Layered Haircuts – 25 Latest Layered Haircuts For Women

| March 2, 2015

Layered haircuts come in a variety of designs and shapes it all depends on what you think looks best on you and what exactly suits your personality so you will never have to ever worry about running out ideas to choose from. It does not matter whether you have extremely long hair, medium or super short hair or if you are curly layered haircuts are made to specifically add interest and movement to absolutely any kind of hairstyles.

Cute Layered HaircutsIf you are the kind of person that has extremely long and thick hair that seems really hard to style sometimes that


you even feel frustrated then you better try out a layered haircut reason being it will cut down on the weight and gives you freedom to style your hair in much easier and more stylish way. Now that you know what a layered haircut will do to your looks, why not spend a little of your time checking out some of the layered haircuts in this post. I am sure you will not regret your time after taking a look at these haircuts.

Layered Haircuts

Layered Haircuts


Shoulder length layered haircuts

shoulder length layered haircuts

That light bang and volumous layers sweeping away from the face creates a very modern and interesting style that can take you lots of places turning heads. Her beautiful and shiny hair spreads out from the top down to her neck to frame her heart shaped face in the most perfect way possible. Some layers are turned inwards while others are turned away which is a very nice trick to beautifully play around with your hair. try on the style for any special day or occasion and you will surely not have any regrets.

This look will come out super perfect if you follow these steps;

  • When you step out of the shower, part hair to both sides but begin some inches away from the hairline so that you don’t create a middle part instead of bang. Brush through hair in that shape to gently remove any remaining tangles in your hair.
  • Clip up half of the hair and blow dry with a paddle brush, begin with hair on top and dry while arranging it into the shape you see in the image. Ensure to brush hair towards the face just the way it appears on the gorgeous beauty above.
  • Take up a large to detail the style and dry up hair at the bottom, take down the section of hair that is still wet because it what you now need to dry and clip up the already dried hair. The main essence as to why you clip up the hair is to create more volume to the style.
  • When all your hair is about 90% dry take a round brush and dry out the remaining 10% moisture while twisting up hair to create that wavy appearance and flip out the ends, this will give your style a much sleeker appearance.
  • If the wavy appearance still hasn’t come out the way you want it, take a curling wand and go over the layers.
  • You can then finish up the style with flexible hold shine spray.

How to care for your hair;

  • Use products sparingly, not all products will make your hair look the best so you have to be very careful with the ones you choose to use on your hair or use very little amounts of the product. This will prevent your hair from becoming too oily but rather make it look stunning.


Straight layered haircuts

straight layered haircuts

Blonde hair will always look gorgeous even when styled in the simplest way, from what I can see in this image the lady needed some layers to add up volume and walk away look super sophisticated. Any face shape will never go wrong with a center part because it nicely balances out hair to both sides of the face. A lot of hair is brushed towards the face allowing the bangs to hug her face shape nicely and give her that flirty yet very elegant look. the rest of the layers continue down to the shoulders and back, it is sexy and healthy to leave your hair hanging down free sometimes that she is doing it on this style.

Follow these steps to create the look;

  • After properly washing your hair, part hair from the middle and use a blow dryer to remove moisture in your hair then go ahead and section out your hair starting from the nape.
  • After sectioning out your hair it will be much easier to dry so continue blow drying with a medium round brush. Take a section of hair and when it is completely dry drop it down and take up another section.
  • Take note of the ends as you blow dry, the ends are all brushed towards the face so keep bumping them under as you blow dry each section this way you will create this particular style.
  • Tease hair up for added texture and volume and to also prevent hair from falling down flat too much.
  • Go over the hair with a flat iron to really smooth and make those bangs straight. This will create that sleek appearance and at the same time help to bump those ends more inwards.

How to care for your hair;

Oil your hair every day, long straight hair needs that oil so that it does not become dry but remains moisturized all through the day. The natural oil from the scalp alone is not enough to keep your hair hydrated therefore always look out for natural hair oil and apply it every day.


Wavy layered haircuts

wavy layered haircuts

If you are looking for the kind of hairstyle that will easily come out on both straight and curly hair then this wavy layered haircut will be such a perfect option. In just a few minutes you will have yourself looking all splendid so if you don’t want to spend too much time styling this style surely has you sorted.

