10 Eye-Catching Quick Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

| July 4, 2016

Quick braided hairstyles for black women; often do we look for hairstyles to wear when we are in a hurry or a rush due to a tight schedule at our places of work. This will mean you browsing the web to look for some of the quick braided hairstyles for black women that will look astounding on you.

Endearing Quick Braided Hairstyles For Black WomenWell you need to agree with us that many of the quick braided hairstyles for black women don’t look that great and


fabulous coz you style them when in a hurry. But today on this website of professional hairstylist, we bring to you the best and stunning quick braided hairstyles for black women that will charm your looks.

Among the best and remarkable quick braided hairstyles for black women, we have brought forward cornrows hairstyles, updo hairstyles, natural hairstyles, short natural hairstyles, hairstyles for short hair, among other which you can achieve in less than 10 minutes depending on your styling professionalism.

Below are the 10 appealing and head turning quick braided hairstyles for black women that will certainly look marvelous and tremendous on every black woman irrespective of your age and the occasion you’re dressing for.

Stunning Quick Braided Hairstyles For Black Women Natural Quick Braided Hairstyles For Black Women



Big Cornrows Quick Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

Big cornrows braided hairstyles are easy to style and achieve if you know the techniques of braiding cornrows to the scalp, it will take you less than 20 minutes to attain any cornrows hairstyle you have ever dreamt of. In case you aren’t familiar with how to do or create cornrows, worry not because this link has the step by step directions on how to recreate and style cornrow hairstyles that will help you master the technique of cornrow braiding.

The black lady in the picture above brings forward a black braided hairstyle were her hair was styled into big and loose cornrows which were then secured at the back using hairclips.

This is more of a causal quick braided hairstyle but trust me you can rock it to your work place and you will still look amazing. Just wear your casual attires that will match with this casual hairstyle and you will be good to go.

Personally I do wear this kind of loose cornrow braided hairstyle when at home or going to work over the weekends. You might need some oil to keep the scalp moisturized.



Curly Updo with a crown braid - Quick Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

You have your hair in a curly style and may be you are tired of wearing it down all the time or want to change to a new style? Well if this is you, then this curly updo with a crown braid will unquestionably work for you.

It’s fairly a quick braided hairstyle for black women in that it will take you less than 5 minutes to turn your curly hair into this kind of style or design.

Section off a small section of hair around the crown of your head. This is the section you are going to use to create the braid. You may do a two strand or a three strand braid and style it across your head as depicted by the beautiful black lady in the above image.

For the remaining curly hair, you might need to use a wide tooth comb to lift the roots of the curls so that they look fuller and voluminous. In case the curls are a little week to stand, apply small amounts of hairspray to keep them place.

You may add a matching hair accessory (like rose hair clip, flower hair clip, star and strip hair clip, polka dot bow clip) slightly above the braid to add attractiveness to your updo and you will be good to go.



Quick Natural Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

Natural hair now and then may take a lot of your time when combing and trying to organize it so that it looks neat on your head. Several black ladies end up just styling it into a quick ponytail which isn’t bad but it won’t make you look eye-catching and gorgeous.

You can still do a quick braided hairstyle on your natural hair when in a rush or hurry to your work place, or any event your dressing for and still look eye-catching and gorgeous. This beautiful black lady shows us one of the quickest way to style your natural hair into an updo that will look great on you.

Assuming you already prepared your hair and it’s ready for styling. Make sure you apply some oil so that it’s easy to work with during the styling process.

Now create three sections; one at the front, the second at the crown and the rest to the back. With the first two sections, you’re going to create quick two strand or three strand braids. You may as well just twist the sections and secure them on either side using a few hair pins or bobby pins.

For the section at the back, genteelly pull or gather all the hair together and then using a ponytail holder, secure it in place to create a high ponytail.

You can look spectacular, distinctive with just a simple trick or tip learnt from this beautiful black lady. Why don’t you give your natural hair an exclusive and fun look with a similar hairstyle like this quick natural braided hairstyles for black women?



Quick Black Braided Hairstyles With French Braided Fringe

Looking unique with quick black braided hairstyles is all about how creative you are when it comes to simple and quick ways to style your hair. Some styles for black braided hairstyles are easy and quick to achieve in that it will take you less than 5 minute to have achieve the look.

For instance this quick black braided hairstyles with French braided fringes is relatively similar to the previous quick natural black braided hairstyle but instead of creating three sections, you will need to create on two sections.

Section off hair from around the crown of your head. This will create a small section at the front (which you will then divide into two smaller sections that you’re going to use to create French braided fringes) and a big section at the back (which was pulled together and latter beautified with a bow clip).

This kind of black braided hairstyle can be styled by ladies with short or medium length hair.  Wear the right makeup and you will be good to go make heads turn at your workplace or down the streets.



Quick Black Braided Updo Hairstyles With Curls For Short Hair

Curly hair styled into an updo hairstyle will be the best choice for ladies with black short hair. Many black women are naturally gifted with curly hair but you can emphasize on your curls using hot rollers so that your curls look fuller and bouncy.

After creating your curls, the hair around the temples of your eyes to the back is meant to be styled into braids which will move from the hairline up towards the middle section of your head.

You may opt to twist the hair, do cornrows, three strand braids or any other kind of braid as long as it’s on the scalp.  Secure the ends of the braids with hair elastic or hair pins.

Make the curls to look colorful by giving them a color which differs from that of the braids. Brown would work. Apply hairspray to the curls to keep them in place all day long and you will be good to go.



Quick Braided Updo Hairstyles For Black Girls

Going with your little girl somewhere and you feel like her hairstyle need to be upgraded. You have tried to think here and there, try to browser there and there but all in vain; well this quick braided updo hairstyles for black girls will be worthy trying on her head.

Its quick just as the name suggests and easy to style.

Begin by preparing her hair so that it’s clean, moisturized and tangle free. Add some styling products and oil in your hands that will enable you to easily work on your girl’s hair with ease.

Part your hair into two sections (the parting should run from ear to ear). Just as portrayed in the image above, you’re going to braid from the front and the back so that you meet at the section that you created. Then braid the two sections together to create an updo as seen above.

Add hair accessory like a leaf or floral headband along the updo to make it look attractive on her. Doesn’t she look charming already? What are you waiting for; give your girl that charming look with this quick braided updo hairstyle for black girls.



Two strand Twist Quick Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

Wow, this is quick, cute and stunning. The braided hairstyle features two sets of colors black and brown which perfectly matched with the skin color of this African American. The coloring or dyeing of her hair added attractiveness and uniqueness to her hairstyle making it look charming and classy.

Her hair was styled into two strand twists that run from the hairline towards the middle of her head. The two strand twists were done on either sides of her head then meet in the middle of her head to create a Mohawk like style.

The hair in the middle section were styled into beautiful curls that complemented the twists to make the overall look of the hairstyle superb. You too we guess can get a few tips from this black lady to come up with your own unique and elegant quick braided hairstyle for black women.

Dress like this when going to a night club, party (wedding, homecoming, prom, beach, mention them all), weekend happenings, plus all casual occasions not forgetting also to some formal occasions.


Quick Braided Hairstyles For Black Kids

Quick Braided Hairstyles For Black Women


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