30 Goddess Braids – Goddess Braids Hairstyles That Turn Heads

| July 11, 2016

Goddess Braids; braids are a chic and foolproof way to style your hair. We all love braids coz they surely look great on us irrespective of the length and texture of our hair. In this case we bring to you Goddess Braids for women that will not only look great on you but they will charm your looks and turn heads.

Goddess BraidsGoddess Braids have different styles from updo, ponytail, 2 Goddess Braids, 3 Goddess Braids, 4 Goddess Braids,


bun, Mohawk, with bangs, with natural hair, twist braids, among others as we are yet to see detailed in this post about the 30 best Goddess Braids that turn heads and charm your looks.

Goddess Braids are versatile in that you can wear them to various occasions. Majority of the Goddess Braids that we have featured in this write-up will work for you when dressing for special events or any official occasion.

As we shared before, Goddess Braids look elegant, stylish and amazing that they will bring out that chic, stylish and awesome look on your face. Come walk with me as we explore the best Goddess Braids hairstyles with detailed step by step directions on how to install and style each Goddess Braid featured in this post.

Similar Braids Hairstyles

Goddess Braids with Flat Twists Goddess Braids Hairstyles


2 Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Elegant 2 Goddess Braids Hairstyles 2 Goddess Braids Hairstyles

2 goddess braids are the easiest goddess braids which you can accomplish in just a few minutes. 2 goddess braids are easy to install on your head and will look super stylish on you more so when your face is long since it involves removing all the hair away from your face.

The amazing and well-dressed African American lady in the above image brings forward 2 goddess braids hairstyles that completely matched with her face shape and the tone of her skin.

Begin by creating a deep parting of your hair from the front all the way to the back (nape of your neck). The parting will help you to have two identical sections which when braided will create two uniform goddess braids.

Secure one section on the other side of your head so that you can work on one section at a time for a perfect and excellent look. Starting at the front hairline, install the goddess braid as you move towards the nape of your neck.  When you reach the nape of your neck, continue braiding the remaining hair pieces to create a tremendous big braid as portrayed by the black lady above.

Do the same to the other section. Now you have the two goddess braids which you can style over your shoulders. For a sleekly and smooth look, you will have to make sure your hair is moisturized and oil is applied to it so that it looks soft, sleekly and smooth.

You might need to apply baby oil along the hairline so that the baby hair is made smooth and then styled or brushed using a small tooth brush for a smooth and stylish look. 2 goddess braids are perfect for an office day, a night out, or any special or formal occasion.


3 Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Cute 3 Goddess Braids Hairstyles 3 Goddess Braids Hairstyles

We all have different preferences when it comes to the number of goddess braids that we love to be installed on our head (hair). Some ladies might prefer 2 goddess braids, while other might opt for 3 goddess braids or 4 goddess braids.

In this particular case, we present to you 3 goddess braids which are versatile in style and designs. We have featured two gorgeous black women featuring 3 goddess braids in different styles and designs.

In general, for you to have or create 3 goddess braids on your hair, you will need to section your hair into 3 different but quite similar sections. For each section you will use to create a goddess braid which in turn will result into 3 goddess braids.

Just like the way were shared with you how to install (create) the 2 goddess braids, it’s almost the same way. Begin by making sure that your hair is fresh, nourished so that it’s easy to work with during the styling and installation.

This time around, you might need to add in colorful human hair extensions to add on the thickness and length of the braids. You may opt for extensions in colors like brown, pinkish, golden, among others. Begin to install the braids with colorful extensions as portrayed in the above images.

Now as you can see, there is quite a modification in styles for the above two 3 goddess braids. One along the parting decided to create small braids that run from the front to the back while the other lady just decided to leave the parting just as it is. It will all depend on the choice of the style you choose so that it look great and unique on you.

Apply baby oil to the baby hairs along the hairline then smooth them using a small tooth brush to make the 3 goddess braids ideal for special events and you will be good to go make heads turn.


