Haircuts For Women – The Best Cutest Haircuts For Women

| March 2, 2015

After taking a look at the haircuts in the post you will be running to your stylist to get yourself the right haircut. It is not that you should always cut your hair super short, because even when you have extremely long hair you can still get a haircut and stay with your long hair.

Haircuts For WomenGone are the days when people fancied that flowing long hair, these days haircut are the in thing it is the way to look


all trendy and sophisticated. Now if you have been looking for the right haircut for hair, whether it is short, medium or long here you will find one to make you look absolutely stunning whether your hair is curly or straight. Look through the post for the details on how you can even create the different haircuts.

Popular Haircuts For Women

Haircuts For Women


Layered haircuts for women

layered haircuts for women

If you have long hair and have tried out a long haircut before then you must know that it is impossible to go wrong with a layered haircut. And when you look at the lady featured in this image you can see that her long layered haircut has everything for you to love and you will never think twice about trying it out. The haircut has short, medium and long layers that are able to give the style volume enough to flatter absolutely any face shape. The style looks extremely modern especially because of the side sweeping bang covering her entire forehead and rolling away right above her eye as the rest of the bangs curve inwards towards her and she looks super adorable with the haircut. Some of the layers are flipped in while others are flipped outwards as they fall onto her shoulders, this surely makes this haircut very modern and that is why she comes out this chic and sophisticated.

Try out the style as shown below;

  • After a good hair conditioning, the previous day your hair will have all the softness and smoothness to come out looking absolutely beautiful after styling.
  • Start by getting your hair damp, if you hair is clean there will no need to wash it again just pour some water on your hair to make it damp and rub your favorite styling product starting from the roots to the ends.
  • Blow dry hair with a round brush while directing into the shape you want it to. Brush most of the layers towards your face making it fall on to your shoulders.
  • Take a flat iron to smooth the hair, start with the fringe iron while pushing hair towards the face the make the ends flip to the side just above the eye.
  • Move to the medium strands flip them in when you get to the ends making them to face to hug your jaws.
  • Take the longest strands and iron them while flipping some inwards and others outwards then drop all your hair down when you are sure all of it is completely smooth

How to care for your hair;

  • Purchase a really good quality deep conditioning treatment so that every once a week you can give your hair some special treatment. The best to give your hair that healthy looking appearance is by applying the conditioner leave it in for about 30 minutes then wash it out completely. Or better yet apply conditioner before sleeping then rinse it all out the next morning this way your hair will never lack the moisture that it needs to look great all the time.


Short haircuts for women

short haircuts for women

I have said this over and over but I will say it again there is nothing as relieving and sexy as short hair first all because of the little maintenance it needs to look nice and secondly due to the fact that it gives space for a lot of your facial features to stand out. On this particular image the lady has really thin hair and this seems to be like one of those hair types to style nicely but I credit the fact that she was able to get the right haircut perfect for her face shape as well her thin hair. The ends are cut blunt you see no split ends flying out while the top is kept with a lot of texture, on one side hair is secured up behind the ear. But the other side has a very uniquely styled side parted bang that softly fall onto her face shape and later falls to her cheek bones and below that. If you have thin hair and a round face shape this is one of those short haircuts that will make you look totally stunning.

How to create the style;

  • Towel dry the hair from the shower so that hair is not dripping wet the add smear your favorite styling product, gently comb through to ensure that all the product dissolves up.
  • Grab a styling brush and blow dryer to start arranging the hair into shape, bring hair from the crown push towards the forehead then make it rest to one side of the cheek. Brush the rest of the hair behind the ear.
  • Detail the style and smooth hair more with a flat iron. This is not compulsory if your hair is already smooth enough you can leave it out.
  • Apply texturizing product with your fingers teasing up hair at the crown to create some fly away hairs.
  • Spray a small amount of wax, it will help to give your hair more control and shine.

How to care for your hair;

  • Try adding hair oil to your hair before it dries up this helps to lock moisture into your hair and gives your hair a really attractive and shiny appearance. most people apply oil when hair is dried already which is not bad but when hair is still damp you will love the results even more.


