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| February 23, 2015

Before the classic bob was commonest bob haircut because it has been around for thousands of ages and everyone wanted because of the ease with which you can pull it off and how it has kept on being really trendy year over year. Some people were actually afraid of trying it out because they were afraid the haircut may not look nice with their face shape but with all these new variations that have been made with the bob haircut there is surely a perfect one for each and every face shape.

Chic Bob HaircutsWhether you want it long, graduated, simple or even curly there is a style that will absolutely fulfill all your needs


despite the hair type that you have. With the very many styles in which bob haircuts can be done, the haircut has turned out to be fit for women of all age groups from the older women that love to keep it simple with the classy bob to the younger girls that want it looking more modern and stylish with the graduated or asymmetrical haircuts. Now if you are looking out to getting yourself some new looks, where you are going to find different types of bob haircuts that will make you look extremely gorgeous and keep you on trend.

Cute Bob Haircuts

Bob Haircuts


Long bob haircuts

long bob haircuts

I fell in love with this longer kind of bob the very first time I saw it because its length doesn’t get you afraid to try it out. The long bob is one of the easiest bob haircuts to try out reason being it looks good on absolutely every face shape, can easily be styles in different ways and will easily turn into different really gorgeous styles. Just like on this picture the stunning beauty is flaunting a wavy long bob haircut with a center and short to medium layers that fall down to her face shape and just below her jaw lines.

Her hair color contrast also looks very pretty with hair being black on the roots but lightened up with shiny cream blonde as hair grow out longer. Hair is raised up a bit on the crown to give the style more height making it a perfect match for her oval face shape. If you have a longer face it is better not to create heights on your haircut because they make you face appear much longer yet you want it to appear shorter. Try out the style whether you have thick, thin or fine hair for a really head turning look.

How to create the style?

  • With your hair clean, rub styling product into wet before it becomes dry. Use your fingers to really rub the product into your hair until it all dissolves in.
  • Blow hair dry with a round brush and grab a one and a half inch curling iron to start creating the curls.
  • Part your hair right at the center so that hair fall to both sides of your face, take small vertical sections curling them down and away from the face. As you curl the hair keep flipping the ends outwards so that it looks more like a shaggy hairstyle.
  • When you are done making your entire head curly, break through the waves with your finger, this will also give your hair some more texture.
  • Finish the style with a lightweight shine spray, to give it more control and keep it looking shiny all day long.

How to care for your hair;

  • After styling your hair keep your fingers away from it to prevent hair from becoming frizzy.
  • Wash with a very mild shampoo if your need to wash your hair daily, strong shampoo will wash all the necessary oil in your hair making it dry.


Graduated bob haircuts

graduated bob haircuts

For anyone that keeps checking out which hairstyles are trending, then you must agree with me that the graduated bob haircut is one of the most popular and done bob haircuts by all women today. This is because the haircut is very flattering and with the right details it can make one of the most outstanding women ever, the graduated bob haircut is a uniquely designed haircut where by hair is cut shorter at the back while left longer at the front just like it is done on this image.

At the back we notice that her hair is cut with precision and made to stop at the nape of her neck but as you get towards the front hair strands are left longer to stop at the jaws. For a well face framed appearance the cut is styled with a lot of volume and a nicely layered fringe. Her combination of blonde and brown was done perfectly and the fact that it nicely matches with her skin tone is just amazing.

Following these instructions, you can achieve the look;

  • Start by cleaning your hair thoroughly well, blow it dry and when it is completely dry add a small amount of heat protecting spray to all your hair so that it is safe from any heat damages.
  • Make a deep side either to the right or left side depending on what works best for you.
  • Make small sections to make your ironing work easy and efficient then start taking small sized hair strands ensuring to make them smooth the drop hair down. Do this until you get all your hair entirely smooth.
  • Spray hair with a light weight texture spray then comb through with a wide toothed comb to break up your layers.

How to care for your hair;

  • Ensure that your hair is completely dry before applying heat protecting spray to prevent the spray from causing any damage to your hair while it is still wet. Don’t use any heat tools without protecting your hair first, this will help to reduce the damage.


Asymmetrical bob haircuts

asymmetrical bob haircuts

When it is Rihanna we are never surprised to see her pulling off any haircut since she is always moving from one haircut to another and looks completely glamorous with whatever hairstyle. On this particular image the flawless musician is seen rocking an asymmetrical bob haircut, this kind of haircut just like the graduated bob has one hair cut longer on one side and shorter on the other the only difference is that with the asymmetrical bob haircut it is usually with bangs not the back and front.