4 Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Stunning 4 Goddess Braids Hairstyles 4 Goddess Braids Hairstyles

You might be having long hair or medium hair and wondering which braids style to wear to that happening that you have been invited too. Well allow us to invite you to try 4 goddess braids coz these braids will give you that formal and special look making it best for both official and extraordinary occasions.

We bring to you these remarkable black ladies featuring some of the best 4 goddess braids styles that will look great on ladies with medium length or long hair. You can do 4 goddess braids on either natural hair or relaxed hair and it will still look awesome on either texture of your hair.

By 4 goddess braids, it means you will create or install 4 goddess braids on your head. This will call you to have your hair sectioned into four similar sections. For each section, you will have to install a goddess braid as portrayed in the images above.

You are now free to style the braids around your face in a way that compliments your facial features just as portrayed by the ladies highlighted in the images above. You can dress 4 goddess braids hairstyles when going to formal occasions like office, work, and business meetings, among others. In the same way 4 goddess braids won’t look bad when dressed for casual events like a night out, shopping, weekends, any party or event to the beach.


African Goddess Braids

African Goddess Braids

Well, you should agree with us that African women look amazing, chic and elegant when their hair is styled into African goddess braids. There is no question of doubt that African goddess braids won’t charm your looks and make heads turn irrespective of the occasion you are dressing for.

May be it all begun from Africa were women had the desires to look like goddess so they decided to give it a try by styling their hair into African goddess braids which indeed made them look like African goddess.

Just look at how amazing, awesome and elegant the ladies in the above image featuring African goddess braids are? You too can look this awesome, amazing and close to an African goddess by installing African goddess braids on your hair.

We bring to you different styles and designs of African goddess braids in the image above which are ideal for almost all special and ceremonial events. You can choose or decide on which style or design that you would like to install on your head. You may opt for 2 goddess braids, 3 goddess braids or 4 goddess braids then style them into an updo hairstyle as shown above. Whichever style or design of the updo you choose will define your looks and the occasion being dressed for.

Personally, I will opt for styles 2 and 4 as they will look great on me more especially when going for special occasions. My chocolate skin perfectly matches with and complements the color of the braids which in turn will charm my looks and turn heads wherever I go.

Are you similar or close to my appearance; well if that’s true then you will have to try on style 2 and 4 for a delightful and sophisticated look to that extraordinary event you were invited as a special guest.


Goddess Braid Hairstyle to the Side

Goddess Braid Hairstyle to the Side

One day we were walking down the streets over the weekend and there came this African American wearing her hair into goddess braid styled to the side. She was all looking gorgeous, stunning that all my friends I was walking with had to turn their heads and gaze at her.

Wow, for young ladies looking for black braided hairstyles that turn heads; this goddess braid to the side will definitely be the choice for you to try on for a chic and head turning look.

An example of a head turning goddess braid to the side is the one depicted by the beautiful African American lady featured in the image above. She brings forward goddess braids to the side were her hair was styled into two beautiful goddess braids which were then joined into one braid styled to the side.

Create a C-parting in your hair that will create two sections (one running from the front in a C-Shape to the back and the other in the back behind the first section).

Install the braids in a design and or style similar to the one shown above. The C-Shaped goddess braid will meet the other section in the back at around the nape of your neck. The two braids are then joined and braided together to create a single goddess braid styled to side.

This goddess braids hairstyle to the side is perfect for an office day, exceptional events or occasions, or a dinner date with your fiancé or boyfriend. Someone once told me that this goddess braid hairstyle to the side can be dressed to impress your fiancé or boyfriend at school or your workplace. Why don’t you give it a try to prove him right or wrong?


Goddess Braids Designs

Eye-Catching Goddess Braids Designs Cute Goddess Braids Hairstyles

There are quite a variety of many different designs of goddess braids from which you won’t fail to choose or opt for one which has caught your eyes. Almost all of these goddess braids designs that we have featured here are eye-catching and will definitely look great on you or any black girl looking for a braided hairstyle to wear to her special event.