A dramatic part balances hair out to both sides of her face as the wavy layers nearest to her face bring out a really stunning appearance. At the top there is little volume and as hair grows out down wards the amount of volume increases which makes this style really perfect for any face shape. This is one of those hairstyles that you can both to office and to parties and still have the amount of attention you wish to have.

Achieve the gorgeous style with these simple steps;

  • Wash hair with a mild shampoo to remove any dirt and excess oil that may make your hair look dirty. After you should wash with conditioner to make hair smooth and have that silky soft feel.
  • With a paddle brush and blow dryer start removing moisture from the hair, as you blow dry keep brushing the bangs down wards towards the face so that the bangs frame your face shape.
  • Take up hair in medium sized section and begin creating the waves, after all sections of hair are wavy you can now pass your fingers through to break them up. This will give hair added texture and give it time to relax from all that heat.
  • Spray the hair with a small amount of light hold hair spray to give your hair that shiny and more attractive appearance.

How to care for your hair;

  • Scrub the scalp with shampoo and wash hair with conditioner, as you use shampoo it is always best that you concentrate more on the scalp to remove any excess oils, dirt and dead skin that causes your scalp to itch. To clean the ends wash hair with shampoo because it is mild and very good for softening and making hair very smooth.


Long layered haircuts

Layered Haircuts

long layered haircuts

the days where by everyone admired women with long flowing hair are so long gone because there is a whole lot of stylish long haircuts that have come up and make your long hair look much more adorable. The good thing about long hair is that it can easily be turned into whatever you want and with this layered haircut there is no doubt you will have made the best choice for your hair.

Nicely flipped short, medium and long layers, a completely styling and flattering full face fringe together with a lot of sleekness and smoothness are all features of this particular hairstyle, in short it has everything for you to love about it. Hair is all sleeked from the crown to the face as the rest of the layers fall down to the back to not only create an elegant but also flirty look.

Try out the outstanding style on your own as instructed below;

  • With your hair still damp, apply your favorite styling product. Rub in the product with your finger from the roots to the ends of the hair until it has all dissolved up into your hair.
  • Arrange hair into shape with a paddle brush as you blow dry. Bring hair from the crown and brush it to all parts of the head paying a lot of attention to the fringe.
  • Grab your flat iron and separate up your hair into small sections.
  • Vertically fold hair around the flat iron and straighten out the hair, sleek hair until it is free from any tangles and looks super smooth just like you see in the image.
  • Continue smoothing the rest of your hair with the flat iron making sure that you flip the ends outwards, this will give great definition to all the layers.
  • Give your hair a few minutes to cool down before you can go ahead to any further styling procedure, this is very healthy for your hair.
  • Mist hair with some shine spray for that shiny and well finished appearance.

How to care for your hair;

  • Do not over comb, long hair can easily become frizzy and dry so the more you comb the more you increase on the risks of hair getting split ends. You must only comb through hair when you have applied conditioner to remover tangles this way you will create less damage to the hair.


Medium layered haircuts

medium layered haircuts

This medium length layered haircut features a bunch of fun and interestingly flippy layers that are well disconnected to create a very trendy and outstanding look. For girls that are not afraid to try out wild style but can go an extra mile to grab a lot of attention then you should be looking forward to trying out this haircut. It is smooth on top with a side styled bang cutting through her face to the eyes to draw more attention to her sexy blue eyes. With lots of volume and ends flipped away from the face, her square jaws are well framed allowing her to look really gorgeous with the hairstyle.

As shown below, you can now create the style on your own;

  • Apply your best styling product to hair while it is still wet, comb through the hair after applying the product this will help to evenly spread the product to all part of the hair.
  • Blow dry with a round brush while pushing most of the hair towards the face and down wards to the shoulders. Blow dry hair in sections until you are sure it has all dried up completely.
  • Take a flat iron to smooth and sleek out the style more, flip the ends out wards as you iron. Do not take big sections of hair to be able to smooth hair as much as possible, take up very small section and move section by section until all the hair is completely smooth and flippy.
  • Spritz with a strong hold spray that will give the hair that added strength to stay in place all day long.

How to care for your hair;

  • Avoid styling hair every day, many people think styling hair daily makes your hair look good but you must know that styling hair daily is short cut to weakening your hair and making it more prone to breakage. It is only advisable to only style hair only twice a week and if you can do away with it sometimes then the better.
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