Haircuts For Fine Hair – 25 Perfect Haircuts For Thin Or Fine Hair

| February 22, 2015

If there is any hair type that is fun to have then it is fine hair because of its soft and silky texture that makes it look really beautiful and easier to style compared to other hair types. In most instances you will find people confusing for thin hair but fine hair is far different, it is much thicker compared to thin hair but at the same does not have too much density and volume like thick hair does.

Cute Haircuts For Fine HairIf not taken good care of, fine hair can also be quite unbearable because of the way it falls down flat and easily breaks


therefore need to be extremely careful with the products you use on your fine hair especially shampoo and other styling products. But that is not all about fine hair, there are some haircuts that can make your fine hair the best you ever had and these are what I have shown here in this post.

With the good care you will give to your fine hair, the only other thing you will need is to choose the best haircut to fit perfectly with your face shape, take a look at these gorgeous haircuts for fine hair.

Haircuts For Fine Hair

Haircuts For Fine Hair


Layered haircuts for fine hair

layered haircuts for fine hair

This layered haircut styled with a shag style is extremely modern and stylish for women of all ages so if you are thinking about giving this look you surely must not hesitate on it. Like explained in the introduction of this post, fine hair is not easy to make volumous but with layers there is nothing impossible as we can see it on her layered haircut. The haircut has lots of fly away hair, lots of layers and really amazing texture all together creating just the right amount of volume on her style.

The shaggy side swept bang is very face framing and as the other layers fall below her jawlines it all creates a completely modern and unique look. Her hair roots are left darker and strands lighter with a lighter shade of blonde that perfectly match with her skin tone. Those edgy layers slightly tapping at her eyebrows draw more attention to her nicely made up eyes and makes them look even prettier.

This is how you can try out this look;

  • Prepare your wet hair by applying styling product, make sure that your hair is entirely tangle free before you get it wet or if it still has some tangles ensure that to brush through first with a wide toothed comb to make hair soft. Then go ahead and apply the styling product.
  • Blow dry hair using your fingers, drying with brushes will make your hair lie down flat due to its extremely soft texture so drying with fingers will help to add more texture to your hair.
  • Add a light weight texturizing product to your finger and arrange hair into shape as you desire, pushing some hair towards the face to create a bang. With the rest of the hair you should keep softly tousling and teasing your hair with finger tips.
  • Mist hair with some thicken up spray to make the strands thicken up and stand more firmly. Just keep using your fingers to detail the style.

How to care for your hair;

  • Avoid using conditioner on your scalp if you have oily hair it will make your hair greasy, only use it on the ends to avoid split ends and keep your hair well is good to wash your hair daily only if you are using a very mild and moisturizing shampoo.


Short haircut for fine hair

short haircuts for fine hair

Sexy, stylish and overly confident is what I call a woman of this age pulling off such a funky short haircut because it is never too late for a lady to start taking good care of herself. With this haircut I am sure you will leave thousands if not millions of heads turning so when you are thinking about trying this haircut you better be ready to keep up with the attention that comes along.

The cut features a very light side styles fringe coming from her hair line and rolls away to the side above her eyebrow. The sides have short layers that are brushed down to cover the ears and form a really perfect frame for her square face shape. For more fun and fashion the top hair and crown is spiked up and this is that part that makes fall in love whenever I look at this short haircut. She just looks so elegant and sophisticated with the style.

Get yourself to look really gorgeous with these steps;

  • Wash your hair until it is totally clean, start with mild shampoo and when you are done with the shampoo, go over with conditioner for more softness and smoothness on your hair.
  • Get hair dry with a styling brush and blow dryer only the sides and fringe. Brush a few strands from your hair line down to your forehead and do the same with sides.
  • Move to the top and crown of the head then blow dry with fingers while spiking hair strands upwards the way it looks in the picture.
  • Apply some hair wax on strands that are standing upwards to keep them firm all through the day. Spray the rest of your hair with some shine spray to finish up the style.

How to care for your hair;

  • Do not cake up products on your hair, sometimes we tend to think that using a lot of products and in large amounts makes our hair looks better but with time it will make you hate your hair instead. Always use just a few required products and use a small amount for best results and safety of your hair.


Curly haircuts for fine hair

curly haircuts for fine hair

These loose beach waves are another really good way to add volume to your style and make your fine hair much thicker without applying too many products. Styling your curly hair with a middle parting will beautifully balance out hair to both sides of your face making the style easily match with your face shape.

