Haircuts For Round Faces – 25 Attractive Haircuts For Round Faces

| February 12, 2015

You have come across many posts and hairstylists who tell you that the most important thing to be keen about is the face shape before you try out any haircut. And I totally agree with them because every single face shape has that particular haircut that looks spectacular on it which includes round face shapes as well.

Haircuts For Round FacesMost women with round face shapes are scared to try their chances with different haircuts but after going through


this you will know that even round face shapes can gorgeously pull a haircut. Because round faces have great width in the sides, they are shorter and have great balance all round they are more of circular. These round faces do not have sides that are longer than others like oval or long face shapes which means that any haircut that you choose to try must have the ability to make your face appear longer and narrower.

Haircuts with great asymmetry, angles look really interesting on round face shape though it is always best that you consult your stylist before you do cutting to your hair. now with all those details on round face shapes I guess it’s now time to take a look at some of the most perfect haircuts for round faces.

Attractive Haircuts For Round Faces

Flattering Haircuts For Round Faces


Short haircuts for round faces

short haircuts for round faces

Almost all the women with round face shapes that I have met said the worst mistake they could ever make is cut their hair short and I always thought to myself why do they hang onto such beliefs. After making a good research I realized that many of them that tried a short haircut before looked and this is because they choose the wrong haircut. But when you choose the right short haircut for round face shape, trust me you might never let your hair grow long ever again.

I guess we can all spot how confident the lady in this image looks with her short haircut, it is simply because she knows it looks perfect on her face shape. The haircut features short choppy layers stopping exactly on her jawlines, from the crown is a fringe that cuts through the middle of her forehead and sweeps away below her eyebrow.

This helps to draw attention to her stunning blue eye shadow and the other thing that I love about this haircut is the way volume is distributed from the crown to the ends. At the top we notice that there is less volume and hair is left smooth but as get to the middle of the style more volume is added to make the round shape appear narrower.

These steps will help you out in achieving this look;

  • Towel dry hair and apply texturizing product to help boost the roots off the hair, add up more volume and shape to the style. Use your fingers to rub the product into your hair and make sure that it spreads to all part of hair from the roots down to the strands.
  • Blow hair dry with a large boar bristle brush starting from the crown then move down to the bottom of the style. This will give your style shape and add more volume especially on the ends where it is needed most.
  • Make the bangs smoother with a flat iron, when ironing keep the top part smooth and curve the flat iron to make the shape of the style as it looks in the picture.
  • Comb through hair with a wire comb to break up the layers and give hair more texture and shag.
  • Spray hair with a lightweight shining spray for more definition and make the hair glow.

How to care for your hair;

  • After washing hair with shampoo it is advised that your rinse with vinegar, it makes your hair even cleaner and adds shine just like conditioner does. This also helps to treat all that dead skin that makes your scalp itchy.


Shoulder length haircuts for round faces

shoulder length haircuts for round faces

For those of you that adore your hair and are not considering ever cutting it too short either then a shoulder length haircut will keep all your hair needs perfectly fulfilled. This way you will not have to suffer with that long hair and at the same time you will not have to cut your hair too short.

A heavy blunt full face fringe together with long straight bangs is all you need to get that round face shape well framed, looking narrower and appearing longer. The beauty has hair cut with a fringe that covers the whole forehead and eyebrows and stops right above her beautiful brown eyes, the rest of the hair falls down to her shoulder which gives he round face shape a much longer appearance.

I love how it is styled with a lot of smoothness and sleekness all through, it just looks so neat This shoulder length haircut is extremely stylish, perfect for all events whether casual or more formal ones but most importantly it is very easy to style.

This procedure will help you to create the style;

  • This style will come out most perfect if you are naturally straight so apply styling with your hair still wet and brush through to remove any tangles and twists that may have remained in your hair.
  • Blow out moisture with a round brush and small round brush. Brush hair smoothly making sure it all falls flat from the crown to the ends.
  • When hair is completely dry, grab your flat iron, when ironing this style needs the same amount of attention throughout. Smooth the bang forward then move on to the bangs. When all the hair is super sleek you can go ahead and spray with a strong hold shining spray. This will make hair shine and keep it firmly held in place all day.

How to care for your hair;

  • If your hair is naturally curly it is better if you do not strain it by forcing such straight hairstyles. This kind of straight look will need you to use too many products and heat tools to achieve the amount of sleekness. It will make your hair weaker and weaker hence cause damages that may not even be restorable.


