Cute Short Hairstyles For Round Faces

| May 21, 2015

If you have a round face shape and are madly in love with short hair then this article is purposely for you because it has some of the best short hairstyles that will leave you contented that short hairstyles also look great on round face shapes. People this type of face shape are usually afraid of trying out short hairstyles with the belief that it will make their faces appear more round than they already are but this is not true when you have a professional hairstylist that will help you out in choosing the right short hairstyle for that round face shape of yours.

short hairstyles for round facesWhen you have a round face shape it is always best to go in for styles that make your face appear longer and


narrower such as graduated or asymmetrical hairstyles these beautifully elongate those jaws and cut down on the wideness around the cheek bones. Instead of complaining about that round face when there is absolutely nothing you can do to change it why not get some inspiration from these short hairstyles that will make you fall in love with it.

short hairstyles for round faces

short hairstyles for round faces


Short bob hairstyles for round faces

short bob hairstyles for round faces

On the image above the lady is rocking one of the most timeless hairstyles, I am talking about the short bob hairstyles which has always been fancied by the elegant ladies from way back in the early centuries. Her bob is however given a modern touch where by it is detailed with longer bangs at the front yet cut shorter in the back, the cut is also very sleek and straight. The longer bangs angle out her round face shape making it appear longer instead of shorter and without a second thought, I can clearly say that she adorable with the hairstyle.

Following these steps, you can create the look on your own;

  • Grab a round brush to smooth hair more and give it some added body and volume from the roots to the ends. Brushing through the hair makes styling much easier both for straight and curly hair.
  • The round brush will remove tangles and make hair somehow smooth but this is not what you want, you want to make the hair very smooth and straight therefore you will have to go over the style with a flat iron.
  • Take up really small sections of hair and smooth with the iron until you are able to make all your hair as smooth as it looks in the image.
  • Smear some texture product to the hair to give hair shine, hold and that really cute well finished appearance.

How to care for your hair;

  • If your hair straight do not force into curls; learn to love your hair type, it will save you from causing too much strain on your hair. The process you will go through to turn your hair curly is too straining on your straight hair so do not force it.
  • Detangle hair before getting it wet; use a wide toothed comb to brush through your hair to remove any tangles that will make hair difficult to style. Wet hair is way too fragile and combing it will make hair break easily so it is better to remove the tangles before wetting your hair.


Spiky short hairstyles for round faces

spiky short hairstyles for round faces

This overly stylish hairstyle will grab you all the attention you need yet it does not require too much styling. From the back to the right side of her hairstyle, hair is cut into many short and spiky layers. At the back hair is made to stop exactly at the nape of her neck while the spiky strands on the right side are brushed forward to the face. I love how hair is then all swept away to the left side of her face to create a very trendy and inimitable bang, it gives her that really sexy and flattering appearance. The style also has some dark brown highlights which make it more outstanding. Blend your hairstyle with dark eye shadow to get everyone staring.

With these steps you can try on the style;

  • Wash your hair well with a gentle shampoo and conditioner then as your hair is still wet rub in some styling product with your fingers.
  • Comb through the hair gently to detangle and spread the product equally to each part of your hair.
  • Use a styling brush to blow dry, smooth and arrange hair into shape. Concentrate more on parts with longer hair so that you don’t leave any part half dry, the parts with shorter will dry much faster than those with longer hair.
  • Make a very deep side parting taking hair from one side of the crown and pulling it forward to the face then to the side for that deeply side sweeping style to come out nicely.
  • Keep pushing hair to the side with a comb of the side where the fringe is parted to and use your fingers to give the rest of your hair texture and break up layers.
  • Keep the style in place by misting it with a small amount of hair spray.

How to care for your hair;

  • Try light texturizing sprays; this gives your hair the right texture without adding too much weight to the strands which makes hair much easier to style. Instead of heavy mousse or gel, it is better to go in for the light texture spray.
  • Use a metallic or wooden comb when combing through dry hair; such combs do not cause friction when you are combing dry hair while plastic combs produce a lot of friction that may cause hair strands to rub against each other hence causing hair breakage.


African American short hairstyles for round faces

African American short hairstyles for round faces

African American short hairstyles for round faces


Curly short hairstyles for round faces

curly short hairstyles for round faces

Look chic and sophisticated with this short curly hairstyle, it is very simple suits her round face shape perfectly and will not take you forever to style. Her curly hair is slightly spiked into different directions to create more volume on the top part with the rest of the hair brushed down. Her hair is however not allowed to fall too flat and this is what gives the style enough body.

