Cute Haircuts For Women – 25 Cutest & Trendiest Haircuts For Ladies

| February 22, 2015

Any hair type be it thick, thin or fine when given the right haircut can turn into your favorite hair type ever. When thick hair is given the right haircut it becomes lighter and much easier to manage, when fine hair is given the right haircut it becomes much more modern and stylish and when it is thin especially when cut with layers it gains more volume and turns out to be completely amazing.

HaircutsActually most people think getting a haircut is getting your hair cut extremely short but this is totally wrong because


even shoulder length hair and long hair can be given a haircut without necessarily cutting it super short. The best thing about these haircuts is that there is a unique way they leave your beautiful features standing out and the fabulous way they detail simple hairstyles.There are just a lot of options that you can choose from and here are some of those haircuts that will completely turn you into a beauty goddess.

Easy haircuts

easy haircuts

I just love the simplicity of this haircut, and as they always say simple always looks elegant, from what we see here we can easily tell that she absolutely looks beautiful and elegant. She is rocking a straight and really sleek haircut with a side part on the left side of her face as hair is secured up behind her ear on the other side. Hair is slightly raised up at the top but the rest of it flows just smoothly below her jawline to frame her face shape perfectly.

These are the completely easy steps to help you create this look;

  • As always the first you should do when styling your hair is to add styling product to wet hair the moment you step out of the shower. Styling your hair without styling product is simply a waste of time because hair looks really funny at the ends of it all.
  • Take a styling brush and blow dryer then begin blow drying hair slowly by slowly until all the moisture in your hair is completely out and hair has becomes totally dry. Deeply part hair to the side and blow dry while pushing hair towards the face, when you move to the other side smoothly slick hair behind the ear.
  • When hair has dried completely, mist it with some heat protecting spray to keep your hair well protected from any damages that may be caused by heat.
  • Take your flat iron and start smoothing out the hair, grab small size strands of hair, wind them onto the flat iron and then gently straighten out hair smoothly. Move on to the next hair section and continue to smooth with the flat iron, keep going over the hair until the entire style is totally smooth.
  • Apply a small amount of shine serum on your hair to give your hair that attractive shiny and silky finish.

How to care for your hair;

  • It is recommended that you should not heat style every single day, in the short run it will act to make your hair really good looking but as time goes by your hair will completely become a mess. It will lose its strength, become dry and break very easily.


Pixie haircuts

pixie haircuts

If you though thin hair does not look glamorous when style into a pixie cut then you surely got that wrong because from what I can see in this image is that I really admire how she looks with the pixie on her thin hair. One thing about these pixie haircuts is that nothing beats the way they make a woman look really confident about her looks and the rest of her features that are left standing out. This pixie haircut is cut short on the sides and back then later brushed down completely, but from the crown towards the front hair is left longer and spiked fro really modern and stylish appearance. A few hair strands fall to her forehead making the pixie really flirty and nicely balanced. Oval face shapes cannot go wrong on this pixie haircut.

Below are the details on how to try out this look;

  • Rub a lightweight smoothing lotion to wet hair, for the lotion to dissolve completely into your hair and make the style come this great, it is best to add the lotion to your hair when it is wet not damp.
  • Use a flat paddle brush to dry your hair and arrange hair into shape. Brush hair downwards on the sides and back with the paddle brush it will help you to achieve the amount of smoothness you want to achieve. At the top you should blow dry with your fingers to create that unruly and messy spiky look that appears on the top hair of this style, push some few strands towards the face to create a fringe.
  • Make the hair shine more by rubbing some shine serum on your hands then gently apply it on you the hair on the hair on the sides. This will greatly enhance the shine in your hair.
  • Spray hair the top hair with a light texturizing spray for added texture and to help keep the style firm in place all day long. To make the ends spiky you can add some hair wax using fingers tips only on the ends of your hair.

How to care for your hair;

  • Short hair easily builds up so the more products you add to it the more products you add to it the more it is likely to become greasy. When it is short hair you only need to oil hair twice a week anything more than this will give really un pleasant results. To a style like this one that need wax or gel you should apply a very small amount to prevent weighing down your short hair.


Medium length haircuts

Medium Length Bob Haircuts

medium length haircuts

Medium length is just another word you can use instead of perfection because for me it is like the most perfect length anyone can ever have. Not too long and not too short either, hair just falls exactly to the right spot anyone would want it to, and with such a perfect haircut like we see her having in the image it makes the style even more worth trying.

