Haircut Styles – 25 Haircut Styles That Look Remarkable On Everyone

| February 22, 2015

Haircut style do not necessarily have to be short, you could have long hair but turn it into a haircut style or you could have medium length hair so your hair length does not really matter like many people think. They are very many haircut styles you would never be able to exhaust all them but not every haircut style will match with your face shape so you must have a very good hair stylist help you on deciding about which haircut style will look with your face shape.

Haircut StylesIf you adore your long hair and you feel like you can never cut it short then try out a long haircut style, this post has


a variety of haircut styles that you can choose from for a completely outstanding and unique look. If you don’t like your hair very short yet cannot stand long hair either then a shoulder length or medium length haircut will surely work for you. It is now time to revamp your looks by checking out these haircut styles that will make your fall in love with your hair more and more every other day.

Short Haircut Styles

Haircut Styles For Long Straight Hair


Long haircut styles

long haircut styles

Only the long haired girls can explain to how much fun it is walking down the street with everyone admiring your hair simply because of its length. Even I personally each time I looked at a girl with long hair I got envious because much as I wanted to I could never get to grow my hair extremely long.

However what I noticed about very long hair is that if it is not cut right it can look really boring and very hard to deal with more so if it is very thick. Getting a good haircut will help to not only make that long hair much lighter but will also give a completely new and modern appearance.

Here we look at a woman wearing a very pretty long haircut with short, medium and long layers together with a side swept fringe that perfectly frames her face shape. Her hair is also detailed with long flowing waves that are volumised only on the middle of the hair and if this is not the meaning of beautiful then I don’t know what to call it. She could never have gone wrong with slight brown highlights.

Style this look with these steps;

  • Part your hair to the desired side and blow dry with a round brush to give your hair some volume.
  • Use a large barrel curling iron to create loose curls on hair strands. The style is smooth on top so start blow drying hair starting from the middle section of hair strands to the ends.
  • As you give time to your hair to cool brush through with a large paddle brush to loosen up the curls more and break up those layers.
  • Finish the style with a light weight hair spray for added shine and secure up hair on one side with a nice hair pin.

How to care for your hair;

  • Those long strands need extra care if you need to keep it looking good and moisturized which means that you must oil your hair each and every day. This will keep your hair very smooth and shiny too.
  • Detangle hair before you wash, this is the opposite when it comes to short hair because for short hair it is better to detangle after washing. Getting long hair wet before you detangle will make removing those tangles even harder forcing you to use a lot of pressure on your hair hence causing it to break.


Haircut styles with bangs

haircut styles with bangs

As much as you may be afraid of going in for a short haircut style if it is detailed with a bang that matches your face shape you will completely fall in love with short hair. Bangs are very flattering and make any short haircut look really modern and turn it into a whole new different style, in short I can just what we can say is that bangs are a permanent accessory.

If you are not afraid to try your self-esteem even to the greatest levels then this short haircut style will surely be a good choice for you to try out. It has very thick, smooth layers running towards her face from the crown concealing her entire forehead and right eye while the other spiky layers hang tightly onto her cheek bones. The deeply side swept thick bang is left quite longer falling down to her cheek as hair at the back is cut extremely short at the back, now for those of you ladies out there with a long face shape and are ready to turn heads with a short haircut style, well there you have it.

Let us look at details on styling this look;

  • Start by adding styling product to your wet hair, do not wait for your hair to become dump because short hair easily becomes dry so as soon as you step out of the shower rub in the styling product.
  • Push those bangs forward as you blow dry with a styling brush, from the back of the style just brush some really small amount of hair behind and the brush all the rest towards your face to create a very thick fringe.
  • Give the hair some more smoothness by going over with flat iron, this will not only sleek out the hair but will also give it shine.
  • Use your finger tips to add some texturizing product to your hair to break the layers and hair more texture especially on hair around the crown.
  • Spray hair with a strong hold hair spray to help keep your style for a longer period of time.

How to care for your hair;

  • Give your hair a break from blow drying heat, unlike long hair short hair does not take too long to dry up so you have no excuse not to let it air dry once in a while. It will keep your hair extremely healthy.