Style this look as shown below;

  • Use your fingers to add styling product to your hair starting from the roots and comb out to boost the roots more.
  • Blow dry hair with your finger to prevent strands from falling down flat. Keep using your fingers to direct the strands in different directions as you blow hair dry.
  • Use a small curling iron to make hair smoother and curling, the top strands should curve out into different directions and when you reach just below the crown curl hair downwards.
  • Add some texture product or spray your hair to set the style into place.

How to care for your hair;

  • Do not comb through the hair when it is completely dry; combing dry hair not only causes frizz but also causes a lot of friction which in the end will bring about hair breakage. Apply leave in conditioner before combing through your hair or wait when in the shower.
  • Always spray hair after styling; we know this for just finishing up the style and keeping it in place but it also protects your hair from environmental damages such as too much heat and humidity.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly; whenever you wash your hair with shampoo or conditioner you must rinse your hair not less than three times so that all the chemicals are completely washed out. once these chemicals remain in your hair they become toxic to the scalp and make your hair lose its strength.


short hairstyles for round chubby faces

short hairstyles for round chubby faces


Thin short hairstyles for round faces

thin short hairstyles for round faces

Thin hair is not so easy to style but this does not mean there is completely nothing that you can do to make that thin hair stand out really nicely. Dark brown blended into lighter brown shades matches gorgeously with her brown eyes and as the bangs comes down nearest to her eyes, the style draws great attention to them. From the crown is then spread back down as the spiky strands forming side burns give her round face a narrower appearance.

Create the style as instructed below;

  • Add some volumising styling product to your hair when you step out of the shower. Do not wait for your hair to lose a lot of moisture, make sure you add the product when your hair is either wet or damp.
  • Use a blow dryer set to medium heat to remove all the moisture in your hair. Concentrate on pulling hair towards your face making hair fall down to your fore head and side burns.
  • Smooth hair with a flat iron to make the strands slick and shiny.
  • Add a light weight texturizing product to the hair.

How to care for your hair;

  • Instead of shampooing daily it is better to apply more of leave in conditioner and anti-frizz cream; shampoo has some ingredients that clean out all the oil in your hair which is very dangerous for the hair. However applying leave in conditioner every day will help to keep your hair well moisturized as the anti-frizz cream prevents your hair from becoming frizzy.
  • Avoid using too much of hair gel; hair gel helps to keep your hair falling down flat but when overly applied to short hair it may end up making your hair greasy. Gel is too heavy on your hair and for short hair sometimes it is much better to use lighter weight products.


Straight short hairstyles for round faces

straight short hairstyles for round faces

This straight is done in thin hair but we can see that they tried to create some volume at the top of the style while the sides are slicked back. This is exactly what makes her round face shape appear longer, some hair is pulled towards the face and later tucked away for an interesting and unique bang. The behind is somehow flipped away and messed up a bit which gives the style that really modern appearance, I love how the style is kept really simple.

Style like shown below;

  • Start with wet hair and add a small amount of styling product, the reason for applying less product is to avoid weighing your hair down most especially when you have thin hair.
  • Use a styling brush as you blow dry the hair, pull some hair towards the face on one side and just slick the rest back on the other side.
  • Continue blow drying with a medium round brush at the top, this will add some volume into the style on that area.
  • Smooth hair with a flat iron, pick a small size strand and straighten it out slightly flipping the ends away especially on the strands behind.
  • Take a small hair brush and push the sides back behind, if your hair does not tuck securely behind the ear you can use bobby pins to pin it to the back.
  • Finish up your style with a shine spray, it will give your hair added shine and keep the style in place all day long.

How to care for your hair;

  • Even when your hair is clean it good to use dry shampoo; when you have thin hair creating volume becomes quite hard but if you spray your hair with some dry shampoo before styling. It will give your hair more body and volume and also prevents hair from becoming greasy.
  • Add some texture product and allow your hair to air dry; using the blow dryer on your hair is not good for your hair so once in a while it is better to let your hair dry naturally. Air drying with some product in the hair will make the results as well as blow drying while keeping hair safe at the same time.
  • Avoid swimming with your hair open; the water in swimming pools is treated with chemicals that are not so friendly to your hair that is why you must always wear a swimming cap when you are going to swim. It will keep your hair well protected from all those harmful chemicals.


short Wavy hairstyles for round faces

short Wavy hairstyles for round faces

short Wavy hairstyles for round faces


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