65 Best And Hottest Short Haircuts To Charm Your Look

| July 15, 2015

There are a million ways black women or African American women can wear their short hair to look trendy and stylish. In this case I mean that you can’t be left out from looking super cute even if your hair is cut short. In this section of the write-up about short haircuts, we will focus mainly on the short haircuts for black women that will leave heads turning and necks bending.

Amazing short bob haircutsTrust me in the collection we got for you, you can’t fail to get a cute short haircut which will compliment your facial features.


Some of the prettiest and must wear short haircuts for women which we have featured in this post include; short sassy haircuts, short haircuts curly hair, short haircuts with bangs, pixie haircuts, wavy short haircuts, Angled Short Cut with Side Swept Layers, just to mention but a few.

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Short Bob Haircuts

Cute Short Haircuts


Short Haircuts For Women

Cute Short Haircuts:

The black lady seen above features a finely textured black pixie haircut that is styled well and even looks amazing. In fact, this pixie haircut has short disconnected layers at the crown which lightly enhance the height and even add movement within this well-defined style.

Additionally, the hairstyle also has a very short feathery fringe which touches only the upper sections of her forehead hence framing out shaped face in order while adding some attraction to it. On the other hand, this haircut is popular and even trending amongest the youth or teenagers because it is very easy to maintain and style compared to longer hairstyles yet it will even make someone to look very pretty. Likewise, the same haircut will match any outfit that you may put on whether going to the club or even going for simple official occasion like a wedding or any kind of business meeting.

Short Haircuts For Women

Short Haircuts For Curly Hair

Short Curly Haircuts for Black WomenThis pretty black lady is having a gorgeous curly haircut that looks very versatility though it’s at short length. In fact, the gorgeous curls in this haircut help to enhance movement throughout especially along the crown section while the long wispy, curled bangs also help to add more class to her looks.

However, the hair an sides is sleek and styled downwards giving this lady a Mohawk-like style and the good thing about this haircut is that all the hair stops just around the ears and does not drop below her head leaving her face looking neat and beautiful. All in all, this haircut will be perfect choice for a lady going for an important ceremony like a wedding or prom party.

Pixie Haircut:  Short Pixie Haircuts for Black Women

Short Pixie HaircutsMost black ladies especially celebrities prefer going for pixie haircuts because they make them look simple, cute and comfortable while in the public. As you can see in the picture above, hale berry features a trendy and extremely short haircut with softly cropped layers throughout and these layers neatly lay over each other creating a clean and simple silhouette with light movement.

In fact, these short layers even help to remove some weight while adding volume and definition to her hair. Additionally, if you take a closer look, you will notice that the crown section is prepped upwards creating an illusion of thicker hair with a lot of volume while the hair on the sides is slightly sleeked downwards but it does not fall below her ears thus leaving out all the facial features. In conclusion, if you are kind of person who always wants to look simple yet beautiful, then go for pixie haircut like this one because it will actually fulfill all your hair styling needs.

Cute Short Haircuts For Women:  Cute Short Haircuts for Black Women

Cute Short Haircuts for Black WomenThis lady looks really cute, bold and beautiful with this short Mohawk haircut which is styled smoothly and sleek on the sides with voluminous, fluffy waves at the crown section that look a bit sassy but very attractive. You can actually play around with your looks by going in for such a glamorous Mohawk haircut because it will amaze everyone around you and even draw attention due to its imaginative composition.

On top of that, this haircut has a nice-looking, long fringe the falls to one side of the forehead thus adding style and beauty to this lady’s looks. On the other hand, what makes this haircut really great is that it will look great on you when going for any important ceremony and will still look awesome when going for something casual like a party at the club or for a date.

Short Layered Haircuts

Cute Short Layered HaircutsI really love the way this lady’s wavy hair is styled with some gentle layers throughout giving the entire haircut a playful and elegant appearance. In fact, her hair is tapered with around the crown section with a lot volume yet the sided are styled smoothly and combed backwards.

