easier for you to start with growing it to medium length and at the same if you want your hair shorter and you feel all stressed out by very long hair then it is always advised that you first cut it to medium length. Now that is what I call versatility, hair that will keep you comfortable no matter what kind of weather it is and at the same time keep you looking absolutely adorable.

Cutest Wavy medium length haircutsFor all my ladies that are badly looking out for the best medium length hairstyles to try on but feel like they are out of


ideas then I am sure you are in the right place as I have come up with a list of some of the most convenient medium length hairstyles that you can opt for to look absolutely stunning. No matter your face shape or type of hair, by the time you are done going through this post, you will have found that medium length haircut that will give you that chic and eye catching look you have always wanted to have.

Lovely medium length haircuts for round faces

Medium Length Haircuts


Medium length haircuts with bangs

Cute Medium length haircuts with bangs

medium length haircuts with bangs

Elegant Medium length haircuts with bangs

Adding bangs to any haircut is just like adding white icing to a chocolate in other words it is a short cut to perfection without going through too much hardship. There is question about how popular bangs have become simply because they really know how to give that flattering and they always frame your face shape to complete perfection.

If you want a hair do with bang you should tell your stylist to choose one that matches your face shape but don’t just go in for a hairstyle because it looked good on your favorite artist or best friend. In the above image we spot a lady flaunting a medium length haircut with a full face bang covering her entire forehead and I must say she looks really divine with this look.

As her hair settles upon her shoulders, it is styles with a lot of texture and fly away hairs that make the style very interesting. This haircut will work well for those with thin to fine hair and a square face shape.

Try out the stylish look with the steps below;

  • Spray hair with a root booster after towel drying and brush through it with extra gentleness so that you don’t break the hair.
  • Get your blow dryer and round brush and begin blow drying hair pushing hair towards the face from side to side. Brush hair from the crown spreading it down to your whole head but with most of your attention on the bang.
  • Smooth the bangs more using a flat iron, do not use the flat iron unless your hair is fully dry.
  • Create more texture on the hair using a teasing brush, tease hair more at the crown to form those fly away hair at the top.
  • Finish up the style with light hold hair spray, but only apply a small amount so that your hair doesn’t become greasy instead.

How to care for your hair;

  • After styling your hair, leave your hair alone by staying away from combs. Over combing makes your hair frizz and prone to split ends. It is not advisable to comb your more than once or at most twice a day.


Fine medium length haircuts

fine medium length hairstyles

medium length haircuts for fine hair

In many cases you will that the women and girls with medium length hair admire those with really thick hair but you sure have no reason because fine hair is like the most interesting hair type to have. All you have to do is choose the right medium length haircut for it and you will leave all those thick haired girls all envying you.

For example when you look at the gorgeous looking beauty in the image above there is no way you will not appreciate her stunning looks. I have always said simplicity is the best way to pull an elegant look, she has her shiny brown hair nicely balanced to both sides of her face with a middle part allowing the hair to rest down on her shoulders. Her face shape is perfectly framed, she looks adorable and the style only takes a few minutes to create but will make you one of the most outstanding women at any event.

Easily pull of the style with this procedure;

  • Apply styling product to wet hair, create a middle part and softly brush through hair to remove any remaining tangles as the styling product evenly distributes throughout all your hair.
  • Blow hair dry with a round brush and blow dryer set to minimum heat level. Brush hair down paying more attention to the ends so that they are bumped under. Get a smaller round brush after removing most of the moisture to achieve more smoothness and keep blow drying to get hair totally dry.
  • Flat iron the hair to make really straight and smooth, such straight styles need you to be really good at your ironing work. Iron the hair bumping the ends under until you get the style you want to have.
  • Put some hair oil on hands rub them together and smoothly apply it on your hair, this will prevent your hair from running dry and make it shine more.
  • Set the style with a small amount of hair spray and keep the style looking great throughout the day.

How to care for your hair;

  • Oil your hair every day to it well-nourished, healthy looking and shiny. This will also prevent your hair from becoming dry because every time you comb through dry hair it breaks so keep oiling it.


medium length haircuts for round faces

medium length haircuts for round faces

Pretty medium length haircuts for round faces


Wavy medium length haircuts

Elegant Wavy medium length haircuts

wavy medium length haircuts

Pretty Wavy medium length haircuts

When you want to add more volume to your hair and do not want to use too many of those styling products on your hair, just grab you curling wand or large barrel curling iron for a wavy hairstyle. The beauty of having medium length hair is that it can easily be styled into anything you feel like, I guess after seeing the beautiful Ciara looking this flawless you will get an inspiration from her and try out the this wavy medium length haircut.

