Long Layered Haircuts – The Best Long Layered Haircuts For Women

| March 2, 2015

Instead of that boring long flowing hair; why not try out a haircut and see how interesting your long hair can actually get. It is very true that when you have long its length alone is enough to grab you lots and lots of attention but when it is a very good layered haircut you may not even be able to handle that which may come with a long layered haircut.

Long Layered HaircutsExtremely long hair can instead turn into a really pain because getting all that length into a comfortable a really good


style can be the hardest thing you ever had to, for those of you have long you definitely know what I am talking about. However giving your hair the right haircut can help cut down on the burden and gives your hair an extremely lighter weight while making it appear more stylish and modern.

Some short, medium and long layers can help to turn your long into the most admirable hair and speaking of layers, in this post I have featured some of the most amazing long layered haircuts that will leave you turning heads.

Beautiful and cute Long Layered Haircuts

Pretty Long Layered Haircuts


Smooth long layered haircuts

smooth long layered haircuts

I told you before that layering your long hair will make it much lighter and that is exactly what we see in this image. Thee beauty does not have very thick hair but it has the right volume and layering to make it appear really beautiful. Her side sweeping bang gives such a flattery appearance to her oval face shape as the rest of the hair runs its way down to her shoulders. I absolutely love how shiny and smooth the entire style appears, it just makes you think about how well she must be treating her hair for it to look that gorgeous.

Try out the style with these steps;

  • Start by creating a side part using a comb, the side part is not drawn so far away from the middle and gently brush all your hair downwards.
  • Blow dry hair with a really large round brush. Start from the side which has a side part and brush hair towards the face to make it slightly cover up on of your eyes then continue down to push the rest of the bangs above your shoulder. Move to the other side and brush most of the hair away from the face.
  • Go over the layers with a curling to create the wavy detail on the hair but do not over curl because this will make your hair curly instead.
  • Spritz hair with a smoothing shine spray to give it the shiny glow that makes it very attractive and flexible movement.

How to care for your hair;

  • Make oiling your hair part of your daily routine, the moment you decide to grow long hair then you must be more than ready to take care of it and the only way to prevent your long hair from running dry is by oiling it every single day. The more moisture your hair contains the softer and smoother it becomes, you will never have to face problems when combing it.


Curly long layered haircuts

curly long layered haircuts

For those of you who are blessed with naturally curly long hair, you should really be holding your heads high up above all the rest because that simply means you have inbuilt volume for your hair. As other people suffer with volumising products you are busy flaunting your natural locks without even doing too much to them. I surely love how the upper part of her hair is kept smooth while the rest of the hair is detailed with a very huge bunch of large wispy curls. The style also has smoothed bang falling to her forehead and later rolling away from above her eye to the side forming an extremely flirty look, her heart shaped just hangs beautifully in there. If you have thick long hair this is a style that will undoubtedly leave you turning heads.

Try out the gorgeous look with these steps;

  • Start with clean damp hair then apply a smoothing styling product. Part hair to both sides of your face then blow dry with your fingers until all your hair is completely dry.
  • Apply a heat protectant spray to protect your hair from the heat that it is about to go through this will reduce the risks of your hair getting damaged by heat.
  • Use a flat iron to smooth hair from the roots to middle of the strands, do not exceed the middle of the hair strand. This is to ensure that the entire top part is made as smooth as it looks in the image. While smoothing the strands nearest to the face, ensure to flip them away to the side.
  • Take a one and half inch curling iron and a very small hair strand wrap it around the curling iron, un-wind hair from the curling iron and drop it down. Take another small strand and do the same until all the lower section is made very curly.
  • Comb through the curls to make them looser and larger, as you comb you will also be giving time to your curls to cool down from the heat.
  • Finish the style with a flexible hold shine spray to added shine and hold to the style all day long.

How to care for your hair;

  • The best way to make your hair grow longer is by trimming it really often, long hair easily gets split ends even when you have done totally nothing to cause the split ends therefore you must always make sure that you get regular trims. They will keep your hair looking very neat and prevent it from breaking and those annoying split ends.