However, the sassy styling at the crown section is the one that draws more attention and even makes this haircut to look sexy and trendy. On the other hand, applying a little amount of gel or mousse to your hair will greatly help in the formation of this simple and scrunched haircut and the good thing about this hairstyle is that it requires less time to style whereby you can even just scrunch through hair and you will be good to go.

This hair can actually be a perfect choice for black ladies who prefer having shorter hairstyle and the other great thing about this style is that you don’t need to have straight hair to wear it.


In this section, I will try to feature other short haircuts that from different kinds of people and so as to provide you with a wider selection. In fact, the haircut featured below will tend to make ladies look more attractive and younger compared to longer or medium length hairstyles. On top of that, these short haircuts will make you feel confident and feminine yet they are even very easy to style and maintain.

These haircuts also show-off most facial features which are usually covered by longer hairstyles and this will help to enhance any lady’s looks. But before I begin to talk about these haircuts, you need to know that I have featured them in different styles which include; curls, waves, spikes and straight haircuts hence it will entirely depend on you to choose the right haircut or style to tryout. In fact, you will be inspired by all the styles i have featured below and those of you who really want to go short, just take a look at some of these haircuts.

Short Bob Haircuts

Short bob haircutsThis chin-length bob haircut really makes the lady featured above look very beautiful even though she has a round shaped face. The wispy front fringe on this haircut also helps to complement her face shape by simply framing and this fringe even stops just above the eyebrows so as to leave most facial features visible.

Additionally, this lady’s hair looks textured with several highlights throughout and these actually draw more attention to this haircut hence making her look perfect for any occasion. On the other hand, the haircut features high-volume around the crown section and on the sides but the hair-tips are feathery and gently curved towards her face and this creates a simple and lovely look that any lady would like to achieve.

Trendy Short Bob Haircuts

Trendy Short Bob Haircuts

Adding color to a haircut is really an added advantage because it helps to accentuate the beauty and softness of any short bob haircut like the one featured above. In fact, colored hair will look great on women with warm skin-tones and you can actually see that the lady featured in the image above has multi-colored bob haircut which matches perfectly with her skin-tone.

On top of that, this lady has a round face which will easily fade due to the hair color that will create more attraction to the eyes of the viewers while the long front-bang that covers one side of the forehead adds more fashion and style to her looks. However, the most amazing thing about this haircut is that one side has a lot of hair that is styled sleek and curves at the ends while the other side of her head has extremely short and textured hair that stops just below the ears.

In fact, the shirt hair features a natural blonde color while the rest of the hair features blonde and pink streaks that create a playful but gorgeous look. In conclusion, if you really bob haircuts and you really want to add some beauty and texture to them, then just try to apply nice colors to your hair and you will be able to achieve that amazing and playful look.

Shoulder Length Haircuts

Shoulder length haircuts

The celebrity you see in the image above looks amazing and beautiful with that medium-length hairstyle with soft waves as it flows below the crown section. Additionally, her hair is thick and even features a dark color with some light brown streaks which create a playful and attractive effect and the entire haircut features a sassy texture throughout which brings out the beauty of this hairstyle.

On the other side, her hair is deeply parted to side whereby the one side has more volume than the other but it is amazing that her hair is at the same length at the end. Likewise, this lady features an oval face shape which is actually framed-out well by this medium-length hairstyle but the good thing about medium-length hairstyles is that they can actually look good on any face shape. In conclusion, a medium-length hairstyle like the one seen in the image above will make any lady look elegant, stylish and beautiful when going for any occasion like a wedding or date.

 Cool medium length wavy hairstyle Cool medium length wavy hairstyle

This lady features a very sexy medium-length hairstyle which has rough texture throughout. This hairstyle is styled a bit straight at the top section and as it drops below the head, it turns into lovely, large curls that fall just above the shoulders. In terms of color, this hairstyle has a great brown color with some light traces in the lower-sections that create an attractive look.

Additionally, the hair is parted from the center of the crown section and then left to drop freely below her head while the hair around the lower-sections is turned into sexy curls with disconnected hair-tips. All in all, this haircut will look great on all face-shapes and it is also perfect for any lady going for any important occasion because of its simplicity and elegance.