We have brought forward different goddess braids designs among them we have; goddess braids styled into a bun, goddess braids with small and big braids, 6 goddess braids, 3 goddess braids, among others. The ones featured under this section aren’t the only goddess braids designs but you can as well look up in the previous goddess braids and below as we have continued to feature different goddess braids hairstyles in different designs.

Goddess Braids Designs Amazing Goddess Braids Designs

The design for your goddess braids will determine how distinctive, stylish and sophisticated your hairstyle will be. The most unique the style, the more sophisticated and stylish your hairstyle will look.

For instance, among the goddess braids hairstyles designs featured in the image above, all of them look great for formal or special events but there are those that will make you standout in a crowd of many ladies with various goddess braids hairstyles and updos.

Note: When choosing or opting for a goddess braids design to wear, you need to consider the tone of your skin and the shape of your face. These features will complement the hairstyle making you look elegant, chic and eye-catching.

Awesome Goddess Braids Designs


Goddess Braids Hairstyles

Cute Goddess Braids Hairstyles Goddess Braids Hairstyles

We have a variety of many different braided hairstyles which when installed on your hair will give you that amazing and charming look you have been longing for quite a while. Among the best black braided hairstyles that will give you that amazing and charming look are goddess braids hairstyles.

We bring to you these two black women featuring braided hairstyles for African Americans which are best for ceremonial and exceptional occasions. In the first image, we see this black lady featuring loose goddess braids hairstyles. Her hair was parted into 3 section which were then styled into goddess braids creating 3 goddess braids hairstyles.

The baby hairs along the hairline were then nourished (with baby oil to make them soft) and brushed (with a small tooth brush) to give it that smooth and sleekly look.

The lady in the second image highlighted quite a different and distinctive goddess braids hairstyle. She brought out 4 goddess braids with small braids along the parting. You might need to add in colorful human hair extensions to give your braids a unique and colorful look.

Section your hair into the desired sections according to the number of goddess braids you want to install on your head. Begin by creating small braids to the scalp like cornrows then the rest of the hung chucks of hair styled into individual goddess braids.

Wear the attires or outfits that match with and complements the occasion you are dressing for and you will be good to go. You can install and dress any of these goddess braids hairstyles when going to ceremonial, casual or extraordinary occasions.


Goddess Braids Hairstyles Ideas

Goddess Braids Hairstyles Ideas

You can’t run out if ideas when it comes to goddess braids hairstyles. There are many and interesting goddess braids hairstyles Ideas for women that are eye-catching and stunning on every black woman.

For instance, this beautiful goddess braids hairstyles Idea were the African American lady brings to you a goddess braids hairstyles with bangs. A section of hair at the front was set aside from the braids which was then styled and swept across her face to create bangs.

The rest of her hair was styled into voluminous goddess braids. The braids were crisscrossed to make them distinctive from the popular or commonly styled straight and curvy goddess braids. This is more of a formal braided hairstyle for black women than it being dressing it for special occasions.


Goddess Braids in a Bun

Beautiful Goddess Braids in a Bun Goddess Braids in a Bun

Styling your goddess braids in a bun is another way to make your braided hairstyles differ from the ordinary long or straight braids. Goddess braids in a bun will look great on you making them the best and suitable braided hairstyles to wear when going for a wedding or any other special event.

In the images above, we bring to you these two lovely black girls featuring goddess braids in a bun which when paired with the right attire will be the best choice for special events and parties.

For the first black women, she had her hair installed into gorgeous goddess braids that were then styled into a high bun. This kind of braided hairstyle will require the use of hair extensions to attain thick and voluminous braids.

After braiding your hair into goddess braids, style them to create a high bun. Secure the bun in place using a couple of bobby pins. For the remaining little or baby hair along the hairline, you can brush them gently after apply baby oil to them for a sleekly and smooth look.

For the second image, the little black girl brings out a braided hairstyle for black girls were her hair was styled into 3 goddess braids running from the front to the back. At the back around the nape of her neck, the braids were gathered together to create or form a low bun which was accessorized with a beautiful hair beautify. You may opt for hair decorates in designs or shapes of a butterfly, bow, and hairpins, among others.