Fine haircuts for women

fine haircuts for women

Fine hair is not thin hair, I guess from here you can clearly tell the difference, it is more than average not thick and not thin at the same time though with its softness it may not be easy to style the hair. However the right haircut is always the perfect solution for those bad hair days. In this image the beauty is wearing a really simple haircut with medium layers flipped away from her face to give the style a more interesting and chic appearance. The slight part leaves bangs falling to her shoulders and raised really high at the crown hence making her wide face shape appear quite narrower. On those days when you do not feel like doing too much to your hair this haircut is a good enough to give a try as it will take just a few minutes to pull off.

This is how you can create this look;

  • Rub the necessary styling product to your hair as you step out of the shower, start straight from the roots of the hair to the ends of the hair to get all your hair filled up with the product.
  • First blow dry hair with your fingers, set your blow dryer to medium heat level and concentrate on drying your hair until all the hair is almost dry.
  • Take a round brush to create a much smoother texture on your hair but keep raising hair up at the crown, blow dry hair the remaining moisture out with the help of a round brush until you are able to get all your hair completely dry.
  • Create a side part using a comb and brush hair with the side part towards your face. Take a flat iron to gently smooth over the bangs, flip the ends away from the face.
  • Spray the hair with a small amount of hair spray

How to care for your hair;

  • Always keep your hair tangle free, this hair length can be such a pain if it gets really tangled that means you must always do your best so that hair does not remain with these twists and tangles for a long period of time. As soon as you notice the tangles do something about it.


Trendy haircuts for women

trendy haircuts for women

And who says curly girls cannot rock short haircuts, as long you have a really good stylist that has enough experience on how to get those curly locks short then you can get a really good haircut for it. Much as it may be kind of tricky, it is not completely impossible and after seeing her come out this gorgeous all the curly haired girls should be running to try out the haircut. Her haircut is styled with loose, smooth and extremely shiny waves that create great volume at the back and sides of the style. It is also detailed with a very smooth and well layered bang that is super stylish and flattering for her face shape, I lover the fact that her bang is not so thick. The front bags are left quite longer more like an inverted or graduated bob, it just really matches her face shape. Black is the most versatile hair color because it can easily match with absolutely any skin tone.

This is how you can get to look this gorgeous;

  • Blow your hair dry with a diffuser and when it is completely dry, get a thermal spray then carefully spritz all your hair so that all of it is completely protected.
  • Section out your hair into small sections and begin scrunching, wrap small strands around a curling wand to make the curls.
  • Apply a curl enhancer and scrunch hair to give it more texture, tease hair for added volume at the back.
  • Take a flat iron to straighten out the fringe, apply some shine spray and you will be good to go.

How to care for our hair;

  • Avoid combing through your curly hair when it’s dry because it has a tendency to frizz so it is always better to brush through after applying the appropriate styling product or while still in the shower with conditioner in your hair. After your hair drying you should leave it to rest.


Haircuts for women over 50

haircuts for women over 50

Beyond 50 you will probably have less time and energy to deal with all that styling and too much products so it much better to get yourself a very good short haircut that will cut down on that age while and keep you looking respectable as well. When women get to this age, they actually think it better to give up on that hair styling but this is the opposite this is when you should concentrate more on those good looks. Here is a very beautiful lady flaunting a very stylish spiky haircut with lots of texture all around and the right amount of volume. Some light streaks of hair are brushed towards her fore head and side burns which create a very perfect frame for her face shape. At the top and crown area all her hair is brushed upwards while the rest is all brushed down to her neck. This is one of those haircuts that you can just wake up with and walk out of the house even without any kind of styling.

Steps on how you can create the style;

  • Wash hair with a mild shampoo and add the appropriate styling product to all of your hair to make your blow drying work much easier.
  • Dry your hair using your fingers pushing hair in different directions, direct hair strands towards the face, some to the sides and the rest behind.
  • Take a small amount of texturizing product, apply it on your finger tips and gently apply it to all your hair.
  • Spray hair with a shine spray to set and finish up.

How to care for your hair;

  • Such messy haircuts need regular cuts and very small amount of product reason being too much product can be become too heavy on your hair hence causing hair to wear down and fall down flat completely. In the long run too much product can also cause build up and make your hair greasy it is therefore advisable that you only apply a reasonable amount.
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