Medium Length Haircuts Medium Length HaircutsAwesome Medium Length Haircuts

Medium length hairstyles are very common today amongst white ladies because these hairstyles are versatile whereby they fall between long and short hairstyles. As you can see, the lady in the image above looks really pretty with that sassy medium-length hairstyle which has a lot of texture and layers throughout. In fact, her hair lightly parted to one side coupled with long fringe that drops onto one section of the hairstyle thus creating a beautiful and simple look.

On the other hand, this hairstyle actually has some volume at the upper sections while the areas below the actually feature fine and textured hair that flows gently over the shoulders creating sexy and feminine appearance. This lady’s round face also looks just perfect on this hairstyle because it helps to add some length to this shape making her look a sexy and attractive for any event. Likewise, her hair features a dark-tone with some light-traces and this means that this lady should try to put on an outfit with a light color in order to contrast the dark color-tone of her hairstyle well.

Straight shoulder length hairstyles

Straight shoulder length hairstyles

This lady actually shows-off a heavily layered shoulder-length hairstyle with some short layers at the front that help to create a simple fringe while the hair at the sides and back contains longer layers coupled with full texturing while the hair-tips look feathery and drop gently over this lady’s shoulders.

The layers and texturing of this hairstyle actually helps to create a lot of volume while framing-out oval face shape. Additionally, this hairstyle is parted from the center whereby hair is left to fall on both sides proportionally and when it come the color, this hairstyle features a dark-color with some blonde streaks which help to add in some light and beauty.

All in all, this hairstyle will work for ladies with different face-shapes and it even matches any special occasion hence you should actually try it out if you can. In fact, most ladies love shoulder-length hairstyles because they fall between long and short hence this means that they are easy to maintain, style and also give a woman that feminine appearance.

Haircuts For Men:

Like women, men also have different styles of haircut which makes them look really cute and masculine. In fact, these haircuts can be styled in any way you wish and even some of these styles look just like those ladies though they somehow bring out that masculine look required by men.

Likewise, men have been styling their hair for centuries and this is the reason as to why they also have different styles and today men’s haircuts have advanced or moved to the next level compared to old days. Below I will feature for you some of the ground-breaking haircuts for men that will make any guy look attractive and trendy. Haircuts for Men

Short Haircuts For Men

It is just amazing how men can play with hair textures and clip-off their sides. This man features a great haircut with a smooth transition of length whereby this Mohawk looks stunning with its completely trimmed sides and back though it has much volume at the crown area.

In fact, the front section of his curly haircut appears as if it has been twisted to create an amazing look but the intense radiance comes from the hair at the crown which was treated with a heavily pigmented with brown color that forms a sizzling and unusual contrast to his hairs dark natural-color.

On the other hand, the sides are trimmed to an ultimate shortness while the hair at the top is about 2-inches with thick curls. In conclusion, this haircut will be a great choice for guys who always want to look trendy and amazing in the public. Short Haircuts For Men

This clean blocky haircut is just a superb example of looking totally male although it looks classic. in fact, an essence of eternal rebel is captured in this short haircut because it features sides and back sections which are cut short and strongly graduated while the hair at the top remains long enough to facilitate for all kinds of styling preferences. Additionally, the hair at the top has wavy texture which helps to provide a soft-flow and even create fullness for the entire haircut. In fact, for this hairstyle to look more appealing the natural wave at the top section should be more pronounced and this can easily be achieved by scrunching your hair with some gel or pomade and then use a round brush to create an evenly-directed bend to the hair being styled. In conclusion, this haircut looks just perfect for any occasion be it a party or an official ceremony.

Classic short haircuts for men:

Short haircuts for men don’t have to be boring and this can be seen in the haircut seen in the picture above which looks masculine and trendy. With the right styling and some creativity, you will be able to achieve such an amazing haircut that can make you look just great for any occasion.