Your little girl can dress like this wedding going to any ceremonial or special occasion with you and be rest assured that her hairstyle will definitely turn heads.


Goddess Braids Mohawk Hairstyles

Charming Goddess Braids Mohawk Hairstyles Goddess Braids Mohawk Hairstyles

Are you in your early 30’s or do you love Braided Mohawk Hairstyles and have been wondering which Braided Mohawk Hairstyle for black women to install on your head to give you a matchless, stylish and elegant look? Well if this is you, then you need not to worry coz these goddess braids Mohawk Hairstyles will definitely work for you thus being the best choice for you to rock that Mohawk for a fun and elegant look.

We present to you these two best and most stunning goddess braids Mohawk hairstyles for black women that will charm your looks and give you that chic and sexy look to turn heads.

For the lady wearing a neon green apron, she features goddess braids Mohawk hairstyle were by her hair was braided in the sides into small braids as you move towards the middle of the head. The middle section was then styled into a big goddess braid which create a fuller and voluminous Mohawk goddess braid.

The goddess braid was styled across her face to create that pompadour like design making it look surely unique, awesome and eye-catching. This goddess braids Mohawk hairstyle is ideal for a date, a night out or event to any party.

The other black lady also features goddess braids Mohawk hairstyle were by her entire hair was pulled to the middle of her head then installed into a big and voluminous braid that formed a Mohawk. A couple of bobby pins were used to fasten the braid into a Mohawk shape.

The hair in the sides was styled sleekly smooth making it the best black braided hairstyle which you can wear to special events. Look at how elegant this black lady is in her long dress with that goddess braids Mohawk hairstyle. This makes it suitable to be one of the best Hairstyles with Maxi Dresses.


Goddess Braids Styles

Goddess Braids Styles Striking Goddess Braids Styles

Some ladies might not want to completely braid their entire hair but rather a portion or part of it. These goddess braids styles will definitely help you achieve this kind of look on your face. We have brought forward these two goddess braids styles were by a section of hair on their head was installed into goddess braids then the remaining hair styled into curly hairstyles.

For the lady in the first photo highlighted above, her hair was styled into 4 goddess braids installed slightly beyond the crown section then secured in place with bobby pins.

The rest of her hair was then styled into a messy curly hairstyle that gave the overall goddess braids style a new and exclusive look. You can dress this goddess braids hairstyle when going to office, work or any formal occasion.

The other beautiful black lady features a goddess braid which was installed from the one side of her ear to the other side as portrayed in the above image. The rest of her hair was then styled into a side ponytail making it unique and one of its kind.

This goddess braids style is ideal for all kinds of events you might think of wearing it to. Just choose the attires that match with the event you’re dressing for and you will be good to go.


Goddess Braids to the Side

Goddess Braids to the Side

As we mentioned before, there are quite several different ways and styles in which you can style your braids around your face. One of the best way to do this is by doing or wearing goddess braids to the side as depicted by the awesome black lady featured in the above image.

After choosing which kind of goddess braids you want to install and wear on your head, install (create) them on your head. Like the lady above, she opted to go for a 4 goddess braids hairstyle and then styled the braids to the sides. Smooth the little hairs along the hairline to make the hairstyle look awesome and super cute on you.

I guess by now you have gotten a few styling tips from which you can choose the best goddess braids hairstyle that will look great on you. Like in this case you can choose a 2 goddess braids hairstyle or a 3 goddess braids hairstyle then at around the nape of your head combine the braids into one then style it to the sides. This will look much more elegant and stylish.


Goddess Braids Updo Hairstyles

Goddess Braids Updo Hairstyles Head Turning Goddess Braids Updo Hairstyles

There are thousands and thousands of updo hairstyles styled by black women but it’s not that easy to wear an updo hairstyle that will make you standout in a crowd on many ladies with different updo hairstyles.