With the center part there is surely no way you can go wrong, as you can see she has her flirty, simple and loose waves falling to her face with a great volume amount framing her square face shape to perfection. I completely lover how healthy her hair looks, she gives the impression that she takes very good care of it and the color contrast is just another story to tell. The strands nearest to her face are blonde and you move backwards into the style it starts to turn into brown giving her that outstanding splendor.

Let’s look at the details of how you can get yourself to look this amazing;

  • Start by washing your scalp and hair thoroughly clean. Use shampoo to get the scalp really clean then wash with conditioner to make hair soft and smooth.
  • With your hair still damp, add volumising mousse and gently comb through with a wide toothed comb to ensure that each strand is well infused with the mousse.
  • Create a very neat center part and start blow drying hair down wards with a round brush this is the first step to making your hair really smooth.
  • When you are sure that your hair is completely dry, take a curling wand wrap a small sized strand of hair around it and curl the hair. The curls are really loose so it is much better to use a curling wand instead of a large barrel curling iron.
  • Start from the bottom of your hair when curling moving upwards to the top until all the hair has gained these loose waves. Break up the waves by passing your fingers through.
  • Let hair cool down a bit from all the heat then you can go ahead and apply a flexible hold hair spray to give your hair that stunning finish.

How to care for your hair;

  • Before blow drying always prepare your hair by applying styling product to make your drying work even easier than it would have been as styling product smoothens and softens your hair.


Black medium length haircuts

Black medium length haircuts

Black medium length haircuts

Sexy Black medium length haircuts

This smooth single length medium haircut in black looks really sweet and sophisticated, the one thing I have always known about black hair is that as other people worry about their color not matching their skin tone you are busy feeling all good about your gorgeous looks since black never clashes.

If you have black hair and a round face shape like hers in the image then you should be looking out for the details on how to create this style. She has her beautiful black hair styled with a side part and bangs that freely drop on to her shoulders. From the top of the style hair is brushed down smooth then later as you get to the ends it is slightly flipped to maintain the simplicity of the style while creating more volume on the ends. With your black hair is always recommended that you keep your makeup natural or just neutral.

Try out the gorgeous look as instructed below;

  • Volume is needed for this style therefore before your hair dries up, evenly apply a small amount of volumising mousse.
  • Get a small paddle brush and start blow drying hair, as you dry your hair keep brushing hair down wards and towards your face for the smooth flow to your shoulders.
  • Before hair drying up completely use a round brush on the ends and continue blow drying till you get all the hair completely dry.
  • It is now time to make use off your flat iron. Starting from the crown get a medium sized strand of hair and run it over with a flat iron this will help to give your hair added smoothness. Repeat the process with the next strand of hair until your whole head is super smooth.
  • Apply a shine hair spray so that your hair gets that attractive glow just like the one we see in the image.

How to care for your hair;

  • After styling you should always spray your hair this not only keeps your style in place all day but also keeps it safe from any environmental damages.


medium length haircuts for thick hair

Wonderful medium length haircuts for thick hair

medium length haircuts for thick hair


Curly medium length haircuts

curly medium length haircuts

Cute Curly medium length haircuts

Adorable Curly medium length haircuts

Why not take advantage of your medium length hair to try out something more fun with more texture and more romantic. This blondy sure has all our eyes on her as she flaunts her curly medium length haircut beautifully contrasted with two different shades of blonde. The colors not only match her skin tone but also make a great combination with her golden detailed dress, I am just so in love with look.

The side part leaves hair cutting midway her forehead and rolling away right above her eye hence drawing a lot of attention to her striking blue eyes and with more volume concentrated on the ends there is no doubt the style was a perfect choice for her round face shape. This is the kind of look that you wear to office and walk straight into a party with the same stunning look.

For my girls who are busy loving the curly style, try it out with these steps;

  • Wash your hair with a quality shampoo meant for curly hair and dry it with a round brush. Dry hair starting from the bottom moving upwards in small sections until all your hair is completely left with no moisture.
  • Create a side part and with the help of a large sized barrel curling iron you can begin creating the romantic curls. Start curling hair strands from the middle to the ends leaving the top part smooth with just some texture. Make sure that hair fall onto your face on the side with where you created your side whereas on the other side keep hair away from the face.
  • Break through the curls using your fingers or if you prefer you can comb through the hair with a wide toothed comb to break the curls an create that softness.
  • Finish up the style by spraying with a light hold hair spray to keep your style in place all day long.

How to care for your hair;

  • Give your hair some time to cool after heat styling before applying any more products. When you let your hair cool, any other product that you add to your hair will nicely dissolve into each of your hair strands.


medium length haircuts for fine hair

Cute medium length haircuts for fine hair

Pretty medium length haircuts for fine hair


More cute medium length haircuts

Cute Medium Length Haircuts

Layered Medium Length Haircuts

Pretty Curly medium length haircuts

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