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| March 2, 2015

Most men go to a saloon to get their haircut just because they think have to but these it is not all about getting your hair trimmed but you have to make sure you are actually getting the rights haircut for your head shape and face shape as well. It is not only women that have to look good these days, even the women that look good want a man who looks good and know how to take care good care of himself.

Haircuts For MenNow if you are out there and are ignorant about which haircut will actually make you stand out as a good looking


man from all the rest well that is exactly what this post is here for. To give some of the best alternative that men can try out, it is not the celebrities that have to look good any more. You also have to take a look at this list, I am sure you will fail to get that one haircut that will nicely suit your personality.

Trendy Haircuts For Men

Cool Haircuts For Men


Spiky haircuts for men

spiky haircuts for men

The spiky haircut is one of the most trending haircuts for men because of the way it makes you look really masculine and respectable the same time. It is very easy to achieve the style and looks great on medium to thick hair. This cut has hair spiked up at the top but it is raised too much because he has along face shape and brushing up hair too much at the top would make him look funny. This haircut will look great on those with faces that are wider on the jaws and somehow long.

How to create this style;

  • Use your finger tips to evenly apply styling product into your hair when it is dry, most probably this should be a moisturizing product so that your hair looks shiny and healthy.
  • Arrange hair into place with a hair brush, brush the sides downwards and spike the top section upwards. Use your fingers to mess up the style a bit and give your hair some more texture.
  • Detail your hair by spiking it upwards especially at the top section with your finger tips and a very small amount of hair oil then you will be good to go.


Cute haircuts for men

cute haircuts for men

I absolutely love how this guy looks with the haircut, he absolutely looks striking. With such looks you must ready for all the attention and girls that will want to hang around you. His round face looks surely amazing with the hair cut down extremely short on the sides but left much longer on top and brushed upwards to make his face appear much longer while at the same time making him extremely modern. This is one of the most stylish haircuts today and for any guy who is in for trendy staff then you cannot afford to miss out on this haircut.

How to create this style;

  • Towel dry hair from the shower leaving it slightly damp, since your hair is short just simply pat your hair with the towel to remove the excess dripping water.
  • Take a blow dryer and dry hair on top using your fingers, when hair is dry smooth it more with a hair brush. Keep hair away from the face just to make it really smooth by brushing it up.
  • Blow dry the rest of your hair on the sides and back downwards still with your fingers until it is all falling down flat.
  • Smoothly rub a small amount of hair product to your hair to make it shine and hold the style firmly into place.
  • Continue detailing the top hair upwards and the sides down.


Trendy haircuts for men

trendy haircuts for men

Just like the haircut we have just seen in the above image this haircut is also quite similar. Only that this one is cut with some slight differences that make it look more less like the other one. Here we see hair being cut in three different levels where by the lower sides are cut really short then cut slightly longer and as you get to the top hair streaks are left much longer than that on the sides. It looks more like a short Mohawk and if you have an oval face shape you have every reason to be trying this haircut. It is very stylish and funky especially for those guys that do not work in office.

How you can create this style;

  • Add hair gel to wet hair, do not use too much of the hair gel it may weigh your hair down instead. Make sure hair is still really wet then rub in the gel until it totally infuses in.
  • Use your fingers to push hair down on the sides and back then go over with a brush for added smoothness. Spike up the top the hair with your fingers to arrange your hair entirely into shape.
  • Leave your hair air dry, do not worry about it staying in place because gel is strong enough to hold your hair up.


 Curly haircuts for men

curly haircuts for men

If you naturally have curly hair then you have found the right haircut to make you look really current. The sides are however slicked down and kept really smooth as the top is nicely detailed with short curls, a smooth texture is key in this kind of haircut. Men with square heads and fine to thick hair will undoubtedly look great rocking this haircut. as your look really good, it keeps you also looking very respectable.

How to create the style;

  • This style will work on those for with curly hair, it will much easier to style. Wash your hair and as soon as you get out of the shower add a curl enhancer. It will help to make those curls last longer and give hair some shine.
  • Rub the product into your hair with your fingertips and comb through the hair to evenly distribute it through all your hair.
  • Comb some of the hair on the sides downwards but when you get to the top just comb hair upwards.
  • Let the hair dry naturally for added texture, because your hair is short it should not take a lot of time before it dries up totally.