Curly haircuts for round faces

curly haircuts for round faces

A curly haircut with no bangs is also a very perfect hairstyle for a round face shape, this is simply because curls beautifully add volume to any hair type and prevent your style from looking too ordinary. The length of the curly haircut falls to her neck but does not hang onto her body too much which creates a beautiful bouncy appearance on the style.

The slight side part balances out the loose curls to both sides of her face and less hair falling towards the face to form bangs or fringes allows the face to softly stand out of the style. Most of the volume of this haircut is concentrated on the curls behind with less volume on top to help bring a narrowed look to her round face shape. The beautiful contrast of colors on her hair makes her style stand out more beautifully, dark on the roots and lighter on the ends I definitely love this one.

Styles hair as shown in the steps below;

  • Begin by washing your hair thoroughly well using a mild shampoo and conditioner, create a very slight side part a few inches away from the center with a comb.
  • Blow dry hair until it is completely dry. Spray with a thermal protectant to protect your hair from heat damage, the style is very smooth therefore you should first go over with a flat iron ensuring to flip the ends out and leave your hair to cool down a bit.
  • Make your curling work easier by sectioning out hair, begin curling hair using a medium sized curling iron starting with the section at the back. When you are sure all your hair is curled drop down that section and move onto the next section. Repeat with the procedure to the rest of the hair until your whole head is curly.
  • Break up the curls with your fingers and tease a bit at the back to create more volume at the back. Set your style by gushing on some shine spray.

How to care for your hair;

  • Always detangle hair after washing using a wide toothed comb this helps to prevent hair from becoming frizzy you however need to be careful when combing, do not use too much force you will end up breaking your hair. You also can apply detangling spray before actually combing through your curly hair.


Layered haircuts for round faces

layered haircuts for round faces

There is surely no better way to add volume and detail to a simple haircut other than layering. The short and medium layers of this haircut create a really good amount of volume from the top to all other parts of the style giving her a completely modern and sophisticated appearance.

The side sweep allows hair to frame her face perfectly without falling too much onto her face, the bang nearest to her face is flipped away on the ends yet the bangs falling below her jawline are bumped under, this not only makes her round face shape narrower and longer but also makes her look very unique and effortlessly stylish. There is great teasing at the top and back of the style to add up on the volume and make the style more interesting.

Create the style with this procedure;

  • Blow dry hair after applying your favorite styling product to damp hair with the help of a large round brush. For this style it is best to use a large round brush rather than a small round brush so as to prevent hair from falling down flat.
  • Continue blow drying hair in section while teasing especially at the top, brush some hair towards the face and the rest to the sides and back until all your hair is totally dry.
  • If you find it necessary go over with a flat iron to smooth the bangs more and help to bump the ends under better. Finish your style with a light hold hair spray.

How to care for your hair;

  • Avoid wrapping your hair in a towel after washing because these towel have a very rough material that causes friction and hence makes your hair break. If you have chosen to towel dry juts pat your hair gently only to remove that excess water.


Angled haircuts for round faces

angled haircuts for round faces

Right from the beginning of this post I told you that some of the best haircuts for a round face shape are these angled haircuts because they nicely turn the symmetry of a round face shape into a longer and narrower appearance. This short haircut is cut shorter at the back and left longer at the front with a beautifully and precisely layered fringe.

The fringe is short from the part where it separates from the rest of the hair and it becomes longer as it grows down to her cheekbones. Her hair is beautifully spread out from the crown with volume and nicely contrasted with dark brown and light shades of blonde. For my older women looking out for a short haircut to wear on that round shape, well here you have it.

You effortlessly try out the look with these steps;

  • Add your favorite styling product to towel dried hair, adding styling product with your hair damp will help to add some volume to the hair. Comb through for more even distribution.
  • Blow dry hair using a small round brush it will help to smooth hair while adding volume at the same time. Brush bangs forward towards your face as you blow dry and the rest of the hair back.
  • Use a comb to raise hair up at the crown for more volume on that part and use your fingers to slick hair down flat on the ends.
  • Apply a small amount of shine serum and gently smear it on your hair, slowly comb through with a wide toothed comb to break the layers.

How to care for your hair;

  • Do not brush too much and allow your hair to air dry, the good thing about short hair is that it does not take too long to dry so after your styling just leave hair to dry naturally.


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