10 Flat Twists Braids Hairstyles

| July 5, 2016

Flat twists braided hairstyles; flat twists are alternatives to braided hairstyles in that instead of braiding your hair, you can style it into flat twists and it will look as neat as a braided hairstyle. Flat twists are one of the protective braided hairstyles for black women which will protect your natural hair against breakage and damage due to harsh weather.

Flat Twists BraidsToday here on the-hairstylist.com, we will share with you the step by step directions on how to do flat twists on


short, medium length or long hair. After reading this article till the end, be rest assured that you would have learnt the techniques used by most famous female celebrities to have distinctive and stunning flat twists braided hairstyles that always turn heads.

Flat twists braided hairstyles can be styled and worn when going to quite many or various occasions. There are those flat twists which are specifically designed or styled to be worn to special occasions, others for both special and formal occasions while there are those that will look great on you if you are to wear them for casual occasions.

In this write-up, we bring to you various flat twists braided hairstyles that will work for you depending on the occasion your dressing for. Here below are the 10 awe-inspiring flat twists braided hairstyles for black women that will definitely catch your eyes (attention) and you will surely love them and try them on your head.

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flat twist braids hairstyle Awesome Flat Twists Braids Hairstyles



African American Flat Twists Braids

Flat twists surely look great on African American ladies more so those with a chocolate skin. This amazing black woman in the image above featured one of the best African American flat twists hairstyles that will look great on you irrespective of your age or texture of your hair.

She had her hair (from around the temples of her eyes to the back) twisted upwards to create astounding flat twists in the back. The section at the crown to the front was styled into fine-looking curls which made her look eye-catching and more dazzling.

If you look closely, you will notice that her hair was colored brownish which matched perfectly with the color of her skin. You too can accomplish a remarkable look with your natural hair styled into flat twists in the back and curls from around the crown section to the front.

For ladies with dark skin (black beauty) we would recommend giving your hair a dark color such as black as it will match with the tone of your skin making you look pretty and extraordinary.

With this kind of flat twists hairstyle, you may dress it when going to casual or formal occasion and you will definitely look fabulous and extraordinary. It’s worth trying on if you are in your teen age or when still below 30 years.



Flat Twists Braids Hairstyles For Girls

Babies or children are a gift from God and it’s the responsibility of the parents or guardians to care for their children. It’s the desire of every parent or guardian to see that their children look great at all times.

One of the ways to give you’re a girl a cute and charming look is by styling her hair into gorgeous flat twists that will make her astounding among her peers.

This beautiful girl featured in the image above brings out flat twists braided hairstyles for girls that you can try on your girl too to give her a charming, fun and wow look.

As portrayed in the above image, a section of hair on one side is twisted in a C-shape towards the other side and then the other section is twisted into fringes. The design and pattern of this braided hairstyle makes it look unique which in turn will make your girl to look unique and charming.



Flat Twists Braids Hairstyles

We all have different tests and preferences when it comes to the size of braids or twists that we want to have or style on our heads. Many ladies prefer medium size braids or twists while a few opt for tinny (micro) or big braids (twists).

In this case, we bring forward this flat twists braided hairstyles with small (micro) twists. The size of these twists make the hairstyle to look unique and attractive which in turn make it to qualify to be a special occasion flat twists hairstyle.

Recreating and styling such a kind of braided hairstyle may not be that easy as it might seem to be; thus we would kindly request if possible to contact your hairstylist to help you achieve this kind of flat twist braids.

For those going for a wedding, prom parties, homecoming parties, end of year parties or any other special event, this flat twists braided hairstyles with micro braids will definitely be the best choice for you to attain that chic and head turning look.



Flat Twists Braids Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

The quickest and stylish way to give your natural short hair a new and classy look is by styling it into flat twists. Flat twists are easy to do when it comes to short hair as it will take you just a few minutes to have that new look you’re looking at in the image above.

Begin by making sure that your hair is always clean and moisturized at all times. When your hair is clean, it saves on the time you would take to wash and dry it up. Keeping it moisturized helps to lock the moisture into your hair so that it’s healthy and fresh at all times.

Flat twist the hair in the sides and at the back as you move towards the middle of your head. Your main aim will be to create a Mohawk like design inform of a ponytail at the back. Secure each twist in place with hair pins.

For the front section, you may create a few twists to create a twisted pompadour which will give your hair a new and amazing look. Pair the hairstyle with the right beautifies and the suitable attire for the event being dressed for and you will be good to go.



Flat Twists Braids Hairstyles

Updos look great on most of the black women and its one of the commonly opted for hairstyle for black women with twists or braids. Many updo hairstyles are easy to achieve while other might need skillful hairstylists as they are complex in their designs.

The good-looking black lady above brings out flat twists braids hairstyles for African American with an updo at the front. It will require you to twist all your hair from the back and the sides towards the crown section of your head. When at the crown, continue twisting in a circular pattern or any other pattern to create a twisted bun at the front as portrayed by the lady in the image above.



Flat Twists braids Hairstyles For Black women

Similarly instead of creating the twisted updo at the front, try to create it at the back or the middle part of your head. This black woman brings out one of the best flat twists hairstyles for black women with an updo at the back of her head.

She has all her hair braided into beautiful twists from the hairline as you move towards the middle or back of her head. To create the updo, tuck-in the braids one after the other securing them in place with hairpins of color similar to that of your hair.

In case your hair is too short, you might need to add in a few hair pieces or hair extensions to make the twists and updo look fuller and voluminous. You can wear this hairstyle when going to all kind of events (special events, formal occasions or causal happenings)



Two Strand Flat Twists Braids

Two strand flat twists are the easiest type of twists to do on your hair when in a hurry or rush to your place of work or any occasion. They are easy to style and are more often termed as quick braided hairstyles for black women.

The young girl in the above image brings out two strand flat twists were by her hair was styled into flat twists (in form of cornrows) slightly beyond the crown section of her head. The twists were styled at that point to small buns.

With the remaining hair at the back, it was styled into loose twists that were allow to freely hang in the back over the nape of her neck. This made this two strand flat twists hairstyle to look unique from the ordinarily styled two strand flat twists that involve flat twisting all the hair on your head.

You or your girl can dress like this when going out with friends during weekend outings or at your place of work coz this flat twists braided hairstyle will look great on you and make you stand out among your peers.

Personally I can’t wait to give my girl that amazing and chic look (with these kind of stunning two strand flat twists) that will make her look charming and lovely.

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