On the other hand, this haircut boasts extremely short sides and back with hair sleeked gently down-wards while the rest of the hair gradually lengthens towards the top section and it will reach a length of about an inch which makes it capable of standing-up over the head. Additionally, the hair at the crown section is slightly bent to one side coupled with deep side parting which leaves one side with more hair than the other.

But to achieve that sleek bend over the top section you will need to use a dab of hair-product together with a comb in order to give hair at the front the right direction and also to help lift-up and ruffle the mid section. All in all, this haircut portrays a great way to combine neat lines with fun textures in order to achieve a wonderful hairstyle for men. Classic best short haircuts for men

Short Haircuts For Thick Hair:

In this section, I will be featuring some of the best short haircuts for women with thick hair and it would be wise for you take your time read through it. These styles I’m going to feature below will really make your thick hair look great while framing out your face-shape and it upon you to take a look at these haircuts.

Short Haircuts For Thick Hair

2015 Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair:

In most cases, simple is best and this also applies to hairstyles as well if you wish to achieve the perfect results. For example, the lady featured in picture above features a short to medium length, textured, wavy hairstyle that can actually respond to several cuts and styling techniques.

First of all, this hairstyle is deeply parted on the sides with a simple fringe that creates a gentle sideways slope and balances the sharp edges and features of her square-shaped face. The output is actually a vital and energetic look which is just perfect for any strong woman.

On the other hand, creating such a hairstyle is not easy because it requires you to do some trimming followed by diffuse blow-drying and then scrunching with a medium hold product will bring-out this hairstyle. In fact, you should try to use the right hair-styling products in order to keep your hair looking healthy with definition, texture and body.

Short Haircuts for Thick Hair 2015

Short Haircuts for Thick Hair:

Thick hair can really look great if styled in right way as you can see in the picture featured above. This lady actually has a thick short haircut with long wavy-layers and short feathered-layers which are gently styled to form an asymmetrical crop which tumbles over one side of the face hence creating a unique and distinctive haircut that will instinctively turn heads on any occasion.

Additionally, this haircut even features a short and neatly tailored back and cut sides which create a masculine look while the fringe with softer, lighter and more feathery layers gives this lady a feminine and sexy look while framing out her oval shaped face.

Likewise, the soft and delicate tones of color within this haircut help to enhance or bring out that feminine look that every lady wishes to achieve. In conclusion, this haircut is just perfect for work, meeting, parties and any other occasion hence i would recommend any woman to try it out.

Short Haircuts For Thin Hair:

Most ladies actually have thin hair textures but this does not mean that they cannot style their hair the way they wish to. Thin hair can actually look great on any kind of haircut and all you need to do is to choose the right style and using the right styling products in order to achieve the best results.

In this section, I have presented some of the haircuts that will look good on your thin hair and you should actually take-off some time so that you can look for a style that will work best for you:

Haircuts For Fine Hair


Short blonde haircuts For Fine hair:

This lady actually has fine blonde which has been fully textured order to add volume to add extra volume and style to it. This fine blonde haircut also features a long fringe which moves in graceful connection partially over her eyes while framing-out the face and lacing the nape.

This is actually a bob-hairstyle that has been styled into an amazing silhouette with a feathery or rough texture throughout coupled with hair-ends that slightly bent in-wards to add more style this lady’s appearance.

On the other hand, this bob-haircut frames-out this lady’s oval face-shape perfectly and the most amazing thing about such a hairstyle is that it will look great on any face shape compared to some haircuts. Lastly, this style is decent and will make a perfect haircut for any ceremony and it’s even perfect when going for work.

Short blonde haircut thin hair

Short hairstyles thin hair:

The pretty lady above features platinum blonde, spiky haircut which looks perfect on her thin hair texture. In fact, this haircut is comprised of short and rounded elements or layers that make it wander over the head, around the face, to the ears and down to the nape.

This eye catching haircut has a messy texture which is intense at the crown and front sections coupled with feathery hair-tips which over the head giving this lady a cool and savagely beautiful appeal that can last for edges. However, the hair on the sides is styled smooth with a refined texture that looks so great and actually contrasts with the rest of the hair at the top which has a sassy appearance.