Smooth haircuts for men

smooth haircuts for men

Just like it was back in the day, allowing hair to grow long is something many fashionable men are opting for these days, it has once again become one of the most trending haircuts. One thing however that I love about this cut is the fact much as hair is left to grow it is not too made too long to fall passed her nape which still keeps the cut very masculine. All hair is cut to the same length and combed back and away from her face making it suitable for normal days at work as well as events away from work.

How to create the style;

  • With your hair still wet, you should apply styling product and comb through to remove any twists and tangles in the hair.
  • Comb all the hair to the back of your head this will keep all hair away from the face and break up hair to make it look the way it looks in the picture.
  • Keep smoothing the hair back until you can see no more hair flying away with all the hair overly slicked back behind to the nape of the neck.
  • Let your hair air dry and later mist hair with a small amount of shine spray to give it that wet look and make it look attractively shiny.


Regular haircuts for men

regular haircuts for men

Haircuts For Men

With how lazy men are about these hair styling issues, all they really need is a low maintenance haircut that they will just wake up with and walk out of the house without even looking at the mirror to check out their hair. I absolutely love how the hairline is cut with great precision down to the side burns, this is the haircut of a really well groomed man who has to spend a lot of his time in the office. With all the low maintenance that comes along with having this haircut you still look very stylish but however must be ready to visit the saloon often to keep it in shape.

How to create the style;

This is like the easiest haircut to style ever.

  • Get a good haircut from your barber, he really must be a good one to shape your hair that nicely on the hairline and down to your side burns.
  • Add some curl enhancer to your hair to give that wavy appearance and leave your hair to air dry.


Modern haircuts for men

modern haircuts for men

For the youth and teenagers this would definitely be a first option haircut to try out because of its playful and youthful details. It will easily come out on both straight and curly thick to fine hair and will leave you turning heads on several events only that this cannot work for corporate situations. Hair is extremely slicked behind on the sides but spiked up on top for an extremely up to the minute appearance.

How to create the style;

  • Wash hair your hair with a mild shampoo and add styling product immediately you step out of the shower and make sure you evenly distribute throughout your hair.
  • Grab a blow dryer and styling brush to dry your hair while arranging it into shape, brush the hair on the sides behind. Separate the top hair from that on the sides and dry it while pushing it to the top.
  • Take a flat iron to smooth hair more while spiking it upwards, brush hair towards your face shape and then curve it upwards to the top.
  • Tease hair at the top with your fingers and apply a strong hold hair spray to keep the style held firm into place.


Thick haircuts for men

thick haircuts for men

Try out this haircut if you are the type of guy that does not want to cut your hair down to below than two inches but at the same time wouldn’t want it to grow out very long. Smooth hair strands are brushed towards the face to make his long face shape appear shorter while maintaining its stylish appearance. Only go in for this haircut if you have thick hair.

How to create the style;

  • Comb through hair to detangle, wash with shampoo and as you step out of the shower you should have your styling product ready to prepare your hair.
  • Blow dry hair with a hair brush while pushing it from the crown to the front towards your face shape on the sides just push hair downwards below your ears and down to the nape at the back.
  • Apply a small amount of shine serum to your finger tips and evenly distribute it to your hair, concentrate more at the top so as to give texture and make the ends edgy.
  • If you feel any spots that are not dried by now just leave hair to air dry it will give your hair a really fine looking appearance.


Simple haircuts for men

simple haircuts for men

This haircut is designed with great simplicity but kept very clean, sleek and very sophisticated throughout. Hair is very polished and all kept to the back for really confident and classy men. It works really great on any hair type and face shape.

How to create the style;

  • Get your hair wet and apply styling product, you always have to apply styling product to wet hair instead of dry hair. Reason being when hair is wet the products infuses but when hair is dry hair just becomes stiff.
  • Create a slight part to the side to make the top front slightly parted away from the sides, just slick the rest of your hair behind and away from your face. Use a hair brush to make hair look really sleek and straight.
  • Mist your hair with some hair spray for shine and to keep your hair held in all day long and allow your hair to air dry.


Short haircuts for men

short haircuts for men

For men that do not love Mohawk but you are not ready for those over smoothed haircuts or even cutting hair too short this spiky short haircut is a perfect choice. It will look amazing on round and square face shapes and will work for all hair types.

How to create the style;

  • Smear your hair with styling product while your hair is still wet.
  • Part the top section from the sides with a comb and brush the sides down flat. Use the comb to push hair at the top upwards while making it spiky.
  • Add some hair wax to your hair using your fingers to give that hair a spiky texture and tease to give hair more texture.
  • Break through the layers with your fingers and arrange hair more in the style you want it.
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