Smooth haircut styles

smooth haircut styles

With the right hair toning and perfectly face framing bangs there is no way you will ever wrong on the bob hair cut whether you have thick or thin hair, your hair type will not matter this time round. The bob haircut will work perfectly for women of all ages depending on how you style it and have it cut into the very many different ways possible, on this picture is an extremely pretty lady who decided to pull off a very smooth, sleek and volumised bob haircut. With a very slight part away from the center, her bangs are cut and bumped under to hug her face right at the jawlines. The gorgeously combined blonde shades match more than perfectly with her skin color making her look exceptionally elegant and sophisticated. This is what elegance is all about, very simple, easy to style but absolutely beautiful.

Try out the simple style with these instructions;

  • Detangle hair straight from the shower with a wide toothed comb but be extremely gentle with your wet hair and center out your hair.
  • Use a blow dryer and paddle brush to get rid of moisture and smooth out hair. blow dry hair in sections for best results.
  • Bevel the ends under with a round brush as you continue to blow dry. Keep dropping the strands of hair you are done with down until you have achieved the desired shape, just like the one in the image.
  • Take a flat iron so that you can sleek those bangs really well paying great attention to those bangs by flipping them inwards. Spay hair with a shine spray to finish.

How to care for your hair;

  • Try using moisturizing cream on your hair, because of the weather changes and the different products you use on your hair you may not be so sure that your hair will never run dry. So to be on the safe side, always apply moisturizing cream to prevent your hair from running dry, keep it smooth and reduce chances of it breaking each time you comb or brush.


Shaggy haircut styles

shaggy haircut styles

Shaggy haircut styles are another of those haircuts that are known for their great versatility especially because they surely know how to turn even the simplest hairstyle into a very outstanding one. This shaggy haircut is beautifully designed with short and medium layers creating a cut through full face bang falling down below her eyebrows as the rest of her layers fall to her neck. However what is unique and eye catching about the style is the way layers are flipped all through to create a shaggy appearance, so whether you have thin, thick or even fine this will be a completely easy haircut style for you to pull off. The part where hair spreads out to is left very smooth and sleek to make her look really fancy and modern.

How can you create the style?

  • Blow dry hair with a paddle, on this style I prefer to use a paddle brush instead of a round brush because it makes hair really smooth and give hair a very light amount of volume which exactly what the style needs.
  • As your blow dry ensure to keep the top part of the hair smooth but as you get to the ends juts flick them outwards.
  • Take a flat iron for added smoothness and emphasize those flipped ends much more, the style is very edgy so it will be wise to go over with a flat iron.
  • Add emphasis to the texture and movement of the hair by brushing through with a narrow toothed wire comb and to break up the layers a bit. Set the style with a light hold hair spray.

How to care for your hair;

  • Always spray your hair before moving out of the house even if you have not styled your hair on that particular day, this will keep your hair moisturized and shiny. However only apply a small amount because too much can cause build up.


Shoulder length haircut styles

shoulder length haircut styles

Straight Layered Haircut Styles

Just like the name of this haircut style “shoulder length” this hairstyle is never too short nor is it too long the haircut fall exactly at the spot that you want it. It works for a big percentage of the ladies because most of them are afraid to go super short and then will not want to grow their hair too long and that leaves them just one option and that is the shoulder length haircut style.

It is very rare to see the beautiful Shakira moving away from her long curly locks but this time round she also found it inevitable to pull off this totally stunning shoulder length cut. The cut features bluntly cut bangs, great volume all through the style and a very short deeply side sweeping fringe. I absolutely love the way her square face shape is well framed under those bangs.

Try out the style with these steps;

  • It is always said that you should not style your hair before applying styling product, adding styling product to your wet hair should be first routine whenever you think of styling your hair.
  • Remove most of the moisture in your hair using a blow dryer set to medium heat level, create a deep side part and go in with a paddle brush to brush down those bangs and make them really smooth.
  • Start with the bottom when blow drying and if your hair is thick increase the heat when you get to the inner sections of hair, this will help to make all your hair completely dry. After dropping down the back section move upwards to the top and the rest of your hair until your entire head is totally dry.
  • Straighten and sleek hair more with a flat iron, make sure you curve the bangs so that they bend towards your face for a well framed look. This will also help to make your hair shine more.
  • Finish by spraying hair with a flexible hold hair spray.

How to care for your hair;

  • Make use of rare products such as the deep smoothing serum, this will give your hair a rare kind of smoothness and at the same time act as a heat protectant while giving your hair added shine.
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