All in all, this haircut is a combination of Smooth sensuality paired with a little confusion at the crown which adds some intensity and volume that is required to make your thin hair look great. in conclusion, if you really want to go a bit wild but simple and beautiful, then just tryout this sassy haircut because it will bring-out that exact look or appearance.

Short Haircuts For Round Faces

In case you are a beautiful lady with a round face shape, then you should know that there is wide-range of haircuts that can really look great on you. In fact, for ladies with round faces, you have to look for a hairstyle that helps to dissolve the roundness and it is for this reason that in have featured for you of the best haircuts that will make your round face look great:

Short Haircuts For Round Faces

Short hairstyles for round faces

The lady seen in above features a simple and sexy bob haircut that matches perfectly with her round face shape. This razor-cut bob is created and textured to provide a choppy effect while the fringe is styled side-ways covering almost the entire forehead and then dissolves into the rest of the hair at the sides. Additionally, all her hair is deeply textured coupled with wispy ends that are flipped in-wards to seal-in this haircut.

On the other hand, styling this haircut will consists of using a blow-dryer, texturing product like a wax-based mousse or paste and a flat-brush in order to achieve the best results. However, hair may be finished using a flat-iron to create the straight look and slightly flipped-in ends. In fact, using a good hair texturing-product will allow for the creation of well-defined tendrils which generate that rough texture throughout the haircut while adding volume to your hair.

 Haircuts For Round Faces

Haircuts For Round Faces


Trendy hairstyles for round faces:

This beautiful lady features a flamboyant wavy haircut with an element of fire which makes the haircut look sensual and sexy. First of all, this haircut features magnificent coloring effects throughout whereby it has a dark base-color which is lightly contrasted with light-brown-streaks that ran through the hair at random sections making this haircut look like real fire.

Likewise, this haircut is short and styled in waves so as to represent the burning hot-flames of a fire coupled with a sassy, short full-front bang that greatly frames-out the round face-shape. Additionally, the haircut is textured throughout and this actually creates more volume and the best thing about this haircut is that it does not cover any facial-features and this implies make you look more feminine than medium-length or longer hairstyles. All in all, this haircut is truly beautiful and sexy whereby it will give any woman a look with a sensation of fire.

Short Layered Haircuts

Short Layered Haircuts

Cute Short Layered Haircut for Thick Hair:

This celebrity lady features a cute pixie haircut with choppy-layers throughout which give this style an amazing effect. In fact, this pixie haircut features a nice combination of colors whereby the base is brown while the hair turns to blonde on the outer-sections.

This haircut is executed with steep layering coupled with elongated lines especially along the crown and fringe section. In fact, the layers within this haircut are textured using a razor tool in order generate longer, choppy-locks in the crown and top sections while the sides and back are simply styled downwards. This haircut actually represents a carefully-cultivated blend of a bed-head look and a wind-blown carelessness.

On the other hand, the forward-directed locks provide weight to the fringe section in order to put more focus and attention to lady’s round face-shape while framing it at the same time. To get this haircut, you will need to use a firm styling-product and a blow-dryer coupled with a flat-brush. Additionally, a dab of pomade will help to smooth some sections and even give definition to the hair-ends.

Short Haircuts For Curly Hair

Short Haircuts For Curly Hair

Cute curly wavy short hairstyle:

In this amazing short curly haircut, movement and sleekness come together as opponents in order to create quite an amazing haircut. This haircut features a sleek side-swept bang which drops elegantly across her forehead and ends in a chic curve making her to look more attractive and pretty. The hair at the crown looks messy with numerous waves and curls while the sides and back are gentle and sleek in order to generate a more attractive look.

On the other hand, this haircut features a warm brown color which makes it look refined and flattering while matching this lady’s skin-tone. In fact, the effects of this haircut will come-out more if you try to use make-up in the same brown to dark tones. In conclusion, this haircut looks casual enough for any job, date or even party hence it will work just perfect for any lady who wishes to look simple but attractive.