One thing I love about this curly long bob on fine hair is that apart from giving your hair some added thickness it also nicely suits any face shape so you don’t have to beat yourself over giving it a try. As we can see from the image most of the volume is kept away from the top to prevent her long face shape from appearing longer and as you move the hair strand you notice how the curls start to widen outwards to the sides for more volume. I love how the ends are unevenly flipped, they make her cut look modern and really interesting.

Style as instructed below;

  • Begin by washing hair and towel dry to make hair damp, use a comb to part here exactly in the middle and softly brush through.
  • Add styling products evenly to all parts of the hair until you are able to make it all dissolve up into the hair.
  • Blow dry with a round brush beginning from the lower sections that seem stubborn to dry up then dry the rest of the hair until your make your whole head dry.
  • Take small sections of hair, wrap them around a curling wand to create those loose curls, as you curl ensure to flip the ends out. Brush through with a wide toothed comb to break up the layers and loosen the curls more.
  • Apply a small amount of a lightweight product to create more movement and give hair that added texture.
  • If you wish, you can scrunch hair for a more natural texture and add more interest on the style.

How to care for your hair;

  • Avoid sleeping with wet hair because as you turn and twist all night long your hair will get wrinkles and tangles that get your hair out of shape needing you to go through a lot of straining to get it back into shape. this is in the long run causes your hair to break so it is much better that you always ensure to dry your hair completely before you go to bed.


Bob haircuts for fine hair

bob haircuts for fine hair

If you want to remain forever fashionable then there is no doubt that the bob haircut will help you achieve that in every meaning of the word. This forever stylish haircut works great on absolutely any hair type and that is exactly what it did even with her fine hair. all she did for fabulous look was to add up some layers, a side sweeping fringe and bumped ends to nicely shape her face. As the short layer cut through her forehead more of our attention is drawn to her really beautiful facial features.

Hair is raised up on the crown to create more volume and make the style more suitable for her face shape. If you have fine hair and want that hairstyle that you can easily pull off both to office and any special events and you have a round face shape then this is a really fantastic option for you.

Follow these steps to create the style;

  • Prepare hair by adding a small amount of styling product to it as you step out of the shower.
  • Deeply part hair to the side, make the part on the side you prefer more and blow dry with a large paddle brush. From the parting brush hair towards the face to create the fringe and brush the rest of the hair downwards curving the ends under.
  • With the help of a flat iron, smooth hair more. This will give your hair added shine and make it sleeker. Ensure to bump the ends under as your iron.
  • Break through the layers with your fingers or wide toothed comb to maintain smoothness on the style and spray with a flexible hold spray to finish.

How to care for your hair;

  • Once in a while it is good to treat your hair under hair mask that is not too strong, your fine hair will need this kind of treatment. This will give your hair that added softness and silky appearance that gives it a really unique kind of beauty.


Wavy haircuts for fine hair

wavy haircuts for fine hair

Giving your fine hair the right hair cut together with the right hair tone which is ombre will never let you go wrong. The ombre is the first thing that caught my attention on the style because of the way it makes the cut really unique and very stylish. As it is these days ombre is so on fashion.

In the picture we see the young star detailing her fine hair with wavy layers and flippy bang that is very daring and flattering for her face shape.The rest of the layers are tucked behind her ear with most of the volume concentrated on the behind part and the top left completely smooth. Adding just a few fly away hairs makes the haircut really interesting, this wavy haircut with the right dress will make you one of the most outstanding people at any occasion even if you don’t do a lot of accessorizing.

How to create the style;

  • Blow dry hair after applying styling product. Use a round brush to organize hair into shape as you blow dry and give hair some smoothness.
  • Use a flat iron to create the wavy texture on your hair, some people do not actually know how to curl hair with a flat iron but ask a stylist to help with that. These are best created with a flat iron and take you time so as to flip those ends outwards as your style.
  • Use your fingers to break through the curls and tease hair up at the back for more volume on the behind part as the front remains completely soft and smooth.
  • Spray up your hair with a light hold hair spray for added shine and give hair that attractive silky appearance.

How to care for your hair;

  • Wash hair only after it shows that it is dirty that is mostly after three or two days, with fine hair you can easily notice when your hair is dirty and needs to be washed so when it calls for it then you should go ahead and wash the hair.
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