Rihanna styled her bob haircut with a deep side part that leaves her smooth bangs falling to a little slightly below her jawline on the right side and way below her jaw line to slightly tap her shoulder on the left side to come up with a really fantastic asymmetry. This hair cut is very trendy can will take you places such as office for work in the morning as well as to a night out with your girls in the same breath taking look. Purple eye shadow was all she needed to have great attention drawn to her eyes.

Use these steps to create the modern look;

  • Get yourself a very good haircut from your hairstylist and tell them to make one side of the bangs longer than the other.
  • Add styling product to wet hair, create a deep side part to your preferred side and comb through hair to evenly distribute product throughout your hair.
  • Blow dry hair with a round brush to make hair smooth, brush hair down flat and pay attention so that your do not leave any fly away hairs.
  • Spray hair with a heat protectant, start taking up small sections of hair to straighten them out. Keep taking up very small sections of hair until your entire head is completely smooth and sleek.
  • Mist hair with a shine spray for that added and glossy appearance.

How to care for your hair;

  • Always trim your ends to make hair free of split ends and neat, you will find products labeled to be able to tame split ends but that is not possible only getting those ends trimmed will help you get rid of split ends.


Short bob haircuts

Super Cute Bob Haircuts

The short bob haircut is the opposite of a long bob, as the long bob grows out longer the short bob is cut extremely short with hair stopping just around the nape or even above that for those who are not afraid to go extremely short. The short bob haircut featured on this image is smoothly styled with a very neat side swept fringe that covers up a big percentage of her face shape and roll away above the eye brow to settle a few inches below her cheek bone.

On the other side however hair is slicked, tucked up behind her ear and brushed downwards to her nape. This short bob haircut will look best on oval face shapes and heart shaped faces but will be easy to create on any hair type. If you are blonde and looking for a short bob haircut to make you look very elegant and sophisticated then this will surely suit your needs.

This is how you can create the style;

  • Towel dry hair leaving it damp and gently work styling product into it, try to detangle hair with a wide toothed.
  • Dry hair with a medium size round brush ensuring to add volume on top of the style and brushing the rest of your hair down.
  • Neatly arrange hair into shape with a smaller round brush directing the bang to your forehead and brushing hair behind the ear on the left side but do not make hair lie flat.
  • Smooth hair more with a flat iron, iron hair in very small sections to remove any tangled pieces that may have still remained in your hair.
  • Smear hair with a small amount of shine serum to give your hair extra shine.

How to care for your hair;

  • Always look out for a weightless shine serum to avoid wearing your hair down and to maintain a really good texture for your hair while adding shine to it.


Curly bob haircuts

curly bob haircuts

It is very shocking how most people think that having naturally curly hair keeps them away from trying out bob haircuts but after seeing this gorgeous star looking this striking with her curly bob haircut. This curly bob will look best on best on long face shapes and for it to come out that gorgeous you must have a really professional hair stylist cut your hair reason being curly hair is extremely tricky to cut.

The curly bob also has a lot of texture and a really huge bunch of volume surrounding her face stopping just below the ears and forehead framing her face shape to great perfection, she just has that attractive natural beauty.

Try out the style with as shown below;

  • These spring curls will strain your hair too much and will take too much time to style, therefore this style will only work out for naturally curly haired girls.
  • While in the shower, you should wash your hair with a very good moisturizing shampoo concentrating your efforts on your scalp until you are sure it is thoroughly clean. Then go in with conditioner to give your hair added moisture and give your hair more shine.
  • Make a mixture of hair oil and added curl crème rub it together on your hands and apply to your hair starting from the roots to the ends of your hair.
  • Gently comb through your hair with a wide toothed comb to evenly spread out the product to each and every part of your hair. This will keep your hair well moisturized and a really glossy shiny appearance.
  • Use a diffuser and your fingers to blow dry but do not dry it completely, when it is about 50% dry you should leave your hair to air dry so that it gains that natural texture.

How to care for your hair;

  • Apply natural hair oil to your hair often, this will help to tame those wild curls and keep them well controlled. Since curly hair easily becomes dry the oil will also help to add moisture and soften those dry ends.
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