Volumised long layered haircuts

volumised long layered haircuts

With such a huge bunch of volume any face shape will have come out looking absolutely flawless not this why I have always admired girls with thick hair, you just need the right hair cut to turn your hair into a completely good looking style. In this picture is a really gorgeous looking lady wearing a highly volumised long layered haircut with short, medium and long layers. The short and medium layers are flipped inwards to her face while the longest layers are flipped away from her face, this is what creates the huge volume bunch while beautifully framing her face shape. Her dark brown hair has just a few lighter brown shades to giving her hair a much better highlight. She absolutely looks divine.

Get yourself the gorgeous look as shown below;

  • Part your hair with a short middle part and blow dry with a large paddle brush, brush the bangs down and make sure all moisture is completely removed from your hair.
  • Plug your flat iron into power to start straightening and smoothing the hair. Begin with the shortest layers that are nearest to your face and pin the rest of your hair behind. This will help to smooth the shorter strands without interruption from the rest of your hair. Flip the ends inwards as you iron.
  • Move the medium length strands, un-pin sections of hair from the back and iron while flipping ends in towards your face.
  • Drop down all your hair and iron the remaining longer strands but ensure to flip the ends outwards to create as much volume as possible on the style.
  • Add a smooth lock heat glide by rubbing it on your hands and gently apply it on the hair from the roots to the ends, it will protect your hair while giving maximum shine.

How to care for your hair;

  • Be careful with coloring your hair, long hair is very pretty and once damages it may be really hard for you to get it back hence leaving you in regret all your life. If you are trying color for the first time, do not go in for permanent hair color and then apply it on all your hair. Just add the color to a few hair strands, it will really help to detail your look while at the same time keep your hair safe. For starters temporary hair color is the best option.


Beautiful long layered haircuts

beautiful long layered haircuts

Striking beauty is what you will always get from treating your hair right that is why in the image we see the beauty enjoying every bit of her extremely long hair. The style looks very and will probably take very few minutes to style but this does not take even the slightest bit of elegance that the style will give. This is the kind of hairstyle that you can wear as an everyday look but at the same time can take you straight from office to a fancy party in after office. Those flipped ends create a really gorgeous, interesting and fancy look.

This is how you should create the style;

  • Begin with thoroughly clean hair and create a deep side part using a comb. Parting the hair makes styling easier as you do not have to go over all your hair at once.
  • Smooth hair with a round brush as you blow dry.
  • Get a large barrel curling iron especial a one and a half inch it will do the job better. Take sections of the hair and curl only the ends, keeping curling the ends away from the face to create that flippy appearance like you see in the picture.
  • Spray your hair with a flexible hold spray for firm hold all day and give it a more shiny and silky appearance.

How to care for your hair;

  • The moment you treat your hair right you may even have to take some days off without all of the hot styling. If you always condition your hair, wash it with good quality shampoo and apply the rights products there will surely be no need for you to style it daily for it to look good. Blow drying, curling and all that ironing just makes your hair lose its strength.


Braided long layered haircuts

braided long layered haircuts

If you are not a fun of wearing accessories on your hair then you will surely love braiding your hair. Braids are a simple of detailing your hair without wearing any artificial staff if you do not want to. When curly hair is detailed with braids you will love the results, here the lady is rocking her blonde hair with well layered curls falling all away from her face behind to the back and down below her shoulders. Hair is divided up with a middle parting and braids that keep hair all at the back leaving all his beautiful facial features standing out. The blonde perfectly suits her skin tone.

The steps below will help you create this look;

  • Divide up your hair with a middle part and blow dry with a large round brush to make hair really smooth and dry.
  • When hair has dried completely, take a large barrel curling iron. Take small hair strands and curl from the middle of the strand leaving hair smooth at the top. When you are done with that section drop it down and move to the next until all your hair is made completely curly.
  • Section out some hair and braid start from the middle parting down wards to your ear, do not braid all the hair, just when you are about to finish up braiding the strand secure it up with a bobby pin.
  • Move to the opposite and make a braid like you did in the latter step. Loose up the curls more by combing through using a wide toothed comb pushing the curly bangs on to your shoulders.
  • Apply a light hold hair spray to finish.

How to care for your hair;

  • Find yourself a really good hair stylist who will be able to notice the problem your hair is facing and give the right solution for it otherwise you will always suffer bad hair days. It is not good to switch from one stylist to another whenever you feel like, different people treat hair in different ways so they will end up messing up your hair. stick to that one stylist you know is a professional with your hair needs
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