Short Haircuts For Women Over 50

Short Haircuts For Women Over 50

Lisa rinna short-layered hairstyles for ladies over 50:

Most ladies over 50-years really like this hairstyle because it looks very simple and elegant. in fact, this is a great way of spicing up a classic hairstyle like this one whereby it looks a bit sassy with a wispy outward swing that lifts her mood and features. This haircut will actually bounce with every step and turn that this lady takes yet it is even super easy to recreate at home because all you need is a wide, round styling-brush and a blow-dryer.

On the other hand, this lady’s hair was gradually cut at different length all around whereby the hair on the sides is shorter but gradually increases in length as it move to the back sections. Additionally, the simple side-swept fringe on this haircut is just long enough to reach over the eye but to ensure good-vision, it is curved to the side and it just appears light with playful effect.

What makes this haircut more amazing is the great color which features very subtle dark-strands in the blonde-base. In conclusion, this hairstyle really commands respect and you should try it out in case are going an official occasion.

Short Haircuts 2015-2016

Short Haircuts 2015-2016

Trendy Short Layered Hairstyles

This trendy, sexy, neckline haircut will always make you a winner in the fashion department. The lady you see above actually features an A-line bob haircut with a lot of waves and texture which create a classic and timeless look.

However, this A-line bob is actually longer and stops around the neckline whereby it features romantic waves at the sides and lower-section while the crown section is styled straight and sleek with center parting that distributes hair proportionally on both sides.

Likewise, this haircut really sparkles in that light-blonde color while the simple side-fringe adds some style to her looks. To achieve this haircut, you a hair-mousse coupled with kneading your hair with fingers in order to create that sassy texture with much volume. Additionally, you may need to use a curling-wand to make your hair wavy before begin to pass your fingers through for best results.

Short Hair Cuts

Short Hair Cuts

Short Haircuts for Thin Hair:

Blonde hair really looks nice and trendy and has become a trend-color for all ages and kinds of people. This lady actually has a great blonde haircut that makes her look youthful and fresh compared to medium and long hairstyles.

With such a pixie haircut, hair is cut in textured layers that stop at the very distinct cutting-line which sits high at the neck and then wraps around the ears in form of a round arch and ends as a pointed arrow on top of the cheekbones.

This haircut even has a deep side parting which is not very visible coupled with a light side-swept fringe that covers a very small portion of her forehead. Styling this haircut is that easy but with the right hair-products you can achieve the best results.

Layered HaircutsLayered Haircuts

Short layered hairstyles for fine or thin hair:

Here we see a layered blonde hairstyle with short and longer sections all around the head. The layers in this hairstyle are textured with a razor tool hence creating longer choppy-locks on the sides and back while the fringe section has short choppy locks that cover the entire forehead.

The crown section does not have layer but it is deeply parted to one side coupled with greater texturing that makes it look a bit messy just like the rest of the hair. In fact, texturing and layers within this haircut offer extra weight to her fine hair while the slightly bent full-front fringe gives frames out her round face shape.

On the other hand, to get this haircut will need to use a firm styling-product, blow-dryer and a flat-brush. A dab of pomade will be necessary help to smooth sections and give definition to the ends in order to create that amazing within your hair and you may finish with a hold-shining spray so as to lock your hairstyle in place.

Haircut Styles

Haircut Styles

Keira-Knightley Short Bob Haircuts

The bob haircut has been in existence for long but amazingly, it still looks trendy up to date. This haircut style really looks great on any hair-texture and face-shape and that is why most ladies like it. The lady in picture above show-off a classic bob haircut with a simple and long side-swept fringe that covers a smaller portion of her face and diffuses into the rest of the hair on the side.

All her is styled straight from the crown to the sides while the hair-ends gently flipped in-wards just below the cheekbone hence framing out her oval face-shape. In terms of color, this haircut just looks awesome in that dark color with some light-brown streaks that run through the entire head.

Hair Cuts

Hair Cuts

Haircuts For Fine Hair:

Haircuts For Fine Hair


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