This medium haircut has hair parted slightly away from the center and shoulder length bangs tumbling down to her shoulders with loose and large beach waves. From the roots hair is kept smooth and just a few inches away from the roots hair is then detailed with the waves the create more volume that matches her square face shape. blonde with red lipstick make such a perfect match, I must admit she looks absolutely divine on this picture.

Create the style with the steps as described below;

  • Wash your hair with a volumising and moisturizing shampoo then rinse it out when you are sure that the hair is thoroughly clean. Add your best styling product to wet hair starting from the roots to the ends of your hair.
  • Grab a large round brush and start blow drying your hair. Divide up hair slightly away from the center and dry the bangs downwards, this will arrange hair into place and make your blow drying work much easier until your whole head is totally dry.
  • Add thermal protectant to your hair, given the damages that heat styling such as weakening your hair and causing it to break, it is always advised that you first apply a thermal protectant before heat styling.
  • Take a large barrel curling iron wind small sections of hair around it and slowly curl out the hair, take other small strands of hair and keep curling until all your hair is curly. Start curling from the middle of the hair strand leaving the top part smooth.
  • Finish up the style by spraying with flexible hold spray so that it looks really nice throughout the day.

How to care for your hair;

  • Always spray your hair with leave in conditioner since that curly texture is prone to easily getting dry because moisture doesn’t easily run through the hair strand from your scalp therefore you must give your hair special treatment by always applying leave in conditioner before you leave the house. With enough moisture your hair will become much easier to deal with.


Layered haircuts

layered haircuts

The combination of darker roots and lighter ends makes such a perfect outcome on absolutely any skin tone as long as it was the right choice of colors. Besides the gorgeous color contrast on this lady’s hair her layered haircut is also styled with lots of edgy wavy layers that are nicely tousled to create great volume on the hairstyle.

The top part of her hair is kept smooth but as the strands grow out longer more volume is created by the wavy detail on her hair and flipped ends. A square face shape would look really perfect with this hairstyle because the bangs nicely balance out those squared jawlines. Making your layers edgy is very stylish lately as they beautifully add interest to any hairstyle.

These are details on how to create the style;

  • Smear your favorite styling product to wet hair to have your hair looking its best after styling while keeping your hair looking healthy at the same time.
  • Blow your hair dry using your fingers to maintain its natural texture. Use a small styling brush to push hair to your face to create the side swept bang and your fingers on the rest of your hair.
  • Use a curling wand to make the slight waves on your hair and give your hair ends that flipped appearance. Tousle up hair with your fingers for added texture on your style.
  • Go in with some texturizing product and smoothly apply it onto your hair with texture product and finish up the style with a flexible hold spray. This will give some control to your hair.

How to care for your hair;

  • When blow drying your hair, do not use the blow dryer to get hair 100% dry, use the blow dryer up to around 70% then leave the rest to air dry. This will give your hair more texture and volume unlike when you dry it completely with a blow dryer.


Short haircuts

short haircuts

Doesn’t her smoky eyes shadow together with her gorgeous eyes stand perfectly out that short haircut? I am so sure no one can disagree to that fact, the beauty in this picture just looks so great with this haircut everything about it nicely matches her face shape. A lot of volume is concentrated on the top front section of her haircut which is a perfect detail for every round face shape as it makes the face appear much longer.

A thick choppy bang that covers her whole face shape looks not only looks trendy but also gives the lady such a daring look. We notice hair being left smooth from the sides and back making the short haircut completely unique. You have thick and want a short haircut to that will make you fall in love with short hair forever then you shouldn’t look further than this one.

Create the style as instructed below;

  • Use your finger to blow dry your top hair to prevent it from falling down flat and give hair more texture. When your reach the crown, use a flat paddle brush to brush hair downwards to the nape and make hair really smooth from the crown to the back and brush hair forward to the forehead to create a bang.
  • Add some texture paste on your fingertips and start smearing it on the top section of your hair. This will help to give your hair more volume and give it a messier appearance.
  • Set your style with a strong hold hair spray, it will help to keep hair firm.

How to care for your hair;

  • Use shampoo on the roots and the scalp of your hair to remove all the dirt and excessive oil that make your scalp itchy. But as you shampoo keep your attention away from the hair reason being it makes hair dry.
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