For this reason therefore we were moved and decided to share with you some of the best, hottest and outstanding goddess braids updo hairstyles that will not only make you standout in a crowd of many ladies with various updos but they will as well charm your looks making you attractive and eye-catching.

Allow me present to you these two beautiful ladies featuring the best and stunning goddess braids updo hairstyles that will charm your looks making you look attractive and lovely. They both bring out remarkable goddess braids updos ideal for special occasions such as giveaway events, weddings, and homecoming or prom parties among others.

Their updos were styled into buns that look unique complex thus it might require you to get assistance from a hairstylist or a friend who is familiar with goddess braids updo to install a goddess braids updo similar to the ones featured in the images above.

If you have been following our posts, you will notice that we have encouraged updos to be worn by ladies with long faces as they will complement their facial features. For ladies with round or square faces, updos won’t be the best choice for you as they will expose the round or square corners of your face making it look much wider than it’s long.


Goddess Braids Hairstyles with Bangs

Goddess Braids Hairstyles with Bangs Lovely Goddess Braids Hairstyles with Bangs Gorgeous Goddess Braids Hairstyles with Bangs

Give your goddess braids a new look this season by adding to the style bangs. Incorporating bangs into braids gives them a unique and elegant look on your face so you shouldn’t miss out on that unique and elegant look that bangs will create on your face.

Here we bring to you the best goddess braids Hairstyles with bangs which look great, awesome and charming to every black lady with either (thick or natural hair), or (natural or relaxed hair). We brought forward different designs and styles of goddess braids hairstyles with bangs.

For the beautiful black lady wearing a leopard printed dress, her hair was styled into goddess braids with bangs. The braid was styled into an updo that made her look like a goddess. The earrings and the tone of her skin perfectly matched the hairstyle giving her an eye-catching look.

For the amazing lady wearing a blue top, her hair was styled into goddess braids with bangs. She opted for 2 goddess braids styled on either sides over her shoulders. The front section was styled into bangs that were swept across her face to give her a chic look.

And for this other black lady wearing a reddish tunic, she had an amazing goddess braids hairstyle with bangs at the front. The goddess braids were styled into an awesome updo in form of a bun at the back. You may add a flower hairpin or accessory at the bun to make it look much prettier. Dress any of these goddess braids with bangs when going to your best and most executive occasions.


Goddess Braids with Color

Goddess Braids with Color

Coloring your braids has never been a bad idea unless you choose colors which don’t match with the tone of your skin and the attires you are going to or the outfits you are wearing. When your braids are given a color which is different from that of your natural hair but matches with your natural hair color, you will surely look great and awesome.

Here today we present to you one of the best goddess braids with color that looks elegant and ideal to be worn to any special occasion or formal event.

The black lady above brings out 4 goddess braids hairstyles which were colored pinkish to give her that chic and super cute look on her pretty face. The braids were installed from along the hairline as you move to the back of her head.

The braids were then styled to one side over her shoulders. You too can wear a stylish and elegant goddess braids hairstyles with color. What you will need is to opt for the color of braids or hair dye that matches with and complements the tone of your skin then style your hair into any design or style of goddess braids as we have shared over 30 best goddess braids hairstyles for black women.


Goddess Braids with Curls

Goddess Braids with Curls

For many years I dreamt of having my hair styled with a headband but didn’t want to use these ordinary headbands. When I google the web, I almost didn’t get I wanted till when I landed on this goddess braids with curls were the braid can be installed and styled to cat as a headband.

Wow, I was happy as this goddess braids with curls looked amazing and elegant on this black lady and when I tried it on my hair, guess what, hehehe…. I was turning heads everywhere I went.

Do you want to turn heads or impress that dude at your workplace or boyfriend at school? This goddess braids with curls will certainly be the best choice for you.

This beautiful black braided hairstyle featured goddess braids with curls. Her hair was braided into a single braid which was styled in a circular pattern around her head.

At the crown, we see beautiful and voluminous curls that gives this braided hairstyle a unique and elegant look making it ideal for any special occasion like a night out with your boyfriend, dinner with your fiancé, wedding, prom or homecoming party.

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